Compact archive November 2006

New Year's Eve in Wenceslas Square

If you plan to spend the New Year’s Eve in Prague and you do not know yet where to go, one of the options is to go to Wenceslas Square in the centre of Prague.

The company Hvezdy na Vltave will organize here a big celebration of the New Year. For the first time in history of the Czech Republic, the show will be broadcast live on Czech commerical TV Nova. A big stage will be built near the statue of St. Wenceslas.

The organizers will pay no money for hiring the upper part of Wenceslas Square. According to the municipal authorities, this action is for everybody. Normally you have to pay from 10 to 50 CZK per 1 square meter per day, depends on the kind of action. The organizers would have to pay up to 150 000.

For your information, you have to pay 5000 CZK/hour to hire Petrin observation tower, 250 000 CZK/several hours for Charles Bridge or 550 000 CZK for a party in the first floor of the Municipal House.

Free Fashion Weekend in Prague

II. Free Fashion Weekend in Prague will show original designs of young Czech fashion designers made especially for younger generation. The organizers of this event respond to the high demand from people who visited the Free Fashion Weekend in April this year.

This project has an ambition to become the centre of present original fashion. More than 30 fashion designers, jewellers and alternative shops with fashion will introduce their goods during the weekend 2nd and 3th December.

The programme starts in NoD. Roxy (Dlouha 33 street) on Saturday 2nd December at 13:00 with special markets where visitors can try on and buy original clothes. Fashion show presenting the best designs starts at 20:00. On Sunday the markets are open from 13:00 to 17:00. There is no entrance fee.

St. Nicholas Day in Prague

On 6th December people in many countries of the world celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, commemorating St. Nicholas, a bishop, famous for giving gifts to people who needed it. Nowadays the evening before St. Nicholas Day people can see men with a white beard giving presents to children. In the Czech Republic “Mikulas” is accompanied by an angel and a devil.

If you want to see Mikulas with devils and angels, go to the centre of Prague or get in the traditional tram with Mikulas on board running in the centre of Prague. Note that this tram will go already on Sunday (and not on Tuesday!) from 13:00 to 17:00. This tram will run every 15 minutes via the centre of the city and will be for free for children and their parents.

Children will find useful tools and materials for creating their own masks of Mikulas, devils and angels in the markets of Old Town Square and Wenceslas square on Tuesday. They can also enter a small gingerbread house where they can make Christmas cards or decorations and garnish Christmas sweets.


Action hero Vin Diesel is coming to Prague

Van Diesel, known from the films xXx, The Fast and the Furious or The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, is coming back to Prague to act in his new film Babylon A.D. The shooting in Prague starts on 11th December, the premiere of the film is expected in 2007.

This film will be shot in Prague, as well as Montreal and Quebec. It will be the film version of french novel Babylon babies by Maurice Dantec. The director of this film is Mathieu Kassovits, the director of Gothika and The Crimson Rivers (Les rivieres pourpres). Vin Diesel will act next to Vincent Cassel and Michelle Yeoh, the Asian beaty from Bond’s movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

Vin Diesel visited Prague a few years ago when shooting the film xXx. He admired that a lot of people use trams and walk in Prague. “I have never met so many people in love walking hand in hand as in Prague, which is great,” said Diesel.

Diesel was present at the Prague’s premiere of xXx, the proceeds of which helped the flooded Prague. This year Diesel might be invited to the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed Barrandov film studio in Prague, the biggest soundproof film studio in Europe.

Average salary in the Czech Republic

According to the Human Development Index 2006, the Czech Republic is on the 30th position out of 177 states of the world (complete list of states). This index measures comparatively life expectancy, literacy, education, and standards of living for countries worldwide. That means that also the average salary is considered.

The average salary in the Czech Republic rose 6,1% this year to 19 968 CZK. However, high salaries of top managers and IT experts are also included. Only one third of Czech people reach the average salary. The worst situation is in regions around Karlovy Vary, Hradec Kralove and Ceske Budejovice where the average salary is reached only by 23% of workers.

The best situation is in Prague. The average or higher salary is given to 57% of workers. The average salary in Prague region is around 25 000.

For comparison, Slovakian average salary is 14 419 CZK, Hungarian 18 056 and Polish 17 896 CZK. On the other hand, Austrian average salary is 76 351 CZK.


Roger Waters from Pink Floyd is coming to Prague

The founder member of Pink Floyd, guitarist, singer and songwriter Roger Waters is coming to Prague on his tour The Dark Side Of The Moon. Roger Waters is coming back to Prague 5 years after his last concert here. He is going to play legendary songs of Pink Floyd and famous songs of his solo career.

Roger Waters, born on 9th September 1944, is the author of the biggest Pink Floyd’s hits. In the 70’s he became Pink Floyd’s head and the main author of their texts. Their album The Dark Side Of The Moon has been one of the best-selling album all over the world. Waters stayed in Pink Floyd until 1985, then he started his solo career.

Waters will perform in Prague’s Sazka Arena on 13th April 2007. According to the unofficial information, the tickets for the concert will be sold from the middle of December on


Czechs vetoed the increase in price of beer

The Czech Minister of Finance Vlastimil Tlusty finally vetoed the EU plan to increase the minimum EU tax on beer to reflect the inflation. Tlusty’s argument was that there is zero minimum tax on wine which give wine a favourable market position. According to Tlusty Czech brewers should have the same tax conditions as winegrowers.

After Czech minister vetoed this plan, other ministers said no to the other Finish plan: to establish automatic increase in taxes on alcohol according to the inflation. Germany will take over the EU chairmanship next year, so it is not probable that this issue will be discussed again soon.


Temporary changes in the public transport

From Friday 1st December to Saturday 2nd December morning there will be no trams running via the crossroads of Havlickova street and Na Porici street to Stefanikuv bridge, that means no trams via namesti Republiky in the centre.

Tram no. 5 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Vltavska via stops Bila Labut and Tesnov, tram no. 8 will go from Florenc to Strossmayerovo namesti via Tesnov and Vltavska. Lines no. 14, 51 and night 54 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Strossmayerovo namesti via Bila labut, Tesnov and Vltavska.

From the morning 2nd December to the morning 4th December there will be no trams in the nabrezi Eduarda Benese between the bridges Cechuv and Stefanikuv. Lines no. 12, 17 and 53 will go temporarily via Chotkovy sady and Letenske namesti.


The reconstruction of the Prague's main railway station starts soon

The necessary reconstruction of the main railways station in Prague, which is now the place that people would rather avoid, starts on 14th December. The image of the railway station will be changed radically.

The reconstruction of the building and the neighbouring park should take 5 years and cost 1 billion Czech crowns. There will be no transport reduced due to the construction works. From March 2010 people can look forward to the pleasant shopping or just spending their free time in the new building of the main station.

Also the main bus station Florenc will change from a dirty place to a modern bus station in the centre of Prague. The reconstruction will probably start next year and will take 12 months.


Joseph Davidovits: the truth about pyramids

Today French scientist and writer Joseph Davidovits presents his book La nouvelle histoire des pyramides (New History of Pyramids) in Luxor Palace (in the Wenceslas Square) in Prague. The presentation starts from 17:00.

Joseph Davidovits is known for his shocking theory about the construction of pyramids. He posits that for the construction of Great Pyramid mostly limestone concrete was used instead of carved stone. He came with this theory more than 32 years ago.

Davidovits holds more than fifty patents and is the author or co-author of more then 130 scientific papers and conference reports. He is the co-author of The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved (1988) and the author of Ils ont Bâti les Pyramides: Les Prouesses Technologiques des Anciens Egyptiens (2002).

Functional bullets found in Kampa

Kampa is a popular place near Vltava river in Prague. Yesterday somebody found functional projectiles on one of the benches there. An expect in pyrotechnics took the bullets to the safe place to destroy them.

According to the police, there were 17 bullets coming from the World War II. The bullets might have been found by a worker who was digging nearby in Certovka stream on Sunday.

It is not the first case this year that somebody has found a unexploded ammunition in Prague. Last June an artillery shell was found and destroyed in the storehouse in Veleslavin.


International music festival Alternativa

14th international music festival Alternativa is devoted to music streams that are called alternative. The festival takes place in Archa Theatre (Na Porici 26), Palace Akropolis (Kubelikova 27) and Kastan – the scene of Unijazz (Belohorska 150) from 1st December to 9th December 2006. The festival is held under the auspices of the Lord Mayer Pavel Bem.

Visitors can look forward legendary Belgian Univers Zero from Belgium (1st December in Archa) who will perform in the Czech Republic for the first time. Last evening of the festival is devoted to the 5th anniversary of Guerilla Records Publishing. For the programme click here.

The prices of the tickets differ according to the performances. Tickets can be bought at Arche theatre, Palace Akropolis, Unijazz reading room and Ticketpro.

Fans have a chance to chat with the world famous player on the theremin, Eric Ross, in the reading room of Unijazz (Jindrisska 5 street, 2nd staircase, 4th floor) tomorrow from 11:00.


Opera In the Penal Colony for the last time in Prague

Today it is the last chance to see the opera In the Penal Colony with the music of Philip Glass in the Czech Republic. The opera can be seen in Prague’s Roxy club tonight.

