Compact archive November 22, 2006

Winning films of Ekotopfilm in Prague

Ekotopfilm is an International Festival of Professional Films, held in the Slovak Republic, whose aim is to provide an opportunity for a successful communication among the experts from different branches -technicians and environmentalist – to achieve sustainable development in the world.

The representative show of winning films of 33th Ekotopfilm will start today at 18:00 (finishes tomorrow) by the opening ceremony in the Slovak Institute (Slovensky institut) in Jilska 16 street in Prague. The Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Jaroslav Izak, and Deputy Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic, Rut Bizkova, will be also present today at the ceremony.

Among the awarded films are, among others, Wild Chronicles – Crittercam from the USA, From Plague to Hunger from Poland or Chernobyl: The Invisible Thief from Germany.


Czech currency breaks records

Czech currency Czech crown broke another record in the exchange rate to U.S dollars. Today in the morning the exchange rate was 21,66 CZK per USD. Up to now record was 21,72. The reason for that is a strengthening of the euro in relation to the U.S. dollar.

Czech currency is strengthening for a longer time. It is because of inflows of capital from abroad, a trade surplus and economic growth. Czech crown had the best rate to euro recently. At the beginning of November the exchange rate was 27,92 CZK per EUR.

For Czech people it means lower costs for travellers to the USA and lower prices for American products. However, it is not good news for American travellers coming to the Czech Republic.

Safer Christmas tree for the Old Town Square

Prague is now awaiting the start of Christmas markets. The main Christmas markets will be on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square from 2nd December. Today the big Christmas tree will arrive in Prague.

The tree for the Old Town Square is being cut today in Krkonose National Park. It is a 22 meters long pine tree that weighs 9 tons. The diameter of the tree trunk is 80 cm in the height of 1,3 m above the ground. The tree has been checked whether it is in a good state. It will appear on the Old Town Square on 28th November.

But why is so much attention paid to the Christmas tree? It is because an accident that happened in 2003. 25 meters long Christmas tree fell on people and injured 5 of them. British tourist Malcolm Tuffin sustained fracture of thigh-bones and thoracic spine, allegedly he still walks with a staff. The accident was caused by gusts of wind and softwood. The organizers want to make sure that nothing like that happens again.


The best brewer and pub are in Prague

Czech people drink the most of beer in the world. The number is 160 liters per person/per year. Their beer is also renowned in the world. “Spolek pratel piva” (free translated as “The friends of Beer Club”) gave several awards concerning beer, Prague was awarded in several categories.

If you want to taste beer from the best brewer in the Czech Republic for the year 2006, Martin Matuska, go to Monastic brewery Strahov (Klasterni pivovar Strahov) in Prague (near Prague Castle in the area of Strahov Monastery).

The best pub is First Beer Tramway (Prvni pivni tramway) that offers many kinds of beer. Every three days there is a new manu concerning beer. The pub has a very original interior. It feel like you are sitting in a tram. You can call in the waiter by pulling a rope with a bell.

The best non-alcoholic beer is Staropramen Nealko, which is produced also in Prague. 5% of consumed beer in the Czech Republic is non-alcoholic.


Golem in newly reconstructed Hybernia theatre

The newly reconstructed palace called Dum u Hybernu in Prague will be open to the public tomorrow again. The palace is situated opposite the Powder Gate in namesti Republiky. The theatre Hybernia that is seated in this palace will start its show with with the original Czech musical play Golem, a historical story from old Jewish Prague during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II.

The classicist building Dum u Hybernu used to be a church, then a custom office and finally an exhibition hall. For many years it had been decaying. It took a long time to reconstruct this building. According to the architect Michael Klang the theatre will be the most modern Czech musical scene. Theatre Hybernia will be an affiliate of nearby theatre Broadway.

The premiere of Golem (the legend of Golem) starts tomorrow at 19:00. The musical play by Karel Svoboda, Zdenek Zelenka and Lou Fananek Hagen will be directed by Filip Renc. Tickets are available through Ticketart, Ticketpro, in terminals of Sazka, in the box-office of Broadway theatre (Na Prikope 31) and in the box-office of Hybernia theatre.