Compact archive October 2, 2006

Ruin Baba in Prague illuminated

Ruin Baba is popular among tourists for its beautiful view of Prague that offers. From Baba you can see parts of Prague, such as Dejvice, Bubenec, Troja, Cisarsky ostrov, Vltava river, or Hradcany. Baba is also fancied by young couples who get married near it.

Nowadays this ruin attracts tourist itself, especially at night. Baba is now illuminated and creates a special atmosphere together with a romantic view of the shining city.

Ruin Baba is situated on the prehistorical settlement. Information about its origin differ. Most probably Baba used to be a folly built in the 17th century. Ruin Baba can be found in Praha 6-Dejvice, near the street Nad Patankou.


Prague is changing its face

How will the center of Prague change in the next years? Some answers to this question you can find at the exhibition “The future and present of Prague 1”, which takes place for the tenth time in a tent on a lower side of Wenceslas square.

The architectural projects that are just finished, being realized or even just planned, are showed on about 70 exhibition boards. There are several sections, the same as in previous years: concourse, new buildings, reconstructions and interiors.

This year´s projects that could catch your attention include the results of the competition for the new urban-architectonic lay-out of the Wenceslas square. Other interesting projects are the plans for the new Mysak Gallery building in Vodickova street or multipurpose house in Novomlynska and Lannova streets.

You can see the successful reconstruction of the At the Hybernians’ House, which became a musical scene, the Pachtuv palac or the Prague Photography house in the Revolucni street. In the section of interiors there are some new hotels and restaurants, or the Czech centre (Ceske centrum) in Rytirska street.

As a supporting program there are discussions with the creative architects. The exhibition is open from 12th till 18th October, every day from 10 am to 6 pm.


A large new court house opens

The biggest court house in the Czech republic has arisen in Prague in Vrsovice, Na Micankach. The building will be a residence for circuit courts and prosecution of Prague 4, 8, 9 and 10.

The building has solved problems with unsatisfactory spaces that the city judiciary has used so far. The court house consists of four buildings in the area of former Barracks of Jan Rohac z Dube. The three old buildings were reconstructed and one brand new was built.

Prague Public Transit Co. reacted with introducing a new bus line 134, which will run to the court house since the 3rd of October. The name of the bus stop is Na Micankach, the bus will go from Florenc, through Zelivskeho and Vysocanska to Ladvi. Some of the other bus lines in the area were extended and reinforced.

The court house should be in full operation on 31st of October.

The most beautiful woman is Czech

Miss World 2006 Tatana Kucharova Miss Czech Republic Tatana Kucharova won the final of Miss World 2006. She was one of the 107 contenders for the crown in this popular contest held in Poland.

Tatana Kucharova is eighteen years old and was born in Opocno. She loves travelling, animals and sport. After finishing her studies she would like to be a model. After the contest she said that it had been one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of her life.

Tatana is the first Czech miss who won the title of the most beautiful woman in the world. The closest to this title (on 4th place) was Alena Seredova in 1998.

Miss World has been held since 1951. It is one of the most famous beauty competitions. More then seventy TV stations showed the final evening, yet none from the Czech Republic.

Faster way to Prague - new highways

The remaining 3,5 km lap of the highway D5 from Prague to Germany via frontier crossing Rozvadov opens this Friday. On the same day German side launches a 30-km-long highway A6 that will connect Rozvadov with highway A93 Amberg-Regensburg-München.

Czech and German highways will be connected at one o’clock on Friday by cutting the tape in Rozvadov-Waidhaus. That’s the first time in history when the east and west highway networks will be joined together.

Travelling on the highway will be not only faster but from the next year also more expensive. For travelling on Czech highways a road tax sticker (dalnicni znamka) is needed. The prices of these stickers remain the same, but the validity will be shorter. A sticker for 7 days (earlier 15 days) will cost 200,- CZK and for one month (earlier two months) 300,- CZK. A sticker for one year will be valid until the end of the year (earlier till January the following year) and will cost 900,- CZK. Newly a toll will be charged to truck transport.


Faster through Prague by trains

There are two new railway tunnels built underneath Vitkov in Prague and people had a chance to see them over during the weekend.

The purpose of the building is to integrate Prague and suburban railway lines into the city´s public transport. The tunnels will improve the connection between Prague railway stations, which should make travelling by train through the city faster. The old tunnel used so far, will be free and can be used as a cycle-way.

The new southern tunnel will connect Hlavni nadrazi (the Main Railway Station) with the stations in Vysocany and Holesovice. It is 1365 metres long. The other, northern tunnel, is 1316 metres long and will connect Hlavni nadrazi and Liben station.

The first trains should go through the tunnels in two years. There will be more trains in operation than now and some trains will connect the city center with the suburban areas.


Jewish sights closed today

One of the most significant holidays of Jewish calendar is Yom Kippur which means ‘the day of atonement’. This holiday started yesterday with the sunset and follows ten days of repentance after the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah, this year on 22nd September).

Some information appeared that the terrorist threats in Prague may have a connection with this holiday or the Jewish New Year. Since Saturday morning 23rd September Prague faces enhanced security measures, especially in the centre.

Due to this holiday, Jewish Museum, synagogues and Old Jewish Cemetery, which belong to the most visited places in Prague, are closed to public today.


Building of the National Technical Library can start

Prague will have a new National Technical Library. The Ministry of Education signed a contract yesterday with Sekyra Group company, a real estate group, which have won the selection procedure for building and financing the object.

The building of the library will cost 1.8 milliard CZK and it will be ready at the end of the year 2008 in the technical colleges area on the Flemingovo namesti (square) in Prague 6.

Visitors of the library will be able to find there collections of the State Technical Library, which resides in the Clementinum area since the 30´s. Also the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague will have its collections there.