This opera was inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story and based on libretto by Rudolpha Wurlitzer. World’s premiere of this opera was on 31st August 2000, Czech premiere was on 14th and 15th December 2005. This last performance in the Czech Republic will be played by Agon Orchestra and conducted by Petr Kofron. The director is Miroslav Bambusek.

The opera starts today at 19:30 in Roxy Club (Dlouha 33 street). Tickets for 150 CZK are available at the Infocentrum of Roxy Club.

Two waggons against drugs on Prague's Main railway station

Another project for young people can be seen these days on the Main Railway station in Prague. This project is devoted the prevention of drugs. This action is widely discussed and has many supporters and opponents.

From today the public can enter two wagons, former mail vans. There is dark inside and red arteries are drawn on the walls. The space inside doesn’t look cosy at all. A short film presents a group of young people who took a pill of Ecstasy and had an car accident. Pieces of the crashed car can be seen in the waggon. The other waggon shows famous and successful faces. Posters say that everyone can chose: drugs or being successful.

More waggons are expected soon. The next one should represent a housing of a drug addict – garbage and horrible smell. All this should prevent young people from starting with drugs.

American writer Michael Cunningham is coming to Prague

American writer Michael Cunningham, the author of famous novel The Hours, is coming to Prague. He accepted the invitation of Prague Writers’ Festival. Cunningham’s fans can look forward to the date 16th December.

Cunningham is one of the most widely read authors today. This Pulitzer Prize holder is known for his novels The Hours (the film version of this novel won an Oscar), A Home at the End of the World, Flesh and Blood or Specimen Days.

At midday on 16th December Cunningham will give autographs in Big Ben Bookshop (Mala Stupartska 5 street). He will also give a public reading from his works in the small hall of the Municipal Library of Prague (Marianske namesti 1 street) on 16th December 2006 from 19:30. After the reading there will be a discussion with the author. Tickets cost 100 CZK, they will be sold in Municipal Library of Prague from 1st December.

International Christmas Bazaar Prague 2006

This annual Christmas charity bazaar is organized by the Diplomatic Ladies Association of Prague. It will offer Christmas exclusive gifts and food specialities from more then 50 countries of the world.

The proceeds from the event (tickets are sold for 50 CZK) will be given to Czech charitable organisations. Visitors can look forward to a lottery.

The International Christmas Bazaar Prague 2006 takes place in the Congress Hall of Hotel Hilton Prague (Pobrezni 1 street) on 3rd December from 10:00 to 16:00. Tickets are available in Hotel Hilton.


More bridges over Vltava in Prague

Prague is going to have more bridges over the River Vltava. The reason is simple: the number of bridges is not sufficient for the increased volume of traffic.

The building of the first, 35 meters long, bridge should start in 2009. It will connect Prague’s Troja with Holesovice. The bridge will be not only for cars but also trams. Also new foot bridges will connect island Stvanice with Karlin and Holesovice with Karlin a Rohansky island.

There are 17 bridges over Vltava now, four of them are railway bridges, one is designed only for trams. The longest bridge in Prague, Zeleznicni bridge (railway bridge), is 1100 meters long. Longest bridge for cars is Libensky bridge with 780 meters. The oldest bridge in Prague is Charles bridge finished in 1402.


Prague among the most competitive regions

Prague’s region belongs to the most competitive regions in the EU. That is the statement of Sheffield University in Great Britain and the George Washington University.

The most competitive region in the EU (out of 118 regions) is Brussels which has the highest GDP per capita. Then it is Finnish Uusimaa including Helsinki. Nokia mobile company is seated in this region. Then it is Paris and Stockholm. Only two regions from the new EU member states are in the first ten regions – Prague and Bratislava.

The most competitive country in the EU is Finland, then Luxembourg, Switzerland and Norway.

Competitive index measures investment, employment in research and development, number of patent applications, highway accessibility, productivity, wages, public transport capacity, etc.


Dog Eat Dog in Prague tonight

Ten years after their latest concert in Prague, Dog Eat Dog are going to play in Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar tonight. Their concerts is held within their European tour where they introduce there new album Walk With Me (2006).

This American band is popular among fans of rock, rap or hip-hop. The current lineup of the band consists of Dave Neabore (bass), John Connor (vocals), Brandon Finley (drums) and Matt Salem (guitar).

Dog Eat Blog’s concerts starts in Lucerna Music Bar (Vodickova 36 street) at 21:00. Tickets are still available in the box office of Lucerna Music Bar for 400 CZK. After Prague’s concert the band performs in Brno, Frydek-Mistek and Havlickuv Brod.


Exhibition of Danish architecture in Prague

Jaroslav Fragner Galerie (Betlemske namesti 5a) in Prague offers an exhibition of architect projects, this time young Danish architect Bjark Ingels and studio B.I.G.

Studio B.I.G. takes part in many architectural competitions all over the world. It is the winner of the competition for a new building for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Projects of B.I.G. are novel and has environmental undertones.

The exhibition is held under the auspices of J. E. Jorgen Bojer, the Danish ambassador in Prague. The exhibition is open every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00 until 17th December.


Gingerbread Days exhibition

Gingerbread is in many families in the Czech Republic connected with Christmas and has a long tradition. If you want to learn more about history and „know-how“ of delicious gingerbread, visit these days Botanical garden in Troja.

You can buy traditional Czech gingerbread but you can also try to make it yourself – roll the dough, put it into the oven and decorate it. You can also learn about history and progress of gingerbread and baking forms from the 17th century.

The exhibition Gingerbread Days starts today and lasts until Sunday. The Botanical garden is open from 9:00 to 16:00. When you are in Botanical garden you can also visit an exhibition of succulents in Fata Morgana greenhouse.


Show Transmission starts this Saturday

Third season of the very successful dance night Transmission starts this Saturday in the large area of T-Mobile Arena. The show has a subtitle Universal Energy and is devoted to the space.

Dutch Resident Vj’s Vision Impossible will take care of audio projections of stars and galaxies and 3D animations introducing DJ’s. You can look forward to large satellites with laser and light shows, lots of dancers and performances, special space decorations and last but not least the music from great DJ’s Andre Tanneberger alias ATB, Markus Schulz, M.I.K.E., Blank & Jones or Ruby.

The show starts in T-Mobile Arena (Za elekrarnou 419 street) on Saturday at 20:00. Tickets are available through Ticketpro for 590 CZK or 990 CZK (VIP).

Performance of de Keersmaeker in Prague

Flemish dancer and choreographer Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker is said to be the most influential personality showing new dance directions. She is coming after a long time to the stage as a dancer. De Keersmaeker will perform in Prague with her exclusive solo performance Once.

46 years old Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker presents a show that comes back to the beginning of her career. Her dancing style is very individual. Anna Teresa created during her career a prominent Belgian modern dance group Rosas and a famous dancing school in Europe Performing Arts Research and Training Studio.

Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker’s performance will start at 20:00 today, tomorrow and on Sunday on the stage of Archa Theatre (Na Porici 26). You can reserve the ticket or buy them at the box office of Archa Theatre.

Exhibition of historical dolls in Prague

Dolls were popular in old Egypt and even nowadays there are still a part of our (especially women’s) childhood. A new exhibition in City of Prague Museum in Florenc shows more then 600 models of dolls made from the second half of 19th century to the 50’s of 20th century.

The exhibition is called Our grandmothers’ dolls and displays dolls made of cloth, felt, wood, paper, porcelain and celluloid. Dolls used to be dressed according to the latest fashion, at the turn of 19th and 20th century they started to be made with child features. Some dolls are only a centimeter long, which makes them really special. The exhibition contains also small models of furniture for dolls or dolls of these dolls.

The exhibition is open in the main building of City of Prague Museum (Na Porici 52), in the hall no. 8, until 25th February 2007. The museum is open daily (except Monday) from 9:00 to 18:00. Full entrance fee is 80 CZK, reduction fee (students, seniors, disabled people) 30 CZK, family fee 160 CZK, children 0-6 years old entrance free. Every first Thursday in the month museum is open until 20:00 for 1 CZK.


Diplomatic support - a beer barrow

The Czech Republic send a new diplomat to Brussels to support equal tax policy on beer and wine. The “new diplomat” is nothing less than a beer barrel. It will support Czech diplomats at the meeting of EU Ministers of Finance on 28th November.

Czech government does not like the idea that consumption tax will be increased only on beer but not on wine. “Beer is a part of our culture like wine is a part of French culture,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandr Vondra who took over the beer barrel, that travelled from Plzen to Prague on a horse-drawn carriage, in front of Cerninsky Palace in Prague.

The beer barrow containing Pilsner Urquell is signed by many prominent people. Also President Vaclav Klaus supported this mission with his signature on the barrel.


Czech Jagr is the best European player in NHL

Just two days ago the headlines of newspapers were full of Jagr’s success. He scored his 600th goal in NHL. And just two days later Jaromir Jagr became the best European ice hockey player in NHL concerning the number of goals.

It happened during the match against Carolina when the captain of Rangers, Jaromir Jagr, scored two more goals and got ahead Finish player Jari Kurri. For Jagr it was his 1131st match in NHL. Happy Jagr said that “it’s a great feeling. Kurri used to be our idol, the whole Europe watched him”.

Now he is on 15th place on the list of top players. He needs only few more goals to overcome the record of other players – Dino Ciccarelli with 608 goals, Bobby Hull with 614 goals and Brendan Shanahan with 615 goals. Jagr said to MF Dnes that he would like to score more then 700 goals in his career and be one of the 10 best players in NHL.

