Compact archive October 18, 2006

Most Czech companies have less than nine employees

More than 95 per cent of the companies in the Czech Republic are companies which have from one to nine employees. They employ about one third of all working people, which makes them the biggest employer in the Czech Republic.

From other EU states it is only Italy where the most employees work in small (mainly family) companies. Unlike the Czech Republic, total income of small companies in Italy is as big as the total income of big companies with more than 250 employees. Big companies in the Czech Republic, like Skoda Auto and CEZ, still have the biggest influence on Czech economy.

Small and medium-sized companies with less than 250 employees are the pillars of EU economy. They employ more than two thirds or the Europeans.

Classical cinemas are dying out

There are less and less classical cinemas in the Czech Republic. Especially in Prague where 44 classical cinemas (out of 57 in 1989) went bankrupt . The last bankrupt cinema in Prague was Bio Illusion after 76 of its existence. In 1995 there were 800 cinemas in the Czech Republic, nowadays only 500.

This sad situation is caused by a growing number of multiplex cinemas. 18 multiplex cinemas in CR receive 71 per cent of all income and show 90 per cent of all film premieres. The classical cinemas have to wait then. Multiplex cinemas also give only 30 – 40 per cent of the admission to the distributors, while the classical cinemas 50 per cent.

Prague classical cinemas Aero and Svetozor now show independent and innovative films, which may be one of the ways how to compete with the big chain of multiplex cinemas.

Discovery of a Renaissance ceiling in Malostranska Beseda

An old Prague building Malostranska Beseda (in Lesser Town ) has been restored due to its bad condition. An unexpected discovery revealed an old Renaissance ceiling. The ceiling has been saved thanks to Maria Theresa who issued an edict that all wooden ceilings have to be plastered as a protection against fire.

The restoration of Malostranska Beseda revealed also parts of original Renaissance paving covered by decking. The costs of the Malostranska Beseda restoration will be more then 50 million Czech crowns and should be finished during the next year. Malostranska Beseda will be open again in September 2007 as a cultural centre of the Lesser Town. Next to the concerts and theatres customers can visit a restaurant or a cafe.

Malostranska Beseda used to be a town hall in The Prague Smaller City (Mensi Mesto prazske) for three centuries. Its current look comes from the beginning of the 19th century.

Stricter security precautions in EU airports

The European Commission ratified stricter security measures for airports in European Union, Iceland, Norway and the Switzerland. These measures should prevent from terrorist attacks on board. The new rules will be valid from the 6th November also in the Prague International Airport Ruzyne.

Passengers can take on board only liquids and gels:

  • bought in shops on the airport behind the security controls
  • bought in shops after the passport control and before the security control in EU airports or on board of planes registered in EU. In this case the liquids or gels must be put into labelled bags with the receipt where and when the product was bought.
  • for passengers’ personal needs in packing of maximum 100 ml. It must be put into transparent bags which will be available in the departure and transfer halls.
  • for health reasons (baby food, medicines). In this case passengers have to prove they need it.

The strict security precaution will be made also for electronic devices and the size of hand baggage.


Demonstrating goats in Prague

Prague visitors may have been surprised yesterday to see live demonstrating goats in the centre of Prague. The reason is according to the Friends of Goats Club simple: on the spot called Goat ground (Kozi placek) near Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti) will be a statue of Sigmund Freud and not a statue of a goat.

The statue of Sigmund Freud by Michal Gabriel has been made and chosen because of the 150 anniversary of Freud’s birth in the southeast of the Czech Republic. However, the Friends of Goats Club do not like the intention to put this statue to the Goat ground – the only place in Prague named after goats. Yesterday they tried to collect as many signatures as possible for their petition. The Lord Mayer Pavel Bem, who is now busy with the elections, refused to deal with this issue.


Weekend vintage in Prague Castle

For the first time in modern history the Prague Castle Administration will arrange the vintage in Prague Castle. The event will be held in the Royal Garden this weekend on 21st and 22nd October, both days from 11:00 till 17:00.

The aim of this event is to introduce more than a thousand years long tradition of growing grapevine and subsequently making original wine from it. The introduction of the tradition will be accompanied by music from the time of Charles IV.

Visitors can enter the Royal Ball Game Hall for free to see a unique exhibition of tools and equipment needed for wine production during the centuries.

ZOO will welcome the millionth visitor

Try your luck in Prague ZOO and become the one millionth visitor of this popular zoological garden this year. The jubilee visitor is expected to go through the zoo gate around 11 am this Friday.

The lucky person can look forward to the ceremonial programme with jazz music and elephant riding. The partners of the zoo prepared for the visitor lots of souvenirs and gifts, such as a DVD player from Coca-Cola, 5000 CZK from Komercni banka, a gift pack of biscuits from Opavia and many more.

Last year the millionth visitor came through the zoo gate exactly one month earlier – on 20th September. The delay of this year is caused by the very long winter.