Compact archive October 10, 2006

Festival Ekofilm 2006

XXXII. International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage EKOFILM 2006 is the oldest festival of this kind in Europe. The aim of this festival is to present and evaluate new films and video records that refer to the environment and heritage. The festival gives the opportunity for the public to meet the film authors, experts and the representatives of the state administration.

Ekofilm 2006 takes place in Ceske Budejovice and Cesky Krumlov until 15th October. There are several items on the programme: the contest of films, film presentations, professional and creative workshops etc. For a detailed programme, click here.

Festival Ekofilm is a member of prestigious ECOMOVE International – The Umbrella Organisation of
International Environmental Film Festivals – seated in Berlin, which makes it an event of international importance.


The oldest statuette for the first time in Prague

The oldest and the most famous ceramic statuette in the world The Venus of Dolni Vestonice (Vestonicka Venuse) is for the first time in Prague. It will be displayed as the most precious item of the exhibition ‘The hunters of mammoths’ in the National Museum. The visitors can admire the statuette from tomorrow till the end of April 2007.

The statuette of a nude woman is 111 mm high and 43 mm wide (at its widest point). It dates back to 29 000–25 000 BC. The statuette was found in the lawyer of ash in Dolni Vestonice in Moravia (in the east of the Czech Republic) in 1925. A tomographic scan in 2004 found a fingerprint of a 10 year old child on it.

The statuette was borrowed from the Moravian Museum in Brno. The transfer from Brno to Prague was accompanied by strict security measures. The statuette is insured for a million Czech crowns, but its real value is incalculable. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.

Julia Roberts is in Prague

One of the best paid Hollywood star Julia Roberts arrived yesterday evening in Prague. She’s going to star in a film based on the 2004 novel ‘Good grief’ by Lolly Winston. Film will be shot in the Czech Republic capital and in Milan.

This popular actress who is famous for her unforgettable role in Pretty Woman is coming back to the silver screen after the maternity leave. Julia Roberts, a mother of twins, acted in more then 40 films, such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Mexican, Notting Hill, The Pelican Brief or Sleeping With The Enemy.

Julia Roberts is staying in the Prague Four Season hotel where she can admire the beuties of the capital. On Thursday she is going to see the fashion show of Osmany Laffita.

Julia is coming back to Hollywood on Friday because of the American Film Festival. She’s going to award the women’s idol and her colleague from Ocean’s Twelve George Clooney there.

James Brown returns to Prague

The Godfather of Soul James Brown comes back to Prague. This living legend will play with his band in T-mobile arena on the 4th November at 20:00. His first concert in Prague 26 months ago was considered by the audience and music critics to be The Event of the Year 2004.

James Brown’s first hit single ‘Please, Please, Please’ was released in 1956 and since then Brown has enriched the world music by many hits winning the charts. He got the Grammy Award in 1992 and the annual Pioneer Award in 1997 for his lifetime achievements.

Tickets for the Prague music and dance show are available through Ticketpro for the prices from 690 CZK to 1500 CZK (for VIP). For more information or to buy the tickets, click here.


Dalai Lama in Prague

As we informed you yesterday, Prague hosts very eminent people from the world at the conference Forum 2000 that ends tonight. One of them is also Dalai Lama, the head of Buddhism and Tibet spiritual leader. He is visiting Prague for the sixth time.

Dalai Lama arrived in Prague yesterday and he is apart from Vaclav Havel and American writer Elie Wiesel the most outstanding person of the conference. Dalai Lama discussed the perception of human rights in developing countries and the global enterprise.

Dalai Lama’s public talk that takes place in the basketball hall of Sparta Praha tomorrow was immediately sold out a long time ago. Dalai Lama’s lecture is called The Course of the Open Mind.