Concert of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa cancelled

The concert of the music band The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa was cancelled due to the illness of the singer of the band. The concert was planned for this Monday. Instead of this date, fans can hear the band on 29th January 2007 again in Palace Akropolic (Kubelikova 27).

The band released their new album Watching Black (EMI/Escape) just few days ago. This album will be introduced on the Prague’s concert. According to the band, the new album is more carnal and communicative from the older ones.

Tickets bought for Monday concert are still valid. New tickets can be bought through Ticketpro for 240 CZK or in the cafe Akropolis for 220 CZk and on the day of the concert for 250 CZK.


Calendar Pirelli in Prague

Exclusive calendar Pirelli 2007 came to Prague yesterday. This 34th calendar offers pictures of five world stars in bed – Sophia Loren, Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts, Lou Doillon and Penelope Cruz. Photographs for this year were made by Dutch pair Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in California.

The calendar is only printed in 30 000 pieces. There are only a few pieces for the Czech Republic. President Vaclav Klaus is one of the lucky people. Yesterday the calendar was also presented in Prague. One of the people who visited the presentation was also Petr Horni, who owns all 34 volumes of the calendar.

The calendar is also meant for charity. Its exclusivity makes it a good article for auction. In the Czech Republic, there is only one piece available for sale. The auction will start on 5th December on portal The profits will be given to Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute. Last year the institute got 139 000 CZK.

Christmas cribs in Prague Castle

Prague Castle will present the most beautiful Christmas cribs from the whole Czech Republic. On the place where Shakespeare’s festival takes place every summer, the Supreme Burgrave’s House, the visitors can admire more then 30 Christmas cribs.

The exhibition organized by SCHOK Agency will show historical cribs as well as the modern ones so that visitor can learn about styles during the centuries. Several Christmas cribs are available for sale.

The exhibition will be open from 27th November until 14th January 2007 from 9:00 to 17:00. The profits from collected entrance fee (5 CZK children, 20 CZK adults) will be given to charity – to the Endowment Fund of Livie and Vaclav Klaus (Nadacni fond Livie a Vaclava Klausovych).


New time table of Czech Railways

Czech Railways (Ceske drahy) issued a new time table that is valid from 10th December. This time table brings a lot of changes in quantity of connection and the prizes of tickets.

Trains Pendolino will be prolonged from Prague to Bratislava and Vienna. The trains will go to Bratislava once a day, to Vienna twice a day. New EuroCity trains will go to Zilina (SK) via Horni Lidec, which will safe 50 minutes of traveller’s time. The train connection from Prague to Ostrava will be 13 minutes faster. There will be about 5,5% more trains running in the Czech Republic.

Czech Railways plan to increase the prizes of return tickets and customer fare (for this fare you need to own In-customer card). Tickets for journeys more then 50 kilometers long will be 12 % more expensive. When you buy a customer card, you will have 30 % discount on tickets no matter how far you travel.


Winning films of Ekotopfilm in Prague

Ekotopfilm is an International Festival of Professional Films, held in the Slovak Republic, whose aim is to provide an opportunity for a successful communication among the experts from different branches -technicians and environmentalist – to achieve sustainable development in the world.

The representative show of winning films of 33th Ekotopfilm will start today at 18:00 (finishes tomorrow) by the opening ceremony in the Slovak Institute (Slovensky institut) in Jilska 16 street in Prague. The Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Jaroslav Izak, and Deputy Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic, Rut Bizkova, will be also present today at the ceremony.

Among the awarded films are, among others, Wild Chronicles – Crittercam from the USA, From Plague to Hunger from Poland or Chernobyl: The Invisible Thief from Germany.


Czech currency breaks records

Czech currency Czech crown broke another record in the exchange rate to U.S dollars. Today in the morning the exchange rate was 21,66 CZK per USD. Up to now record was 21,72. The reason for that is a strengthening of the euro in relation to the U.S. dollar.

Czech currency is strengthening for a longer time. It is because of inflows of capital from abroad, a trade surplus and economic growth. Czech crown had the best rate to euro recently. At the beginning of November the exchange rate was 27,92 CZK per EUR.

For Czech people it means lower costs for travellers to the USA and lower prices for American products. However, it is not good news for American travellers coming to the Czech Republic.

Safer Christmas tree for the Old Town Square

Prague is now awaiting the start of Christmas markets. The main Christmas markets will be on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square from 2nd December. Today the big Christmas tree will arrive in Prague.

The tree for the Old Town Square is being cut today in Krkonose National Park. It is a 22 meters long pine tree that weighs 9 tons. The diameter of the tree trunk is 80 cm in the height of 1,3 m above the ground. The tree has been checked whether it is in a good state. It will appear on the Old Town Square on 28th November.

But why is so much attention paid to the Christmas tree? It is because an accident that happened in 2003. 25 meters long Christmas tree fell on people and injured 5 of them. British tourist Malcolm Tuffin sustained fracture of thigh-bones and thoracic spine, allegedly he still walks with a staff. The accident was caused by gusts of wind and softwood. The organizers want to make sure that nothing like that happens again.


The best brewer and pub are in Prague

Czech people drink the most of beer in the world. The number is 160 liters per person/per year. Their beer is also renowned in the world. “Spolek pratel piva” (free translated as “The friends of Beer Club”) gave several awards concerning beer, Prague was awarded in several categories.

If you want to taste beer from the best brewer in the Czech Republic for the year 2006, Martin Matuska, go to Monastic brewery Strahov (Klasterni pivovar Strahov) in Prague (near Prague Castle in the area of Strahov Monastery).

The best pub is First Beer Tramway (Prvni pivni tramway) that offers many kinds of beer. Every three days there is a new manu concerning beer. The pub has a very original interior. It feel like you are sitting in a tram. You can call in the waiter by pulling a rope with a bell.

The best non-alcoholic beer is Staropramen Nealko, which is produced also in Prague. 5% of consumed beer in the Czech Republic is non-alcoholic.


Golem in newly reconstructed Hybernia theatre

The newly reconstructed palace called Dum u Hybernu in Prague will be open to the public tomorrow again. The palace is situated opposite the Powder Gate in namesti Republiky. The theatre Hybernia that is seated in this palace will start its show with with the original Czech musical play Golem, a historical story from old Jewish Prague during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II.

The classicist building Dum u Hybernu used to be a church, then a custom office and finally an exhibition hall. For many years it had been decaying. It took a long time to reconstruct this building. According to the architect Michael Klang the theatre will be the most modern Czech musical scene. Theatre Hybernia will be an affiliate of nearby theatre Broadway.

The premiere of Golem (the legend of Golem) starts tomorrow at 19:00. The musical play by Karel Svoboda, Zdenek Zelenka and Lou Fananek Hagen will be directed by Filip Renc. Tickets are available through Ticketart, Ticketpro, in terminals of Sazka, in the box-office of Broadway theatre (Na Prikope 31) and in the box-office of Hybernia theatre.


Student Design 2006

Until 26th November you still have a chance to see the best designs made by students of Czech secondary schools and universities in Design Centrum CR in Prague.

The exhibition shows art works made by students competing for the National Award for Student Design. There were 163 authors competing in three categories. The jury awarded 14 works as Good Student Design and 10 works for excellent Student Design. The main National Award was given to Ondrej Vaclavik for his Wireless Lamp.

Many creative and innovative works of arts are displayed in Design Centrum CR in Jungmannova 30 street. The exhibition is open from Monday till Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.


Zizkov Meets Jazz 2006

IV. festival Zizkov Meets Jazz will bring on stage of Akropolis Palace masters of jazz music. The festival is held on 24th and 25th November. In addition to the music festival visitors can join a tombola or watch the exhibition of motorbike veterans. Every visitor will get a cigar and a glass of bourbon for free.

On 24th November people can look forward to the performance of tenor saxophonist Ondrej Stveracek Quarted and the winner of several Academy of Popular music awards (in the category of the best singer) Dan Barta & Robert Balzar Trio.

On Sunday people can come to listen to the more and more popular Roma jazz group Conection or Jazz Efterratt who just returned from the tour with Andrea Bocelli.

Tickets are available in Akropolis Palace (Kubelíkova 1548/27 street) for 250 CZK for standing or 350 CZK for sitting on the balcony.


Us3's concert in Prague

Fans of Us3 should not definitely miss their concert in Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar that is coming soon. Us3 will introduce their fifth and so far latest album Schizophonic there.

Us3 is a jazz-rap group founded in London in 1991. Geoff Wilkinson is the only permanent member of the band and the producer of all their albums. The group has been a trio (“us three”) since their second album in 1997.

The concert of Us3 takes place in Lucerna Music Bar (Vodickova 36 street) on 23th November at 21:00. Tickets are available through Ticketpro for 385 CZK or in Lucerna Music bar 350 CZK or 450 CZK before the concert.


Jaromir Jagr scored his 600th goal

World famous Czech ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr scored his 600th goal in his NHL career. It happened in Madison Sguare Garden in New York during the Sunday match New York Rangers against Tampa Bay.

Only 15 players in the world have scored more goals in history then Jagr. Two more goals and Jagr will a player with the most goals from the old continent. So far it is Finish Jarri Kurri with 601 goals. Wayne Gretzky with his 894 goals is still on the top.

