Compact archive November 8, 2006

Dutch group Focus will perform in Prague

The legend of world rock, Dutch group Focus, is coming to perform in Prague for the first time. This famous group is right now on European tour called after their latest album Focus 9 / New Skin.

The group was founded in 1969 by musicians who performed in Dutch version of musical play Hair. Focus’s biggest fame came in the 70’s. After their sixth album the group split up. Few years later the group, consisting of four people headed by Thijs van Leer, established again.

Focus will perform in Retro Music Hall (Francouzska 4) on 11th November at 19.00. (At first the group was supposed to play in T-Mobile Arena. If you have tickets for T-Mobile Arena, they are still valid.) Tickets can be bought through Ticketpro for 650 CZK.


Changes at Charles Bridge

Visitors of Prague may notice several changes while walking on popular Charles Bridge these days. We already informed you about the statues on Old Town Bridge Tower that has be changed due to their bad condition.

These days two pillars of Charles Bridge will get protecting “collars” around them. These “collars” (on 8th and 9th pillar) are actually steal tubes that should protect ships and the pillars in case of an accident.

The repairs of Charles Bridge will also have the influence on the level of water in Vltava river. Half a meter fall will probably change the shipping routes or stop the transport totally.


No increase of consumption tax on beer

Beer will not be more expensive. At least not yet. The ministers of finance in EU did not come to an agreement to increase the consumption tax on beer.

The EU ministers of finance wanted to change the tax rates for alcohol because the last rates were set 14 years ago. Inflation has decreased the value of the tax since then.

If the ministers pass the 31 % increase of tax on beer, spirits and strong wine, the beer will cost one eurocent more than now. New hearing is planned for 28th November.

Even though the increase in price is slight, the ministers of finance of the Czech Republic and Germany criticise this action. These precaution are supposed to lower the consumption of alcohol, but they do not affect the wine industry.


Unconventional lift in Prague metro

Travellers in Prague metro can use a new lift in station Vltavska on the metro red line C. This lift is quite unconventional – it is not vertical but inclined.

This inclined lift reaches the 10 meters distance at the speed of the escalators next to it. It connects the platform with the vestibule. The lift with glass automatic doors on both sides can take up to 10 people, the cabin is made of stainless steel. Travellers are informed about the actions of the lift by a voice.

In case of emergency the lift is connected with the supervisors. The lift is also monitored by security cameras to prevent vandals from damaging it.


Exhibition of New York photographs

New York City has a wide variety of architectonic styles and since 1965 when a new law was issued in NY City to preserve historical monuments, it has been one of the leading cities in America concerning the care for historical monuments. Almost 23 000 objects are protected by this law nowadays.

Exhibition “Landmarks of New York” displays photographs made by the best world photographers who tried to introduce this city in their works. The exhibition shows among others photographs of farms and pubs from 18th century, factories, banks and offices from 19th century, and dwelling-houses of the poorest to the most rich people during three centuries.

The exhibition takes place in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Betlemske nam. 5a) until 12th November. Open every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00.