Compact archive October 12, 2006

More expensive beer?

The Czech Republic is known for its enormous consumption of beer, the biggest in the world. Czech beer is famous and accredited. In near future it may become more expensive due to ‘beer taxes’.

European Union plans to increase the consumption taxes on beer. According to EU more expensive beer would decrease the consumption, which would lead to healthier population. Czech diplomacy and producers of beer now strictly protest and search for allies. “The restriction would not only make the beer more expensive, but it would also decrease the production of beer in the Czech republic,” said the spokesman of Bernard brewery Zdenek Mikulasek.

In the worst case the Czech Republic is prepared to veto the tax burden, because European Union decisions concerning taxes must be unanimous. How much more expensive the beer would be is not certain yet. However, the price should not be increased before 2008.


Fashion designer Blanka Matragi exhibits in Prague

Successful fashion designer Blanka Matragi presents her unique designs made for royal families in Prague’s Municipal House. The exhibition of clothes, drawings, sketches and also handmade glass will be held until 15th October, every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Blanka Matragi was born in former Czechoslovakia in 1953. In 1980 she left for Lebanon to live together with her husband Makram Matragi. She opened the prestigious salon „Blanka Haute Couture“ in Beirut and has become successful in selling her clothes to royal families and to wives of oil tycoons, diplomats, entrepreneurs or doctors, not only in the Middle East but also in Europe. She concentrates mainly on evening, engagement and wedding dresses.

Tickets for the exhibition are available at the Municipal House booking office for 150 CZK (discounts for families, students, seniors and disabled people are possible).

Update: the exhibition is prolonged till 20th October!


New flights Prague - Atlanta

The Prague airport Ruzyne announced another piece of good news for everybody who wants to visit Prague from the southeast of the USA.

New direct lines will fly from Atlanta to Prague and back 5 times a week from May 2007. The carrier of this flights will be Delta Air Lines together with Czech Airlines. Boeing 767-300ER will fly from Prague to Atlanta with 214 seats on board, including 35 seats in BusinessElite class. The passengers both from the Czech Republic and the USA can collect points according to the programme ‘frequent flyer’.

This connection does not mean only easy and quick transport between European Prague and American Atlanta, but also easier connection to other European and American cities thanks to the good network of flights that these two companies provide.


Kris Kristofferson will play in Prague

Kris Kristofferson will play for the first time in Prague. This singer, actor, songwriter and coutry legend will introduce his new album This Old Road in Prague Congress centre (tr. 5. kvetna street) on 8th March 2007.

70 years old Kristofferson, who comes from Texas, used to be a teacher in the American military academy West Point. After that he wanted to become successful in the music world. That his dream came true illustrates also position no. 1 in American charts with the main song of the band Highwayman. Kristofferson used to play in this band with his big friend Johnny Cash. And how does Kristofferson himself discribe his music? “If you took freedom out of the songs, you’d have very few Kristofferson songs.”

Tickets for Prague concert can be already bought through Ticketpro or Ticketportal for 200 – 1350 CZK.


More flights from Prague to Geneva

Prague International airport offers now more flights to Geneva. Travellers can now travel to this Swizz city or the frontier regions of France twice a day at the weekdays and once a day at the weekend.

Increased number of flights between Prague and Geneva is provided by Swizz carrier Flybaboo which opened its first flight between these cities in 2004 and has carried more then 12 750 passengers so far. The carrier Flybaboo offers refreshment on board and the purchase of tickets on the internet.

Regular flights from the Prague airport head also to other two big cities of the Switzerland – Zurich and Basel.