Compact archive September 28, 2006

Vendabe time in O2 Zlute lazne

Spa vendabe takes place for the second time in O2 Zlute lazne in Prague 4 – Podoli. You can find there thousands of litres of Moravian wines from areas Spielberg and Rakvice.

You can taste or buy there quality wine species, late collection wines, berry selection, stum and others.

This year you can also enjoy a hog-killing feast with hash-and-crumbs sausages, collared pork, lard, blood sausages, soup and other delicacies. Czech handmade art will be presented by its producers. It will be possible to buy various kinds of beads, gingerbread or cheese. Visitors who like traditional Czech cuisine can taste some of the old Czech meals.

Every day there is a special accompanying program. The vendabe will continue till Saturday the 30th of September. You can go to Zlute lazne by trams 3 or 16 from Karlovo namesti (tube station), the station name is “Dvorce”.

Czech metro and trams are the most busy in EU

Czech people travel with the metro and trams the most from all European Union countries. Average Czech person travelled in 2003 with metro or tram 839,6 kilometers, while average distance in the whole EU is 159,2 kilometers. Austrian people are on the second place with 347 kilometers. Data are published by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).

The only metro system in Czech Republic is in Prague, trams only in big cities. On the other hand, Czech people don’t travel much by train, even though the Czech railway network is one of the densest in Europe.

The most common mean of transport in CR is a car. Czech people with their 6723 kilometers/year are on 16th place in EU. An average European drives 9795 kilometers/year.


Czech salaries compared to the west

Salaries in the Czech republic have been continually rising very fast, but the average salary is still much less than the average in the western Europe.

The salaries growth in the Czech republic from 2002 to 2005 was 17 percent, due to inflation the real growth was about 13 percent. That is much higher number than in countries such as Germany or France, where the salaries almost stagnate. Despite that, the average Czech salary makes still only 21 percent of the German one, compared to 18 percent in 2002. That´s why it´s almost impossible to say, when, if ever, the Czech salaries will reach the level of those in the west.

In 2002, the average Czech salary per year was 7 212 euro, while the average of the whole European Union is 28 024 euro.

But compared to the communist era at the end of the eighties, the salary growth is significant: when we convert it according to prices in 2005, people earned in average one third less than nowadays.

Concert of Christina Aquilera in Prague

Christina Aquilera, a popular singer-song writer who sold more than 25 millions of records and was awarded 3x Grammy and once Grammy Latin plans a concert in Prague.

The concert in Prague will be a part of her world tour called Back to Basics Tour 2006. Christina will introduce there her new album Back to Basics that was released in August this year. More about her album you can read here).

Christina’s performance in Prague is planned on 17th December 2006 at 20.00 in SAZKA ARENA. Tickets are sold by SAZKA TICKET, the tickets cost 1590 CZK, 1290 CZK and 1090 CZK for sitting; 1390 CZK for standing near the stage and 990 CZK for standing.