Compact archive September 25, 2006

St. Wenceslas Fair started

Traditional st. Wenceslas fair (Svatovaclavska pout) started last Saturday in the exhibition area (Vystaviste) in Holesovice Prague. This fair is open every weekday (except Monday) from 14.00 till 21.00, at weekends and holidays from 10.00 till 22.00 until 5th November.

This fair which is similar to Matejska pout in spring offers attractions not only for children under 10 years old but also lots of attractions for adults. In the area you can also find kiosks with various product assortment.

On Monday 2nd October from 12.00 till 16.00 there is a special programme for handicapped people. All attractions and adjoining programme are that day for handicapped people without charge.

In the same exhibition area you can also see a unique permanent exhibition of sea aquaria and sea animals and plants called Morsky svet (Sea World), or circus Praga inspired by Czech fairy tales.


The day without cars

On Friday 22nd, the Czech republic joined the European Mobility Week programme with the “Day without cars”. The purpose of the event was to prefer public transport or bicycles instead of cars, and so to call attention to the negative aspects of the increasing automobilism. Also it was to show, that there are alternative ways to travel fast in a city.

During the day, people in 22 Czech towns had the chance to travel by public transport for free. On many places in Prague, motorists were replaced by cyclists and there was a competiton between travellers on bicycles, by public transport and by cars. The cyclists were the fastest, some of them even arrived with special costumes.

Even thought this was a fifth time the Europen Day without cars took place in Prague and its tradition goes back to 1991, the number of cars in the country keeps increasing. Nowadays, every second Prague citizen owns a car.


Orient Express in Prague

Legendary Orient Express known from the detective novel by Agatha Christie arrived last Saturday at Prague. This luxurious train consisting of seventeen historical wagons travelled from Venice to London via Frankfurt and Paris. Prague is on its route since 1994, nowadays four times a year.

You can enjoy travelling with Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from Venice to London if you’re willing to pay for a ticket eighty thousand Czech crowns . But what you get is an extraordinary experience. You can drink in a bar wagon joined by sounds of piano, by eating your meal in a dining-car you feel like in the most luxurious restaurant where table-napkins are fold with an accuracy of millimeters. Stewards of this train takes care of the highest travel luxury.

If you are interested in joining this train, next opportunity will be on 21st October when this famous train leaves from 1st platform of the main station (Hlavni nadrazi) at 14:45.

Ivan Kral in Prague tonight

The well known Czech musician and producer Ivan Kral will perform in Palac Akropolis club tonight. The legendary rocker, who lives in the USA since the sixties, was part of the New York punk movement in the 70´s.

During his career, he played together with Patti Smith in the Patti Smith Group, later he cooperated with Iggy Pop and others. The most famous song he wrote with Patti Smith is Dancing Barefoot.

In the 90´s, he also influenced the Czech musical scene, and released his solo album there, Nostalgia (1995). He is the author of the soundtrack to movies such as Modre z nebe or Cabriolet. His latest project Eroticka revue was released in 2003.

Tonight, visitors can expect to hear his well known old songs, as well as some of the new ones. The show begins at 7:30pm and the tickets are available in TicketPro and at the venue. Palac Acropolis club is situated in Kubelikova street 27, Prague 3.


Number of anonymous bomb menace has been raised

Prague police records raising number of anonymous bomb threat in Prague due to terrorist menace. All of them have been false alarms. This only raises the nervousness of Prague citizens.

Experts says that this kind of unbalanced people are using the event of terrorist thread, because it force the higher number of policemen to solve this false alarms. The people are mostly outsiders and their goal is to “control” others by their bomb calls. The second group are mostly young “jokers”.

Six anonymous calls appeared during the weekend. One of them said that a bomb is set in the metro tunnel in the bottom of Nuselsky bridge. Fortunately the metro was closed only for a half an hour.

The second one announced about a bomb in hotel Marriot. Over two hundred people were evacuated, still nothing has been there.

Police has to verify every announcement, even the kid’s voice can be heard on the other side of a telephone. On the other hand police is very effective in searching for those people. Modern technologies with a combination of Prague camera system make the fight against those people much easier. An offender can spend up to five years for spreading of a startle.


Terrorist threat in Prague

This weekend have brought the threat of terrorist attacks in Prague. Serious warning about possibility of bomb attack in Prague caused the biggest safety measures in Czech history since 11th September 2001 after the attack on World Trade Center in New York.

An extraordinary session of the Government became at Friday night, the public has been informed in 2.28 AM at Saturday night. Police forces has been mobilized since 4 AM. Terrorist threat is connected with the successful disposal of terrorist efforts in Norway few days ago. The investigation has shown that Prague could be in danger, mostly Jewish objects. Jews had a holiday this weekend, some their objects were closed.

Prague has been protected by dozens of policemen like synagogues, train stations, sub-way lines, the airport, Israel and U.S. embassies and other highly frequented places.
Large number of policemen are equipped with MP-5 sub-machine guns, and bullet-proof vests, armoured vehicles are already used like in front of Ruzyne airport. Police forces are trying to create as few restrictions in Prague as possible.

There is no reason to change habits and intentions for citizens or tourists. Feel free to visit shopping centres, stadiums, monuments or any other places in Prague.

Emergency plan is ready to be launch if necessary. Hospitals and ambulances are prepared for possibility of attack in Prague. They cooperate with medical support in Central Bohemia. They can replace their standard work in the of terrorist attack.