Compact archive September 27, 2006

The Nihilists in Palac Akropolis tonight

Moimir Papalescu and the Nihilists will introduce their new album in Palac Akropolis club tonight. This Czech band is one of the most interesting alternative music groups on the current Prague scene.

The band started in 2003 and their mix of experimental electronics, 80´s new wave, rock´n´roll and disco glitter sounded very fresh on the stagnating Czech musical scene. For their debut album Analogue Voodoo (2004) they received the Andel award (by the Popular music Academy) for the best album in its genre.

Members of the band are: Moimir Papalescu (analogue and digital machines), La Petite Sonja (vocals), Hank Jesus Manchini (guitar/vocals), Peter Van Krbetz (saxophone), Wratislaw Placheta (drums).

Today´s gig will be a release party for their new album Lewis Neptune. Supporting will be Mash Gordon and The Fakes. The show starts at 7 pm, in Palac Akropolis club, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. Entrance fee: 200 CZK.


New Czech government asks for a confidence

The Civic democratic government leaded by Mirek Topolanek will ask the Chamber of Deputies for a vote of confidence on Tuesday 3rd October. It will be based on the statement of policy that has been already approved.

The document is based on the programme agreement of the Civic democrats with the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens. The Prime Minister Topolanek wants to meet members of other political parties except Communists to state his policy.

The new minority government wants to rule until June 2007 when early elections should be held. Now it cannot be sure whether it gets the support that is needed.


St. Wenceslas beanfeast in Prague 4

On 28th September people in the Czech Republic commemorates st. Wenceslav, a saint and the patron of Czech lands. Prague 4 celebrates this special day by a beanfeast in the park Na Jezerce.

This celebration which already starts today with a march along streets in Prague 4 is going to take a few days. The main programme starts tomorrow at 10.00 in the park Na Jezerce.

The park is going to be in the spirit of medieval times with swordsmen, period musicians, markets, a tavern and shows of historical handicrafts. The feast promises a full programme for children and adults for the whole day. Visitors who like music can listen to several concerts of famous musicians: Jaroslav Hutka, Radim Hladik, Vera Martinova and Pavel Dobes.

Celebration continues on Friday at 16.00 in St. Wenceslas church with Antonin Dvorak’s Luzanska D-dur and on 3rd October at 17.00 with a concert of Marta Kubisova in Nusle town hall.

Entrance for all activities is free. To get to this feast, you can take metro red line C to station Pankrac and here continue by bus no. 188 to the bus stop Jezerka. Or from metro station Muzeum (red line C or green line A) tram no. 11. Parking is possible in the street Druzstevni ochoz.


Safer Prague with more police officers

The Prague council plans to increase number of police officers in the streets of the city to improve citizens´safety and to suppress criminality. Within two years there should be 2700 police officers, which is 1000 more than now.

Approving this decision is up to the council which will be elected in the forthcoming municipal elections in October. There are also plans to improve the camera system in the city with some more security cameras in operation, and to use a program which can independently uncover a possible crime.

In recent years, the number of crimes committed in the city decreased. In 2002 it was about 102.870, last year about 95.730. But according to the municipal authorities, the clarifying of the crimes is less successful as well. Four years ago, the police solved every fourth case, last year it was every fifth one.


75 years of Prague zoo

Prague zoo in Troja is the most visited zoo in the Czech Republic. Every year it attracts more than one million of visitors. On 28th September it commemorates 75 years from its foundation.

First visitors could go through the gates of Prague zoo on 28th September 1931 where they could see wolves, a lioness, ..... and parrots. The zoo has enlarged since that time significantly, the latest addition is the African house or the pavilion Indonesian jungle.

To celebrate this special occasion the zoo is going to come back to the atmosphere of 1930s. In Troja you can hear swing, see people in period costumes or synchronized swimmers in the sea lions’ pool, wearing striped leotards.

The programme starts at 11.00 and offers a lot of things to see, e.g. the performance The story of lioness Sarka (Pribeh lvice Sarky) – one of the first animals in this zoo, a vernissage of pictures near the elephant pavilion or ‘christening’ of a young tapir.


Plans for new routes of Prague tube

The extension of Prague tube continues. The state budget for year 2007 approved by the government yesterday, contains 300 millions crowns for building new underground stations on the C line (red).

The line currently terminates at Ladvi, the new part will go through Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. Building is about half-finished at the moment and should be ready for transporting customers in 2008.

There are also plans for prolonging the A line (green) from Dejvicka station to Ruzyne airport with 8 new stations. Also a new D line should be built in following years, and its route should go from Hlavni nadrazi (Main railway station) to Pisnice through 10 stations.

The latest built tube station opened in May 2006 is Depo Hostivar on the A line, which goes from the former terminal station Skalka.