Compact archive November 29, 2006

Roger Waters from Pink Floyd is coming to Prague

The founder member of Pink Floyd, guitarist, singer and songwriter Roger Waters is coming to Prague on his tour The Dark Side Of The Moon. Roger Waters is coming back to Prague 5 years after his last concert here. He is going to play legendary songs of Pink Floyd and famous songs of his solo career.

Roger Waters, born on 9th September 1944, is the author of the biggest Pink Floyd’s hits. In the 70’s he became Pink Floyd’s head and the main author of their texts. Their album The Dark Side Of The Moon has been one of the best-selling album all over the world. Waters stayed in Pink Floyd until 1985, then he started his solo career.

Waters will perform in Prague’s Sazka Arena on 13th April 2007. According to the unofficial information, the tickets for the concert will be sold from the middle of December on


Czechs vetoed the increase in price of beer

The Czech Minister of Finance Vlastimil Tlusty finally vetoed the EU plan to increase the minimum EU tax on beer to reflect the inflation. Tlusty’s argument was that there is zero minimum tax on wine which give wine a favourable market position. According to Tlusty Czech brewers should have the same tax conditions as winegrowers.

After Czech minister vetoed this plan, other ministers said no to the other Finish plan: to establish automatic increase in taxes on alcohol according to the inflation. Germany will take over the EU chairmanship next year, so it is not probable that this issue will be discussed again soon.


Temporary changes in the public transport

From Friday 1st December to Saturday 2nd December morning there will be no trams running via the crossroads of Havlickova street and Na Porici street to Stefanikuv bridge, that means no trams via namesti Republiky in the centre.

Tram no. 5 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Vltavska via stops Bila Labut and Tesnov, tram no. 8 will go from Florenc to Strossmayerovo namesti via Tesnov and Vltavska. Lines no. 14, 51 and night 54 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Strossmayerovo namesti via Bila labut, Tesnov and Vltavska.

From the morning 2nd December to the morning 4th December there will be no trams in the nabrezi Eduarda Benese between the bridges Cechuv and Stefanikuv. Lines no. 12, 17 and 53 will go temporarily via Chotkovy sady and Letenske namesti.


The reconstruction of the Prague's main railway station starts soon

The necessary reconstruction of the main railways station in Prague, which is now the place that people would rather avoid, starts on 14th December. The image of the railway station will be changed radically.

The reconstruction of the building and the neighbouring park should take 5 years and cost 1 billion Czech crowns. There will be no transport reduced due to the construction works. From March 2010 people can look forward to the pleasant shopping or just spending their free time in the new building of the main station.

Also the main bus station Florenc will change from a dirty place to a modern bus station in the centre of Prague. The reconstruction will probably start next year and will take 12 months.


Joseph Davidovits: the truth about pyramids

Today French scientist and writer Joseph Davidovits presents his book La nouvelle histoire des pyramides (New History of Pyramids) in Luxor Palace (in the Wenceslas Square) in Prague. The presentation starts from 17:00.

Joseph Davidovits is known for his shocking theory about the construction of pyramids. He posits that for the construction of Great Pyramid mostly limestone concrete was used instead of carved stone. He came with this theory more than 32 years ago.

Davidovits holds more than fifty patents and is the author or co-author of more then 130 scientific papers and conference reports. He is the co-author of The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved (1988) and the author of Ils ont Bâti les Pyramides: Les Prouesses Technologiques des Anciens Egyptiens (2002).