Compact archive October 5, 2006

The Old Town Hall finished after years?

There may be a big architectural competition soon: the present Prague city council plans to finish the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square.

Nowadays, one side of the square is empty. There used to be a neo-Gothic building, built in 1838 – 1848, which made part of the Old Town Hall. It replaced the original medieval town hall. But in May 1945, the building was destroyed by Nazi attack an burned down. Since then, there is only the tower with the astronomical clock left and a little remains of the destroyed town hall.

During the 20th century, there were several competitions for building over the empty space. But it was never successful, the concepts never interesting enough and it was never clear, which purpose should the new building actually have.

Now there is another chance. If the Civic Democratic Party, which rules the city council at the moment, will be elected again in the forthcoming municipal elections, they will put up a new international competition. There should be wide discussions about it among experts and among Prague citizens as well.


White collars' running competition in Prague

Do you sit every day behind the desk in your office with the feeling you would like to run away? Everything is possible in Prague! ‘White collars’ competitions called Beh kancelarskych krys (kancelarske krysy – office rats – is a Czech humorous nickname for ‘white collars’) will start on 7th October at 14:00 in Ovocny trh.

Instead of T-shirt and shorts the competitors will be wearing suits with ties or coats and skirts. Mobile phones in one hand and a folder in the other cannot be missing. Sport shoes are acceptable.

The racecourse starts in Ovocny trh, then continue in Celetna street, Na Prikope, Havirska street and finishes again in Ovocny trh. Between running the participants have to succeed in several disciplines: throw with the folder, slalom in the office chair and climb a rope. The moderator of this competition Pavel Andel will call the competitors on mobile phone. If the participant does not answer the phone, he/she will be disqualified.

This competition is held under the auspices of the Prague’s Mayer Pavel Bem who will be also one of the competitors.


The Republic Square becomes a pedestrian precinct

The Republic Square (Namesti Republiky) in Prague is officially a pedestrian precinct since October. The traffic situation in the area is still influenced by the continuing renewal of the square and by building the new commercial centre Palladium.

The pedestrian precinct allows cyclists and public transport to go through, and between 7 pm and 9 am also transport service vehicles except taxis. The transit of cars will be restricted by fixed barriers by the Municipal House and V Celnici street.

Because of the building works the whole area of the streets Kralodvorska, Na Porici, V Celnici and Na Prikope is still closed. Truhlarska street is closed as well because of building deep-level garages gates of the Palladium centre.


Stricter safety measures in Prague airport

Prague international airport Ruzyne plans stricter safety measures for travellers. If European Commission approves a document about stricter precautions, rigorous inspections would start in November.

Travellers would be allowed to take only 100 ml of various liquids, aerosols and gels in their hand baggage on board because of the danger of explosions. Exceptions would be only for liquids bought after security checks, drinks for infants or liquid medicines on prescription. The size of hand baggage could not exceed 56×45x25 cm. Extra checking would be also for electronic devices, such as notebooks or cameras.

On the other hand Prague airport plans also pleasant changes for travellers waiting for their flights. New shops, coffee bars, a hair dresser’s, a children corner or a relaxation room will be available for travellers soon.


Honestly the most beautiful city..

Today we bring you a review of a Prague’s visitor who really enjoyed his time here. Will you get inspired?

We visited [Prague] during late sept. in hopes of avoiding crowds but no such luck as ive never seen so many 60 yr old tourists in the same place at the same time. The main streets are crowded and packed with walking tours which take away from the experience but again, dig a lil deeper and find the small places, the side streets, or the locals bar for a true taste of the culture. If you have a taste for architechture then you are going to be in heaven here..

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