Compact archive October 9, 2006

Month of young animals in Prague ZOO

Year 2006 was very successful for Prague ZOO. A large number of young animals were born this year. In October you have a special chance to see them from a small train ‘Moja vlacek’.

This train is called after a gorilla girl Moja. Before you get to the gorilla family in the monkey pavilion, you’ll see small penguins, beasts, flamingos, tapirs and tortoises on the way. Journey starts from the educational centre (vzdelavaci centrum) at least 3 times a day, first journey starts at 14:30, at the weekend already at 12:00.

Another train will take you to young animals in northern part of the zoo. Here you can see kangaroos, antelopes, horses, camels, bisons, wolves and cloven-hoofed animals. You can finish the journey in the African house to see 4 small giraffes. This train starts at the northern gate of the zoo (near the refreshment U medvidku).


Fly fishing competition Orvis Cup 2006

International fly fishing competition called Orvis Cup 2006 will take place in the heart of Prague on Vltava river in the area between Manes and Novotneho lavka street.

The competition starts with opening ceremony in O2 Zlute lazne (Podolske nabrezi 81 street) on Friday 13th October at 18:00. 1st and 2nd round of the competition will take place in Strelecky ostrov on Saturday, the final competition and result announcement will be again in Zlute lazne on Sunday. Fishermen do not have to worry about lack of fish. Ten thousand fish (Rainbow trouts and American brook trouts) will be released a week before the competition.

After the result announcement ceremony children can try their luck by drawing the prettiest picture of a fish while adults can buy second hand fishing equipment or see, among others, demonstrations of fly tying.


Walk can prove criminals guilty

Czech expert in criminology Jiri Straus from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague found a new method how to prove criminals guilty – criminal’s walk. He became another Czech person written in the history of criminology.

Man’s walk has been investigated for more than 30 years but only as footprints in the earth – their distance and depth. Straus’s method observes the curves that the body makes while walking. This method can be used especially in banks with security cameras. The walk of the criminal recorded by the cameras is then compared with the walk of suspects.

Straus method is successful for the reason that the walk is unique for every human like fingerprints. Straus would like to create a database of criminals and samples of their walks by the year 2008.

Martina Navratilova creates paintings

Famous Czech tennis player Martina Navratilova showed yesterday in Revnice near Prague how she created her paintings thanks to tennis-balls dipped in various colours.

Project Art Grand Slam started in 2000 with the cooperation of Slovak artist Jaraj Kralik. Martina Navratilova created her paintings on Grand Slam Tournament tennis-courts in New York, Melbourne, Paris and London.

The collection of about 100 paintings showing prints of tennis-balls is exhibited in Prague Congress Centre until 22th October. On 18th October Martina Navratilova celebrates her 50th birthday.


Forum 2000 hosts Nobel Prize winners

Nobel prize holders, scientists, politicians and artists arrived in Prague to discuss Dilemmas of Global Coexistence in the international conference Forum 2000.

The conference was open yesterday by ex President Vaclav Havel who is according to British magazine Prospect and American Foreign Policy the fourth most powerful intellectual in the world.

Among the famous people being concerned are Nobel Prize holders Dalai Lama and American writer Elie Wiesel, Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Belorussian opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich, Jordan Prince Hassan bin Talal and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson.

The conference participants will talk about variety of cultures, ideology, religion, democracy and human rights. Forum 2000 takes place in Prague Zofin until Tuesday.