Jagr scored for the first time in NHL in Pittsburgh vs. New Jersey on 7th October 1990. The puck that ended up in the goal as no. 600 will be devoted to his mother Anna.

Christmas markets in namesti Miru started

Although the Advent has not started yet, you can already enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and buy nice presents or warm yourself with a cup of something hot at Christmas markets in namesti Miru (by metro green line A – Namesti Miru).

The traditional Christmas markets in front of the Church of St. Ludmilla started yesterday as the first one from all Prague Christmas markets. You can find there fifty stalls with traditional Christmas goods, such as candles, decorations, ceramics, Christmas tea, products from woods, hand-made jewellery and much more. You’ll find there a big Christmas tree, a Christmas crib and a rich cultural programme.

The market is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 until 24th December.


Christmas inspiration in Prague Botanic Garden

Would you like to make your own interesting Christmas decorations, wreaths and bouquets? You have a chance tomorrow, on 21st of November in Prague Botanic Garden Troja.

The program will be led by professional decorators. They will teach you how to make advent wreaths, Christmas bouquets, candlesticks and various Christmas decorations and presents.

All the products will be for sale at the end of the program. You can also buy the material and make your own decorations at home. This perfect opportunity to make original presents for your loved ones will take place from 11 am to 5 pm, with a one hour break.

You can get to the Botanic Garden by bus 112 from the underground station Nadrazi Holesovice. You can get off on the bus stop ZOO or Botanicka zahrada Troja and then follow the signs to the Botanic Garden.


A controversial sewerage plant in Prague

Urbanism specialists in Prague protest: the municipal authorities plan to build a controversial new sewerage plant at the Cisarsky Island near the Troja Chateau. A unique landscape composition of the area will be adversely affected.

The Troja Chateau was built in the 17th century intentionally with a view on the Prague Castle. Several other buildings were built around to complete the composition by the author of Versailles Gardens in Paris.

The high buildings of the sewerage plant will allegedly destroy this. However, the vice-mayor of Prague defends the plant, saying that it will be much lower than the opponents say and that it will be surrounded by trees.

Nevertheless, the opponents have already lodged a complaint to the European Commission.

Chumbawamba in Prague Abaton Club tonight

The popular British band Chumbawamba will play in Abaton Club in Prague tonight. They will introduce songs from their latest album A Singsong and a Scrap. The performance will be acoustic, according to the album.

The anarchic attitudes of Chumbawamba are well known. Their music combines pop with punk and folk influences. The most successful recordings of the band were Anarchy (1994) and especially the single Tubthumping in 1997.

The show in Abaton Club, Na Kosince Street 8, Prague 8, will start at 8 pm. The entrance fee is 450,-CZK at the venue and 390,-CZK at the advance-sale in Ticketpro.


Results of the Civic Democrats Congress

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek was re-elected as the chairman of ODS – Civic Democratic Party at the congress at the weekend. Members of the party also expressed clearly, which way his negotiations about new Czech government should go.

Delegates of ODS voted, that Topolanek has to prevent the possible government of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) and the Communist Party. They also refused a government of ODS and CSSD.

However, they didn´t condemn the presence of CSSD in the government. It means, that with high probability there will be these two parties (ODS and CSSD) and also at least one of the smaller parties – the Christian and Democratic Union or the Green Party.


Velvet Revolution anniversary celebration

Lots of people gathered by the memorial of Velvet Revolution in Prague on Friday, 17th November. Most of them came to light a candle there or put flowers.

The memorial is situated in the National Street, at the place, where Communist police brutally suppressed the student demonstration on 17th November 1989. The police brutality roused Czech population and there were large demonstrations of hundreds of thousands people in the whole country afterwards. The situation led to the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

People gather every year at the memorial to commemorate the event, which was later called Velvet Revolution – because of the non-violent demonstrations. Most important Czech politicians put flowers at the place as well: president Vaclav Klaus, prime minister Mirek Topolanek and others.

You can still see many candles and flowers there, in the archway of the Kankuv dum (house No.118/16).

The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day on 17th November commemorates also the events from 1939, when Nazis suppressed student demonstrations and closed Czech universities.


Cinematic Orchestra in Prague

For the first time Prague can look forward to the concert of popular jazz and electronic band The Cinematic Orchestra that takes place in Roxy Club on 22nd November.

This British band was founded in 1999 by Jay Swinscoe who worked for Ninja Tune label in South London. In his free time he and his band worked on the band’s first album Motion that has become very successful. This year the band is busy with recording a new album and giving lots of concerts.

The concert of The Cinematic Orchestra starts at 19:00 in Roxy club, tickets can be bought for 460 CZK in Roxy club and through Ticketstream and for 495 CZK through Ticketpro.


Rhapsody in Blue will finish The Strings of Autumn

Last concert of the The Strings of Autumn International Music Festival will be devoted to the original version of Rhapsody in Blue that was performed by piannist George Gershwin and Paul Whiteman’s jazz orchestra in 1924.

Rhapsody in Blue and other Gershwin’s evergreens will be performed by famous Czech musician and actor Ondrej Havelka and his jazz orchestra Melody Makers and piano virtuoso Karel Kosarek.

The concert takes place in Dvorak Hall in Prague’s Rudolfinum on Sunday 19th November at 19:30. Tickets are available at the box offices before the concert for 400 CZK and 600 CZK.


Fake goods in Wenceslas Square

If you plan to buy new branded shoes while you are in Prague, you might like to know the places you should avoid. Prague customs officers were surprised that fake good were offered not only in the markets but also in classical shops in very known places.

Police raids discovered that shoes sold in one shop in Wenceslas Square considered to be Adidas were fake. Vietnamese shopkeeper whose shop is near the equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas had 26 fake pairs of shoes. The shopkeeper had even Adidas logo on his shop.

Customers should pay attention to prices. Too cheap goods are suspicious, e.g. the Vietnamese shopkeeper sold “Adidas” pair of shoes for 350 CZK, which is too little even in the “cheap” Czech Republic.

17th November - the national holiday in the CR

17th November is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. In the Czech calender you can read Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day. Today Czech people commemorate the beginning of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which ended the communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia.

The events on 17th November 1989 commemorates a memorial plaque dedicated yesterday on the building of Faculty of Science at Charles university in Albertov. Albertov was the starting point of the student march that started the demonstration.

Milada Horakova, a politician and one of the victim of the communist regime, was awarded American “medal of freedom” last Tuesday. The medal was given to her daughter together with a letter from the President George W. Bush.

Novakova, who build up the system of foster care and adoption, was executed for alleged conspiracy and treason. She is now a symbol of anti-Communist resistance.


New discovery by Czech doctors

Czech doctors found new effects of the medicine for leukemia. This old medicine known as Alemtuzumab for almost twenty years is used after transplantation of haematoplastic cells, especially when curing leukemia.

The doctors from Internal Hematooncology Clinics of the Brno University Hospital discovered that the medicine does not only regulate undesirable effects of the transplantation but also increase the production of cells from which platelets are made.

This discovery already saved a woman’s life. The doctors published their results in the international journal Leukemia for other teams of doctors all over the world.

Decadent art in Prague's Municipal House

The new exhibition in Prague’s Municipal House displays fine art inspired by decadent thoughts in the Czech lands in the years 1880 – 1914. According to the curator Otto M. Urban it is an unique exhibition of this kind of art presented for the first time not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world.

The exposition shows more then three hundred decadent artworks from thirty artist. Big part of the exhibition represents never displayed pieces borrowed from private collectors. Publishing house Arbor vitae release an illustrated catalogue for the exhibition in Czech and English language.

You can visit the exhibition in the Municipal House (nam. Republiky 5) every day from 10:00 to 18:00 until 18th February 2007. Full entrance fee is 100 CZK, reduced 50 CZK.


Warm weather breakes records

Winter came to the Czech Republic very early this year but only for a while. Yesterday Prague’s high temperatures broke 80 years old record.

Prague Clementinum, that has been measuring the temperature in Prague since 1752, measured out 16,4 degrees Celsius (61,5 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s 0,4 degrees Celsius more then in 1926. Warm weather with sunshine will stay the next days and during the weekend.

That is not good news for skiers. The only place where it is possible to ski now is on artificial snow in the skia rea on Black Mountain (Cerna hora) near Janske Lazne in Krkonose Mountains.


Flaming symbol of peace in Old Town Square

A large symbol of peace created by flaming torches lit Prague’s Old Town Square yesterday evening. Hundreds of young people with torches came there to express their disapproval with wars waged in the world.

This action was a part of the world-wide campaign World Without Wars that is organized by the international volunteer organisation Humanist Movement.

“There are more then 30 war conflicts in the world, every minute there is one man killed,” said one of the organizer of the Prague action Jan Bednar.

Exhibition of contemporary design by Jiri Pelcl

Prominent Czech designer and former rector of Academy of Art Architecture and Design Prague Jiri Pelcl is giving a retrospective exhibition of his artworks called Subjective X Objective in the Exhibition Hall of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (17. listopadu 2 street).

Visitors can admire Pelcl’s works of the last 15 years – from the universal table Unitable, that won Dobry design 2006 Award, bookcases in the shapes of an egg or a cactus, to “walking” plants and teaspoons reminiscent of sperms. There are unique artworks together with pieces meant for mass production.

