Compact archive November 16, 2006

New discovery by Czech doctors

Czech doctors found new effects of the medicine for leukemia. This old medicine known as Alemtuzumab for almost twenty years is used after transplantation of haematoplastic cells, especially when curing leukemia.

The doctors from Internal Hematooncology Clinics of the Brno University Hospital discovered that the medicine does not only regulate undesirable effects of the transplantation but also increase the production of cells from which platelets are made.

This discovery already saved a woman’s life. The doctors published their results in the international journal Leukemia for other teams of doctors all over the world.

Decadent art in Prague's Municipal House

The new exhibition in Prague’s Municipal House displays fine art inspired by decadent thoughts in the Czech lands in the years 1880 – 1914. According to the curator Otto M. Urban it is an unique exhibition of this kind of art presented for the first time not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world.

The exposition shows more then three hundred decadent artworks from thirty artist. Big part of the exhibition represents never displayed pieces borrowed from private collectors. Publishing house Arbor vitae release an illustrated catalogue for the exhibition in Czech and English language.

You can visit the exhibition in the Municipal House (nam. Republiky 5) every day from 10:00 to 18:00 until 18th February 2007. Full entrance fee is 100 CZK, reduced 50 CZK.


Warm weather breakes records

Winter came to the Czech Republic very early this year but only for a while. Yesterday Prague’s high temperatures broke 80 years old record.

Prague Clementinum, that has been measuring the temperature in Prague since 1752, measured out 16,4 degrees Celsius (61,5 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s 0,4 degrees Celsius more then in 1926. Warm weather with sunshine will stay the next days and during the weekend.

That is not good news for skiers. The only place where it is possible to ski now is on artificial snow in the skia rea on Black Mountain (Cerna hora) near Janske Lazne in Krkonose Mountains.


Flaming symbol of peace in Old Town Square

A large symbol of peace created by flaming torches lit Prague’s Old Town Square yesterday evening. Hundreds of young people with torches came there to express their disapproval with wars waged in the world.

This action was a part of the world-wide campaign World Without Wars that is organized by the international volunteer organisation Humanist Movement.

“There are more then 30 war conflicts in the world, every minute there is one man killed,” said one of the organizer of the Prague action Jan Bednar.

Exhibition of contemporary design by Jiri Pelcl

Prominent Czech designer and former rector of Academy of Art Architecture and Design Prague Jiri Pelcl is giving a retrospective exhibition of his artworks called Subjective X Objective in the Exhibition Hall of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (17. listopadu 2 street).

Visitors can admire Pelcl’s works of the last 15 years – from the universal table Unitable, that won Dobry design 2006 Award, bookcases in the shapes of an egg or a cactus, to “walking” plants and teaspoons reminiscent of sperms. There are unique artworks together with pieces meant for mass production.

The exhibition is open on Tuesday from 10:00 – 19:00 and on Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 until 26th November. Pelcl’s glass and porcelain can be bought in the gallery shop of Museum of Decorative Arts. A set of six wine glasses costs 350 CZK.