Compact archive November 10, 2006

Koudelka's photographs "Camarque" in Prague

World famous photographer of Czech origin, Josef Koudelka, will personally open a new exhibition of his photos called “Camarque”. This exhibition will introduce Koudelka’s characteristic contemporary work of art devoted to European countryside.

Koudelka became world famous by his set of documentary photographs called “Invasion”. The photos shows the events that happened after the invasion by Warsaw Pack troops on 21st August 1968. In 1970 he emigrated to Great Britain and since then he has been documenting his travels.

Koudelka’s photographs will displayed in the spaces of French Institute (Stepanska 35 street) from 14th November. The exhibition will be open by Koudelka at 18:00. You can visit the exhibition until 16th December 2006.


Practical map of Stromovka for free

Stromovka is a name for the biggest park in Prague. This royal deer-park is a popular place for joggers, cyclists or families with children and a good place for picnics or long walks. Association 3duby decided to publish a map of this park for a better orientation.

The map shows green places, ponds, playgrounds, footpaths and cycle-ways and places for relaxation and refreshment. The map also shows four paths suitable for running and cycling together with their length in kilometers. There are also entrances to the park marked on the map. The map can be fasten to your wrist by an elastic band.

These maps are available for free at municipal offices at Prague 6, 7 and Troja and at the warehouse Ikea.

Prague Short Film Festival

For the second time the capital of the Czech Republic will host Prague Short Film Festival. This competitive festival will offer 21 short film from 14 countries all over the world. A part of the festival will be devoted to non-competitive informative film programmes, retrospectives, homage profiles and other accompanying events.

The festival is organized by Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and is under the auspices of capital city of Prague. International jury consisting of five members (French cinema programmer Judith Revault d’Allonnes, Czech actress Ana Geislerova, German festival director Heinz Hermanns, Czech director Jan Hrebejk and Hungarian director Balint Kenyeres) will decide about the best short film created last year.

The festival takes place in Prague Svetozor cinema (Vodickova 41) from 15th to 18th November. Tickets for 50 CZK can be bought from 14th November in the box office in Svetozor Cinema. Visitors can decide about the winner of the Audience Award.


Exhibition of antiquities in Prague Manes

If you are interested in antiquities or you are trying to find a nice Christmas present, you should not miss an exhibition of antiquities in the exhibition hall in Prague Manes (Masarykovo nabrazi 250). More than 60 prominent antiquarians display their valuables there.

The total value of all valuables is more than a milliard Czech crowns. The exhibition shows mainly glass, porcelain, statuettes, snuffboxes and watches. Even though the value of some articles is very high (a carafe for 250 000 CZK or a watch for 245 000 CZK), all the displayed units are for sale.

Experts on antiquities offer their services for free until the end of the exhibition on 13th November. They can evaluate old watches, old furniture, coins or jewellery.


Havel and Navratilova among the world's elite

It has been 60 years when American magazine Time published its survey about the greatest people in the world who had made the world a better place. This survey was repeated this year and presented heroes of the last 60 years. Among these people you can find also Czech celebrities – ex president and playwright Vaclav Havel and tennis star Martina Navratilova.

American musician Lou Reed said about Vaclav Havel “How honored I am to know him. This is a totally admirable man. He is a great writer—of poems, essays and, of course, plays. A brave man. A man who would—and did—go to prison for principle.” Havel is in the section Rebels&Leaders with Nelson Mandela, Charles de Gaulle or Helmut Kohl.

Martina Navratilova is known not only for being a great tennis legend, but also a fighter for minorities. “She made waves in her adopted home by talking openly about her bisexuality soon after becoming a U.S. citizen in 1981,” said Peter Gumbel.

Many famous personalities wrote about the heroes, e.g. President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus about Margaret Thatcher, French President Jacques Chirac about Charles de Gaulle and ex president George Bush about Helmut Kohl.