The exhibition is open on Tuesday from 10:00 – 19:00 and on Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 until 26th November. Pelcl’s glass and porcelain can be bought in the gallery shop of Museum of Decorative Arts. A set of six wine glasses costs 350 CZK.


International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague

Prague will host XVI. International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music. The festival is held under the auspices of the City of Prague in the first Advent week.

The festival is open for male, female, mixed and children’s choirs. The participating choirs will sing Advent, Christmas or spiritual songs a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. Part of the festival will be also a contest for Petr Eben Award.

The festival takes place in National House Smichov (nam. 14. rijna 16) from 1st to 2nd December. The participating choirs will sing together in the Old Town Square on Saturday 2nd December at 16:00. For the programme of the festival click here.


Prague Castle in Photographs 1900 - 1939

Second part of the exhibition Prague Castle in Photographs concentrates on the historically significant period 1900 – 1939. The photographs show the transformation of the decaying Castle to the modern seat of Czech presidents and the final phase of building St. Vitus Cathedral.

The exhibition contains documentary photographs as well as art photographs by famous photographers Josef Hudek or Frantisek Drtikola. The display includes also snapshots of cultural and political events and portrait photographs of people connected with Prague Castle.

The exhibition takes place in The Teresian Wing of the Old Royal Palace. It is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee is 70 CZK (discounts for students, families and school classes). The exhibition is held until 14th January 2007.


Museum complex on Wenceslas Square

The National Museum on the upper part of Wenceslas Square may get the building where Radion Free Europe seats now. The connection of these two buildings promises a large area for exhibitions and other cultural projects. The Ministry of Culture want the goverment to decide about it before the end of this month.

The Radio Free Europe next to the National Museum is going to move to a new building in Hagibor which is better protected. New spaces in the old building in Wenceslas Sguare can be used as large lecture-rooms, labs, administration offices and also as exhibition halls or restaurants. This building can be connected with the National Museum with a tunnel, which will create a unique museum complex.

Also the National museum is going to change. First phase of restoration works will start in spring next year. In four years the historical building of the National museum will be totally empty and waiting for restoration that will last from 2011 to 2015.


Art exhibition that helps disabled students

Konto Bariery Foundation organizes the exhibition of paintings, graphic art, drawings and sculptures to help disabled students. The exhibition takes place in Prague’s Carolinum in Ovocny trh.

Visitors can see 336 paitings and sculptures by prominent Czech artists every day and decide which work they like most until 30th November. There is no entrance fee.

The auction of works takes place in Blue lecture-room in Carolinum on Saturday 2nd December 2006 at 14:00. The call price will be a half of the real value of the piece of art.

The profit from the auction will be given partly as grants to disabled students and partly to people who need a corneal transplantation. Last year Konto Bariery collected 4 million CZK.


Harlem Gospel Singers & Band show in Prague

Harlem Gospel Singers & Band celebrate their 15th anniversary of their foundation by the music concert full of gospel, jazz, blues, R&B and soul in Prague. The concert of Harlem Gospel Singers & Band does not offer only great music performance but also great choreography and show.

The main star of the show is Queen Esther Marrow who performed with Harry Belafonte, Ella Fitzgerrald, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Chick Corea or B.B.King. Her concerts were visited by American presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush and the British Royal family. She considers the biggest success of her career several performances for the Pope John Paul II. She was awarded prestigious Elly Fitgerald for her life’s work.

The show of Harlem Gospel Singers & Band takes place in Congress Centre in Prague (Tr. 5. kvetna 65 street) on 10th December at 20:00. Ticketpro sells tickets from 1690 CZK to 690 CZK.


French festival in Prague accompanied by photo exhibition

Lovers of French films can look forward to IX. Festival of French Films in the Czech Republic that is held from 23rd to 27th November. Organizers of this festival are French Embassy in the Czech Republic and Unifrance, an organization publicizing French cinematography abroad.

The festival introduces many French films in the original sound with Czech subtitles. For the detailed programme of the festival click here.

The festival will be also accompanied by the exhibition called Portrait Photographs for film revue “Cahiers du cinema”. The exhibition will offer 30 photographs made by French artists, such as Maurice Pialat, Isabelle Huppert, Michel Piccoli, Jean-Luc Godard, Carole Bellaiche and Frederica Polettiho.

The exhibition is held simultaneously in four Czech cities. Prague visitors can see it in the cinema Svetozor (Vodickova 41 street) from 15th to 30th November.


Megashow K-1 in Prague

Prague will host the elimination round of the top international contest of combat sport called K-1 Fighting Network Prague Round 07 – Heaven or Hell. The competitors will be eliminated on the priciple of a pyramid, the winner will proceed to Grand Prix in Amsterdam.

Visitors can expect such stars as Black sniper Michael Mc Donald, Jorgen Kruth, Rikard Nordstrand, Magomed Magomedov, Yusuke Fujimoto or Koos Wessels. Czech competitors will be Petr Vondracek, Roman Kracik, Daniel Jerling and Stanislav Klima.

The gala night will be accompanied by light and pyrotechnical show. There will be no tickets sold to the highest floor in the arena so that all spectators will have as close contact with the fighters as possible.

The show takes place in Sazka Arena on 16th December 2006 at 18:00. Tickets are available through Sazkaticket from 3490 CZK to 490 CZK.


Skating in the centre of Prague

Do you want to enjoy Christmas atmosphere and have fun while ice skating in the centre of Prague? Then you should visit Ovocny trh from 2nd December to 1st January.

Vodafone promises a skating ring 30×14 meters. Skating will be for free. Borrowing skates is for customers of Vodafone for free, for others 30 CZK per hour. The money earned for lending the skates will be devoted to charity. People can borrow the skates next to the skating ring and use a cloakroom and a jukebox. Christmas tree will be standing right in the middle of the skating ring.

The organizers promise skating even in the case of warmer weather. Thanks to technology of multilayer ice, the ice should be intact when the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius.

Skating will be possible every day from 10:00 to 21:30. The pictures from several web cams will be online on

Glen Matlock from Sex Pistols in Prague

One of the founder member and the first bass player of Sex Pistols Glen Matlock is coming to Prague. His concert on 12th December in Roxy club (Dlouha 33 street) will be given in the occasion of 30 years from the release of Sex Pistols album “Never Mind the Bollocks” (1977).

Glen is the co-author of 10 out of 12 songs on this album, including God Save The Queen and Anarchy in the U.K. The Sex Pistols had a great influence on the rock music all over the world. Glen Matlock will perform in Prague with his band The Philistines. The supporter of the concert will be Berlin’s Shemale Trouble.

The concert starts at 19:30. Tickets are available through Ticketpro for 450 CZK (before 20th November) and 495 CZK and at the entrance before the concert for 550 CZK.


Prague Fashion Week

IX. international festival of fashion started last Sunday in the residence of the Lord Mayer Pavel Bem. Ten prominent Czech fashion designers started the festival with the presentation of more then 50 newest designs.

Prague Fashion Week international festival is held twice a year and it is a unique fashion event in the Czech Republic. Its prestige is raising every year. One of the main partners of the festival is also Prague city.

The festival continues the whole week in Manes. The main part of the festival, catwalk presentations, starts on 16th November in Manes and will last until 19th November. The exhibition Fashion Photo and the contests for the prestigious titles Designer of the Season, Junior and Talent of the Season are accompanying the programme.


New flights to Prague with Thomsonfly

British low-cost airline company Thomsonfly introduces new routes to Prague. Next to the regular flights from Doncaster to Prague, the air carrier takes passenger also from Bournemouth in southern England and Luton, one of five airports in London.

There are 5 flights from London-Luton, 4 flights from Bournemouth and 5 flights from Doncaster a week. The company decided to expand the range of flights because of big demand of British people for travel to Prague.

Thomsonfly is the only low-cost carrier in the Czech Republic that enables passengers to book the tickets online and already reserve a seat in the plane. Tickets can be reserved at


Winners of the Best athletes of the year

Roman Sebrle (decathlon) was awarded the Best Czech Athlete of the Year. This Olympic winner, European champion and world record breaker won already for the fifth time in a row. “I don’t take it as the fifth victory in a row. It’s been the first one this year,” said Sebrle.

The results were known during Saturday’s athletic gala night. Second prize was given to Barbora Spotakova (javelin) who had only 30 points less then Sebrle, third prize was given to Tomas Janku (high jump).

120 members of the jury consisting of jurnalists and trainers evaluated also the best trainer of the year – Rudolf Cerny (the trainer of Spotakova) and the “discovery” of the year – Barbora Spotakova.


International festival culminates in Prague

International music festival “Tony nad mesty” that takes place in many cities in the Czech Republic will culminate at the concert of prominent world musicians in Prague.

The last concert of the festival will be conducted by Juri Alperten from Estonie. Famous Italian clarinetis Fabio Furia will play together with Chamber philharmonic of Pardubice. Visitors can hear the compositions of W. A. Mozart or F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

The concert starts at 19:30 on Wednesday 15th November in the Church of St. Simone and Juda (Kostel sv. Simona a Judy, Dusni 1 street). Tickets are available at the entrance before the concert or through Ticketstream for 350 CZK – 480 CZK.


Nicer Wenceslas Square?

Wenceslaw Square is one of the places in Prague that every tourist guidebook presents as a must. It is also a place where history has been written. But is also a place where barkers, prostitutes, homeless people and pickpockets can be met every night.

