Compact archive November 20, 2006

Christmas inspiration in Prague Botanic Garden

Would you like to make your own interesting Christmas decorations, wreaths and bouquets? You have a chance tomorrow, on 21st of November in Prague Botanic Garden Troja.

The program will be led by professional decorators. They will teach you how to make advent wreaths, Christmas bouquets, candlesticks and various Christmas decorations and presents.

All the products will be for sale at the end of the program. You can also buy the material and make your own decorations at home. This perfect opportunity to make original presents for your loved ones will take place from 11 am to 5 pm, with a one hour break.

You can get to the Botanic Garden by bus 112 from the underground station Nadrazi Holesovice. You can get off on the bus stop ZOO or Botanicka zahrada Troja and then follow the signs to the Botanic Garden.


A controversial sewerage plant in Prague

Urbanism specialists in Prague protest: the municipal authorities plan to build a controversial new sewerage plant at the Cisarsky Island near the Troja Chateau. A unique landscape composition of the area will be adversely affected.

The Troja Chateau was built in the 17th century intentionally with a view on the Prague Castle. Several other buildings were built around to complete the composition by the author of Versailles Gardens in Paris.

The high buildings of the sewerage plant will allegedly destroy this. However, the vice-mayor of Prague defends the plant, saying that it will be much lower than the opponents say and that it will be surrounded by trees.

Nevertheless, the opponents have already lodged a complaint to the European Commission.

Chumbawamba in Prague Abaton Club tonight

The popular British band Chumbawamba will play in Abaton Club in Prague tonight. They will introduce songs from their latest album A Singsong and a Scrap. The performance will be acoustic, according to the album.

The anarchic attitudes of Chumbawamba are well known. Their music combines pop with punk and folk influences. The most successful recordings of the band were Anarchy (1994) and especially the single Tubthumping in 1997.

The show in Abaton Club, Na Kosince Street 8, Prague 8, will start at 8 pm. The entrance fee is 450,-CZK at the venue and 390,-CZK at the advance-sale in Ticketpro.


Results of the Civic Democrats Congress

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek was re-elected as the chairman of ODS – Civic Democratic Party at the congress at the weekend. Members of the party also expressed clearly, which way his negotiations about new Czech government should go.

Delegates of ODS voted, that Topolanek has to prevent the possible government of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) and the Communist Party. They also refused a government of ODS and CSSD.

However, they didn´t condemn the presence of CSSD in the government. It means, that with high probability there will be these two parties (ODS and CSSD) and also at least one of the smaller parties – the Christian and Democratic Union or the Green Party.


Velvet Revolution anniversary celebration

Lots of people gathered by the memorial of Velvet Revolution in Prague on Friday, 17th November. Most of them came to light a candle there or put flowers.

The memorial is situated in the National Street, at the place, where Communist police brutally suppressed the student demonstration on 17th November 1989. The police brutality roused Czech population and there were large demonstrations of hundreds of thousands people in the whole country afterwards. The situation led to the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

People gather every year at the memorial to commemorate the event, which was later called Velvet Revolution – because of the non-violent demonstrations. Most important Czech politicians put flowers at the place as well: president Vaclav Klaus, prime minister Mirek Topolanek and others.

You can still see many candles and flowers there, in the archway of the Kankuv dum (house No.118/16).

The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day on 17th November commemorates also the events from 1939, when Nazis suppressed student demonstrations and closed Czech universities.