Compact archive October 19, 2006

Celebrations on 28th October

The independent Czechoslovakia was created on 28th October 1918. This special event is commemorated by national holiday in the Czech Republic. Special programme for this day is offered at Prague’s National Monument Vitkov (Narodni pamatnik Vitkov).

President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and the Lord Mayer Pavel Bem will start the celebration by wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial followed by a fly-past of airplanes JAS 39 Gripen and L-159 Alca. After that the visitors can listen to the performances of the Garrison Orchestra of Prague and vocal band Orfeon Universitarion from the Central University of Venezuela. The show of the Guards of honour is on the programme as well as the exhibition of military technique. The Army museum is open the whole day for free.

Visitors who would like to join the celebration can get to the memorial by special buses from the metro station Zelivskeho (green line A) from 8:30 till 13:00.


Prague people are satisfied with the capital

Sometimes we bring you reviews of Prague written by foreign visitors. But what do the Prague people think about the capital? Factum Invenio Company interviewed 250 casual Prague residents about their attitude towards Prague in September and October this year.

More than three quarters of people living in Prague think that the image of Prague is getting better. Mainly young people and people not doing physical labour appreciate the modernization of Prague and they think that the City of Prague takes good care of historical sights, parks and public places. On the other hand one fifth of the people (mainly people older than 45 years and people working physically) think that Prague is not improving, even getting worse.

The report does not mention whether also the feeling of safety was included in the research. Nevertheless, the City of Prague try to increase safety in Prague by installing 111 more security cameras and hiring 1000 more police officers.


Lachaise's exhibition full of passion

Creation inspired by a woman’s body. This might be a title for a new exhibition of modern art in the National Gallery. The exhibition presents work of French sculptor Gaston Lachaise whose bronze sculptures representing woman’s torsos aroused mixed feeling in the public. Sculptures come from the years 1903 – 1935.

A set of more than 60 sculptures of various sizes is accompanied by 20 author’s drawings. Some of the sculptures in this exhibition are so erotic that the author himself was afraid to expose them at his time.

Lachise’s work could be seen also in France, England, Italy and Hungary. You can visit the exhibition in the Prague National Gallery Fair Palace (Veletrzni palac, Dukelskych hrdinu 47 street) till 7th January 2007. The entrance fee is 50,- CZK, reduced price is 20,- CZK.


Renovation of the wharf in the Prague centre

A new oasis of calm in the centre of Prague and a high-quality harbour for ships on Vltava river – that should be the purpose of newly renovated wharf Na Frantisku between the bridges Cechuv and Stefanikuv and near the Intercontinental hotel.

The condition of the wharf was very bad due to frequent floods and the water level elevation. The renovation started in April and cost more than 120 million Czech crowns. Prague inhabitants and visitors can look forward to a nice walk along the river.

In the near future there will be also a cycle lane there with special paving suitable for any kind of bikes. The municipal authorities are thinking of creating summer cafes, a beach or a mobile playground as well. Next year the renovation will continue from Stefanikuv bridge up to the railway bridge.

German RTL is filming in Prague

German commercial TV company RTL has been filming in Prague since Tuesday. The film will be about dramatic events that happened in autumn 1989 when communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe started to break down.

The film will focus on people from East Germany who escaped to the Embassy of West Germany in Prague and required to be taken to the West. Finally 4000 people succeeded.

The filming will last until 19th November. German RTL plans to show this film next year.


International Festival Of Music Films started

MOFFOM 2006 (Music On Film – Film On Music) International Festival Of Music Films started yesterday in Prague. Show of more than 120 music films, documentary, video clips and concerts is held in the capital city until Sunday.

Today’s programme at Palace Lucerna is focused on the cultures and traditions of the former Silk Road countries of Central Asia. Popular band Central Asian Prague Ensemble will perform together with special guest, a traditional and shamanic musician, Bakyt Chytyrbaev from Kyrgyzstan.

Entrance fee for individual projections is 75,- CZK, 5-days valid tickets 500,- CZK and 3-days tickets for 250,- CZK.


More flights from Prague in winter season

The international Prague airport Ruzyne announced that Prague will have direct connections with more cities in the winter season that starts on 29th October and finishes 24th March 2007. Planes from Prague will fly to 11 more destinations, mainly in England and Italy.

Among new destinations are Blackpool with air carrier Jet2, Bournemouth with ThomsonFly, Naples with Alpi Eagles and SkyEurope, Venice with Alpi Eagles, Florence with Meridiana, Turin with Skype, Milan with CSA, Grenoble with SkyEurope, Liege with FlyUp and Odessa with CSA.

Together with the new destinations there will be also new air carriers flying to the Prague international airport. Five of seven new air carriers are low-cost. The capital city of the Czech Republic will have direct connections with 104 cities around the world and contracts with 46 air companies.