The new mayor in the centre of Prague, Petr Hejma, believes it will change soon. 109 more police officers should be seen in 250 streets of the city centre soon. Also homeless people will be registered so that the city will be aware of their identity.

A new edict imposed a ban on erotic advertisement more than a year ago but there are no visible results. The mayor Petr Hejma thinks that the night atmosphere at Wenceslas Square will change with the reconstruction of the whole boulevard that might start within 4 years.


Awarded Prague projects in "Best of Realty"

Prague buildings won in three out of four categories in annual competition “Nejlepsi z realit – Best of Realty” in the Czech Republic. Three Prague’s buildings were awarded the best projects of the Czech real estate market in the last year.

The professional jury decided that the best residence project is Mazanka in Prague thanks to its high and top-selling quality and aesthetic value. Second category was the best administration centre. Luxembourg Plaza in Flora, Prague 3, won a victory for its good combination of administrative and hotel functions. The best shopping centre is Centrum Chodov in Prague for the wide range of shops. The best hotel is Hotel Chateau Mcely near Nymburk for the good restoration of an old castle into a hotel.

The jury gave a special prize to manor Ladronka in Prague. This former farm from 17th century together with an adjacent park make a nice place for relaxation, sport and social life.


Koudelka's photographs "Camarque" in Prague

World famous photographer of Czech origin, Josef Koudelka, will personally open a new exhibition of his photos called “Camarque”. This exhibition will introduce Koudelka’s characteristic contemporary work of art devoted to European countryside.

Koudelka became world famous by his set of documentary photographs called “Invasion”. The photos shows the events that happened after the invasion by Warsaw Pack troops on 21st August 1968. In 1970 he emigrated to Great Britain and since then he has been documenting his travels.

Koudelka’s photographs will displayed in the spaces of French Institute (Stepanska 35 street) from 14th November. The exhibition will be open by Koudelka at 18:00. You can visit the exhibition until 16th December 2006.


Practical map of Stromovka for free

Stromovka is a name for the biggest park in Prague. This royal deer-park is a popular place for joggers, cyclists or families with children and a good place for picnics or long walks. Association 3duby decided to publish a map of this park for a better orientation.

The map shows green places, ponds, playgrounds, footpaths and cycle-ways and places for relaxation and refreshment. The map also shows four paths suitable for running and cycling together with their length in kilometers. There are also entrances to the park marked on the map. The map can be fasten to your wrist by an elastic band.

These maps are available for free at municipal offices at Prague 6, 7 and Troja and at the warehouse Ikea.

Prague Short Film Festival

For the second time the capital of the Czech Republic will host Prague Short Film Festival. This competitive festival will offer 21 short film from 14 countries all over the world. A part of the festival will be devoted to non-competitive informative film programmes, retrospectives, homage profiles and other accompanying events.

The festival is organized by Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and is under the auspices of capital city of Prague. International jury consisting of five members (French cinema programmer Judith Revault d’Allonnes, Czech actress Ana Geislerova, German festival director Heinz Hermanns, Czech director Jan Hrebejk and Hungarian director Balint Kenyeres) will decide about the best short film created last year.

The festival takes place in Prague Svetozor cinema (Vodickova 41) from 15th to 18th November. Tickets for 50 CZK can be bought from 14th November in the box office in Svetozor Cinema. Visitors can decide about the winner of the Audience Award.


Exhibition of antiquities in Prague Manes

If you are interested in antiquities or you are trying to find a nice Christmas present, you should not miss an exhibition of antiquities in the exhibition hall in Prague Manes (Masarykovo nabrazi 250). More than 60 prominent antiquarians display their valuables there.

The total value of all valuables is more than a milliard Czech crowns. The exhibition shows mainly glass, porcelain, statuettes, snuffboxes and watches. Even though the value of some articles is very high (a carafe for 250 000 CZK or a watch for 245 000 CZK), all the displayed units are for sale.

Experts on antiquities offer their services for free until the end of the exhibition on 13th November. They can evaluate old watches, old furniture, coins or jewellery.


Havel and Navratilova among the world's elite

It has been 60 years when American magazine Time published its survey about the greatest people in the world who had made the world a better place. This survey was repeated this year and presented heroes of the last 60 years. Among these people you can find also Czech celebrities – ex president and playwright Vaclav Havel and tennis star Martina Navratilova.

American musician Lou Reed said about Vaclav Havel “How honored I am to know him. This is a totally admirable man. He is a great writer—of poems, essays and, of course, plays. A brave man. A man who would—and did—go to prison for principle.” Havel is in the section Rebels&Leaders with Nelson Mandela, Charles de Gaulle or Helmut Kohl.

Martina Navratilova is known not only for being a great tennis legend, but also a fighter for minorities. “She made waves in her adopted home by talking openly about her bisexuality soon after becoming a U.S. citizen in 1981,” said Peter Gumbel.

Many famous personalities wrote about the heroes, e.g. President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus about Margaret Thatcher, French President Jacques Chirac about Charles de Gaulle and ex president George Bush about Helmut Kohl.

The Levellers in Rock Cafe

The Levellers and their 2008 concert here

Newly reconstructed Rock Cafe will host popular British group The Levellers tomorrow. This British group, consisting of six members, will be supported by British Mr. Irish Bastard.

The Levellers started in 1988 in Brighton. During their existence they have managed to create their own recording studio, their own publishing company On The Fiddle Publishing and fun clubs all over the world. They organize their own festival Beautiful Days and they have more than 200 concerts a year. The Levellers have released eight studio albums, one live album and The Best of so far.

The concert in Prague Rock Cafe (Narodni 20 street) starts tomorrow at 19:00. Tickets can be bought through Ticketstream or at the box office of Rock Cafe before the concert for 399 CZK and 450 CZK.


Prime minister for the second time

Few days ago the leader of Civic Democrats and the present prime minister Mirek Topolanek got another chance to create a new government that would gain the confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.

Yesterday Mirek Topolanek agreed with his nomination and was appointed for the second time the prime minister. New negotiations have already started. Especially the negotiation of Civic Democrats with Social Democrats are very important in forming the new government.

The politicians are still trying to find the accepted solution more then five months after the elections. If the second round does not succeed, the next prime minister will be chosen by the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies. If even the third round is not successful, the President can dissolve the Chamber of Deputies. New elections have to be held within 60 days.


World famous pianist Lang Lang performs in Prague

One of the biggest star in music, Chinese pianist Lang Lang performs today and tomorrow in Prague’s Rudolfinum with Czech philharmonic orchestra. The concerts take place both days in Dvorak Hall at 19:30.

Lang Lang will play Rhapsody on a Paganini theme for piano and orchestra by Sergej Rachmaninoff; Taras Bulba, rhapsody for orchestra by Leos Janacek and Symphonic Variations by Antonin Dvorak. Both concerts on Thursday and Friday will be conducted by Jiri Belohlavek.

24 years old Lang Lang has won a lot of prestigious prizes. He performs with the best philharmonic orchestra and conductors all over the world. He is famous not only for his virtuosity but also for his attempt to make classical music popular among young people.


10 millionth traveller in Prague airport

Prague International Airport Ruzyne is the biggest airport in the Czech Republic. It is connected with 104 cities all around the world and it has contracts with 46 air carriers. It is the biggest airport in Middle and East Europe by the number of passengers.

Today in the morning Prague airport announced that 10 millionth customer checked in. It was Dagmar Peskova, an owner of a beauty parlour. She’s flying to New York to visit her friend. She won two vouchers for trips in Europe for two persons.


Prague in the new James Bond film

Official premiere of the new James Bond film comes in few days, on 14th November in London to be exact. A day later the 21st film story of British agent 007 will be on in the multiplex Palace Cinema in Slovansky dum (Na Prikope street). For the first time in history this popular film was shot in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic.

If you watch attentively, you may see Prague main railway station, Parler street, library of Strahov Monastery or the memorial at Vitkov Hill. The new actor chosen for the James Bond character, Daniel Craig, shot also in Karlovy Vary.

Lots of films has been shot in Prague so far. Let us name League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Sean Connery, Blade with Wesley Snipes, Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise, Hart’s War with Bruce Willes, Jack The Ripper with Johny Depp, xXx with Vin Diesel, The Brothers Grimm with Matt Damon or Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood.


Dutch group Focus will perform in Prague

The legend of world rock, Dutch group Focus, is coming to perform in Prague for the first time. This famous group is right now on European tour called after their latest album Focus 9 / New Skin.

The group was founded in 1969 by musicians who performed in Dutch version of musical play Hair. Focus’s biggest fame came in the 70’s. After their sixth album the group split up. Few years later the group, consisting of four people headed by Thijs van Leer, established again.

Focus will perform in Retro Music Hall (Francouzska 4) on 11th November at 19.00. (At first the group was supposed to play in T-Mobile Arena. If you have tickets for T-Mobile Arena, they are still valid.) Tickets can be bought through Ticketpro for 650 CZK.


Changes at Charles Bridge

Visitors of Prague may notice several changes while walking on popular Charles Bridge these days. We already informed you about the statues on Old Town Bridge Tower that has be changed due to their bad condition.

These days two pillars of Charles Bridge will get protecting “collars” around them. These “collars” (on 8th and 9th pillar) are actually steal tubes that should protect ships and the pillars in case of an accident.

The repairs of Charles Bridge will also have the influence on the level of water in Vltava river. Half a meter fall will probably change the shipping routes or stop the transport totally.


No increase of consumption tax on beer

Beer will not be more expensive. At least not yet. The ministers of finance in EU did not come to an agreement to increase the consumption tax on beer.

The EU ministers of finance wanted to change the tax rates for alcohol because the last rates were set 14 years ago. Inflation has decreased the value of the tax since then.

If the ministers pass the 31 % increase of tax on beer, spirits and strong wine, the beer will cost one eurocent more than now. New hearing is planned for 28th November.

Even though the increase in price is slight, the ministers of finance of the Czech Republic and Germany criticise this action. These precaution are supposed to lower the consumption of alcohol, but they do not affect the wine industry.


Unconventional lift in Prague metro

Travellers in Prague metro can use a new lift in station Vltavska on the metro red line C. This lift is quite unconventional – it is not vertical but inclined.

This inclined lift reaches the 10 meters distance at the speed of the escalators next to it. It connects the platform with the vestibule. The lift with glass automatic doors on both sides can take up to 10 people, the cabin is made of stainless steel. Travellers are informed about the actions of the lift by a voice.

In case of emergency the lift is connected with the supervisors. The lift is also monitored by security cameras to prevent vandals from damaging it.


Exhibition of New York photographs

New York City has a wide variety of architectonic styles and since 1965 when a new law was issued in NY City to preserve historical monuments, it has been one of the leading cities in America concerning the care for historical monuments. Almost 23 000 objects are protected by this law nowadays.

Exhibition “Landmarks of New York” displays photographs made by the best world photographers who tried to introduce this city in their works. The exhibition shows among others photographs of farms and pubs from 18th century, factories, banks and offices from 19th century, and dwelling-houses of the poorest to the most rich people during three centuries.

The exhibition takes place in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Betlemske nam. 5a) until 12th November. Open every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00.


Widespread corruption in the Czech Republic

The rate of corruption in the Czech Republic has improved but still it is one of the worst in European Union. Transparency International evaluated the situation in 163 countries and gave index of the corruption rate. 10 points is the best, 0 points means the worst rate of corruption.

The best country with the lowest corruption are Finland, Iceland and New Zealand. Countries with the highest corruption are Iraq, Burma and Haiti. From all members of the European Union the worst is Poland in 61st place. The best from the new EU member states is Estonia in 23rd place.

The Czech Republic was evaluated as one of 10 states who improved during the last year the most. This year the Czech republic was in 46th place with 4,8 points. Last year it was in 47th place with 4,3 points. Still, the Czech Republic has to do a lot to fight corruption.


Albatros hotel has been moved

For the first time in history one of the floating hotels on Vltava in Prague moved from its position. Hotel Albatros near Stvanice Island had to be moved 100 meter away because of the cleaning of the river bottom. Four tugboats had to pull the ship, the whole action had been planned for two months.

Albatros is 100 meters long, 12 meters wide and 25 meter high. Two more additional floors has been added since 1968. That is why the ship is not able to get through Vltava bridges any more. Albatrost managed to “survive” the floods in 2002.

Two dredgers are cleaning the bottom of the river now. One canoe, two flatboats, tree longs, cables and wires has been found in the mud so far. Two more days the dredgers will be cleaning the bottom, then the ship comes back to its original position.

Petition for St. Vitus Cathedral

Some people do not agree with the fact that St. Vitus Cathedral is no longer the property of the state. A protest petition was launched in the underpass in the middle of Wenceslas Square and it will last until 15th November. The petition should support their appeal against the decision of the district court to give the cathedral to the catholic Church.

The cathedral is a place where crown jewels and the graves of Czech kings are held. Some rumours say that the Church plans to remove the grave of one of the most famous Czech rulers – king Jiri z Podebrad.

People also protest against the entrance fee that the Church started to collect this year. The free entrance is only for people who want to pray there (not from 10:00 to 14:00) and during the church services.

Transgenesis and The Science and Technology Week

All those who are interested in science and would like to learn more about the achievements in science and the work in laboratories have a chance this week in Prague, Brno, Ceske Budejovice and Ostrava where The Science and Technology Week takes place from 6th to 12th November.

The main topics of the week are biotechnology, nanotechnology and European cultural heritage. The week will be full of lectures, film presentations and exhibitions. The Academy of Sciences and several other institutions in the Czech Republic decided to open their doors and let visitors see the labs and talk with many experts not only from the Czech Republic but also from the United States and Great Britain. For more information about the week, click here

How Czech and foreign artist were inspired by laboratories can be seen at art festival Transgenesis – Biotechnology in present art. The programme of this festival consists of exhibitions, lectures and film presentations. The main part can be seen in the main building of Academy of Sciences in Narodni trida (from 7th to 10th November) and Gallery C2C in Za Strahovem 19 street (from 1st to 12th November, 16:00 – 20:00).

Second chance for Topolanek

President Vaclav Klaus announced that the second chance for creating the new government will be given again to the prime minister Mirek Topolanek, the leader of Civic Democrats, but only if Topolonek accepts.

The president suddenly cancelled a meeting of the five leaders of political parties that had been planned for today. President Klaus said that the negotiations with the leaders about possible solutions have no results.

Whether Topolanek accepts the position will be known today after the meeting of Civic Democrats. The leader of Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek still hopes that he will have his chance to create the government with the support of Communist Party, which is not very supported by other parties nor the President.


Algerian singer Souad Massi comes to Prague

Algerian singer Souad Massi is compared to Tracy Chapman or Suzanne Vega. She won BBC World Music Award and is one of the musicians who present Algerian music to the world.

She started at the age of 20 by singing Spanish flamenco, five years late she sang in hard rock band in Alger. Big success came after she had moved to France. Her second album in spring 2003 was the best-selling title of the world music. Her present musical style is a combination of North African melodies with European guitar.

Her first concert in Prague takes place in the Big hall (Velky sal) of Palac Akropolis (Kubelikova 1548/27 street, metro green line A, station Jiriho z Podebrad) on Saturday 11th November at 19:30. You can buy tickets through Ticketpro for 370 CZK and 350 CZK or at Cafe Akropolis before the concert for 420 CZK and 400 CZK.


Awarded gorillas online again

Gorillas from Prague ZOO are online again on People can watch gorilla family here or buy DVD that has been awarded Panda statuette in the prestigious competition Wildscreen in the category ARKive interactive awards.

This DVD shows the summarized version of reality show where the main characters are gorillas. By selling this DVD and other things connected with this show the authors of the project have earned 250 000 CZK so far. They have already invested 100 000 to the first-aid station for gorillas in Cameron. The rest of the money will be invested in creating Czech research centre in Angola.

Thanks to the show the gorillas from Prague ZOO are the most famous animals in the Czech Republic. 8 out of 10 children know the name of the youngest gorilla Moja. Prague ZOO is expecting two more young gorillas next year – gorillas Kamba and Kijivu are pregnant.


New design of Christmas markets

If you are used to going to Prague for Christmas markets, you might be surprised this year. But in the good way. Prague was inspired by Vienna and made special stalls for the Old Town Square.

Instead of 90 stalls last year there will be only 16 stalls this year. However, these stalls will be much bigger and will be able to contain 6 shops each. Customers can go inside these stalls.

This action should improve the orientation on the Old Town Square and the comfort of customers. The assortment should remain originally Czech.

The markets start on 28th November this year. From 9th November people on the Old Town Square can watch the Christmas atmosphere in other metropolises (Bratislava, Vienna or Krakow) on large-screen displays.


Lawsuits against the organizers of Harlem Gospel Choir concert

The long-waited concert of Harlem Gospel Choir ended up with a scandal. The visitors have brought a lawsuit against the organizers of the concert.

People do not like that the organizers sold more tickets then the capacity of the church is. Many people had to therefore stand outside the church after the beginning, tens of people left the church because of bad sound distribution. People want their money back now.

Another lawsuit against the organizers was brought because of scaffold in the church. The lack of place made people to stand on the scaffold which was quite dangerous.

Travelling at night will be safer

Prague people and visitors can expect safer travelling at night soon. Dopravni podnik, a.s., the provider of public transport in Prague, announced their plans to put tram conductors into every tram going at night.

This action should improve the services and increase safeness in night trams. Night trams are often places used by homeless or drunk people as a “cheap hostel”. A lot of people also say that travelling at night is not very pleasant for the danger of being robbed or attacked. There are also lots of people who do not buy tickets when travelling at night. This all should change with officers on board.

When the conductors appears in trams is not clear yet. If everything goes fine, the first trams conductors will be present from 1st January. In other case the latest date is the end of the winter.


Madrid is dancing in Prague

Contemporary Spanish dance will be introduced in Prague at the festival called “Madrid baila en Praga”. The festival will show various styles of Spanish dance from dance theatres, inspirations by flamenco to performances for children.

The festival will introduce many groups of Spanish dancer, such as Larumbe Danza, Aracaladanza, Losdedae or Teresa Nieto & Company. Besides the individual performances the festival will be accompanied with workshops and discussions about dance and culture policy.

The festival of Spanish dance takes place in Prague theatre Ponec (Husitska 24 A street) from today until 7th November. Tickets for various performances are available at the box-offices in Theatre Ponec and through Ticketpro.


2006 International Privacy Survey

Privacy International, a human rights organization, issued the results of the ranking assessment of the state of privacy in European countries together with eleven benchmark countries, such as the USA, Canada, Russia or China.

The aim of this survey was to find countries with nurtured privacy protection and respect for privacy. The survey does not want to humiliate the worst ranking countries but to show that good privacy environment is possible.

The Czech Republic is 18th together with Slovakia out of 37 countries. The best ranking countries are Germany and Canada with the healthiest privacy environment. The worst ranking countries of the survey are Malaysia and China, in EU it is the United Kingdom.

If you want to learn more about the survey, click here.


Changing of the statues on Old Town Bridge Tower

New decoration of Old Town Bridge Tower have to be done because of the poor state of the statues at the frontage. The statues were made in the 70’s of the last century from low-class artificial stone and were badly damaged by the changing weather during the years.

The old copies of historical statues will be replace with new stone ones. The original sculptures were made by Peter Parler in the 14th century and represent great rulers, such as St Vitus, the bridge’s patron saint, Charles IV or Wenceslas IV.

Due to this changes the viewing gallery will be closed to the public from 4th November to 12th November. The tickets to the Tower will be therefore cheaper. On 6th and 7th November the whole tower will be closed for technical reasons.


World Arena Motocross in Prague

International race competition Euronics Arenacross invites for the performances of the best riders on the second longest indoor track in Europe.

This race take place in Prague for the first time. In contrast to Brno competition, where the competititon took place last years, also women will compete. More than 400 riders from 12 countries will contest on 420 meters long track in total. Visitors can also look forward to Jump Night Show freestyle exhibition on BMX bikes and small motorbikes at the end of the competition.

Arenamotocross is held in Sazka Arena this weekend. It starts at 19:00 on Saturday and at 15:00 on Sunday. Tickets are still available through Sazkaticket or at the box-offices in Sazka Arena for 390 – 790 CZK.


Money exhibition in a bank vault

New exposition given by Czech National Bank (CNB) can be seen in the former bank vault in the city centre of Prague. The exhibition is devoted to people and money – it shows the history of money from flints to digital money and microchips.

Visitors can learn from audiovisual programmes, interactive touch screens, 65 show-cases with unique exhibits and means of payment. The exhibition also displays forget banknotes, banknotes protections and a special show-case full of 1 tone of gold in various forms. Visitors can buy medals, commemorative coins or replicas of ducats as souvenirs.

The exhibition is open every weekday except Monday from 9:00 to 16:00, on Thursday to 18:00. The building of the bank is on Na Prikope 28 street near Powder Gate.


International festival Guitar Across Styles

The annual international music festival Guitar Across Styles was founded in 1998 because of the absence of guitar festival in Prague. The aim of this festival is to present various genres and styles on the acoustic guitar.

The festival takes place not only in Prague but also in concert halls in other cities of the Czech Republic. Besides great guitar players this festival introduces students from Czech music schools.

We would like to point out to the performance of Tommy Emmanuel, one of the best guitarist in the world. His concerts are sold out all over the world. He is said to be the quickest plectrum guitarist ever. His typical style is admired by many great stars, such as Eric Clapton. Emmanuel’s concert in Prague takes place Acropolis Palace (Kubelikova 27 street) on 17th November. Tickets can be bought through Ticketpro for 320 CZK.

For the full programme of the festival, click here.


Arrested Development on stage in Prague

Prague can expect a big comeback of popular American rapper Speech and his band Arrested Development. The group founded at the end of 80’s performs in Prague on 13th November.

Prague’s performance is within the world tour where their new album Since The Last Time is being introduced. Popular Arrested Development won Grammy Awards twice and is known for their charity and their effort to talk about social problems. They speak through music to the world.

The concert takes place in Prague Abaton (Na Kosince 8 street). Tickets are available through Ticketpro for 495 CZK.


Prestigious occupations in the Czech Republic

According to the research made by CVVM (Centre for the research of public opinion) the most prestigious occupation in the Czech Republic is being a doctor. The doctors have been on the first position since the 60’s of the last century. They keep the main position mainly because of their necessity in society, their responsibility and qualification.

The second position is taken by scientist, third by university professors. Primary school teachers, computer programmers, designers and judges are next on the list. At the end of the list there are cleaning women and surprisingly members of parliament.

The research also compared the prestige with the salaries of individual occupations. Even though doctors are on the first position, their average salary is about a half the salary of judges. Be a member of parliament is maybe not so prestigious but their average salary is one of the best in the Czech Republic.


Mozart exhibition in Prague National Library

Although Mozart was born in Salcburg and died in Vienna, Prague had a special place in his life. He finished here his opera Don Giovanni and conducted it in the Estate House as a world premiere. His quotation “My Praguers understands me” only shows the big success he had in Prague. The National Library in Prague decided to give an exhibition to commemorate 250 years from Mozart’s birth.

The exhibition called “My Praguers worship me” (Moji Prazane me uctivaji) displays the collection of Music Department. The exhibition is held within the project Mozart Praha 2006. Visitors can find there a unique set of scores, word-books, letters and other documents of this famous composer. The aim of this exhibition is to introduce not only this special collection but also the time, people and thoughts that helped to created this collection.

The exhibition takes place in Mirror Chapel in Clementinum. Clementinum was visited by Mozart twice. The exhibition is held from today until 26th November, every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00. The entrance fee is 50 CZK.


Cold and windy weather in Prague

Strong winds and snow appeared on the north and west of Europe. This harsh weather hit also the Czech Republic. Cold weather is mainly on Czech mountain, especially in Krusne mountains where is already 15 cm of snow. The snow came more than 14 days earlier then usual.

Similar situation is also in Prague. Yesterday the fire fighters had to remove a large advertisement that had been broken by the strong wind. The advertisement endangered the passersby and parking cars. Also the first snow came to Prague today in the morning. The temperatures are slightly above zero degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists warn that strong winds and low temperatures should remain today and tomorrow. Only a small increase in temperature is expected for Saturday. The period of warm weather is definitely at the end.

Exhibition of photographs - Mies van der Rohe Award 2005

is a European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. It is the most prestigious award for architects and their work. The Award is given every two years (already since 1987) by European Union and Mies van der Rohe Foundation seated in Barcelona. The aim of this prize is to support creativity and show the big influence that architecture has on every day’s life.

The winners of the year 2005 are 2 Dutch architects Rem Koolhaas and Ellen van Loon from the Office for Metropolitan Architecture for their design of the Dutch Embassy in Berlin. A special prize was also given to young architects from NL Architects for their BasketBar in Utrecht University campus.

Photographs and plans of 33 final projects of the year 2005 are displayed in Prague Lapidarium in Bethlehem Chaple until 5th November. 27 models and two DVD presentations are included in the exhibition. Visitors can also buy a catalogue in English language.


Exquisite halls of Prague Castle open to the public

As we already informed, some institutes opened their representatives buildings to the public. Prague Castle is open to the public twice a year, this year it will “open the doors” again on 17th November.

Visitor can see exquisite halls of the Castle – Spanish Hall, Rudolph’s Gallery and lounges of South Wing in New Royal Palace.
The Prague Castle Guides will inform about the furniture and the use of the halls.

The Castle is open from 9:00 to 17:00. The last tour starts at 16:30. Access to the exquisite rooms is through Matthias Gate from the I. courtyard.


Gastronomic show Palazzo in Prague

Combination of exclusive cuisine and entertainment is promised to everybody who will visit PALAZZO – show for gourmets. Visitors can already look forward to great dishes, such as shredded domestic duck with shimmering carrot sauerkraut and a cranberry and ginger risotto.

Four dishes made by excellent chef Josef Rychter will be served by the candle light in the elegance of a mirror palace. Delicious menu will be accompanied with performances of acrobats, jugglers, magicians, clowns, singers and actors from all over the world.

The events take place in Prague Letenska plan from 16th November till 11th February at 19:30. The tickets (can be bought through Ticketpro) cost 1400 CZK, 1900 CZK and 2490 CZK on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and 1680 CZK, 2190 CZK and 2590 CZK on Friday and Saturday. For New Year’s Eve 9500 CZK.

Lionel Richie's concert in Prague

Very successful all-round musician Lionel Richie is coming to Prague with his Coming Home Tour 2007 where he introduces his newest record Coming home as well as the best songs of his career.

Lionel Richie has been many times on the top of American charts with his songs, one of the first was “Endless love” sung together with Diana Ross. The song “Truly” and the album Can’t Slow Down were awarded Grammy. His probably most famous song “Say You Say Me” brought him an Oscar.

The concert of Lionel Richie takes place in Prague Sazka Arena on 9th March 2007 at 20:00. Tickets are available through Sazkaticket, the prices are 1290 CZK, 1090 CZK and 890 CZK for sitting; 990 CZK and 790 CZK for standing.


New uniforms for Prague Castle guards

Prague Castle guards are photographed by tourists every day. Soon the guards will probably change their uniforms. Present blue uniforms are according to some Czech veterans too much alike to uniforms of US Marines.

The new uniforms should copy the models from the 30’s of the last century. The uniforms of that time were green with red collar facings and golden waistband. Shoes and weapons should remain the same.

The pressure to change the uniforms has already last for 16 years. Veterans say that present uniforms designed by Theodor Pistek are not acceptable and look more like circus costumes. New uniforms should more represent the tradition of Czech country. There are still lots of present uniforms in store so the change will not happen presently.