Compact archive December 1, 2006

Christmas Prague

More than three weeks before Christmas you can already sense Christmas atmosphere in Prague. We bring you today a list of events concerning Christmas in Prague.

Tomorrow the Lord Mayer Pavel Bem will light up the 65 years old Christmas tree in Old Town Square. 80 000 small lights, 700 flashing lights and 50 silver snowflakes has been used to decorate the tree. Christmas trees are also lit in Ortenovo namesti, Andel or Strossmayerovo namesti. Also Prague Castle will have a Christmas tree. It will be lit by the First Lady Livia Klausova in Jirske namesti on 3rd December in 16:30. At the same time she will launch Christmas charity collection for children from children’s homes.

Traditional Christmas markets are in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The organizers of Old Town Square Christmas markets announced that a special souvenir can be bought there, a cup with the motive of Prague’s Christmas markets. Other Christmas markets are in namesti Miru, namesti Republiky and Avion Park in Prague-Zlicin.

Besides the markets you can visit many actions taking place in Prague. You have a change to skate on ice in Ovocny trh in the centre of Prague. 21th December is a Day of Records – you see a woman with the longest hair or a giant kettle in Old Town Sguare. From 10th to 20th December you will find a big tent in Vitezne namesti with a phone box inside connected to Jezisek (or Santa Claus?). The most visited actions every year are Ryba’s Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and the evening programme on New Year’s Eve.


No border controls in the CR soon

The Czech Republic and other new EU member states are getting closer to implement the Schengen Agreement soon. Schengen Agreement allows people to cross the border between Schengen countries without border checking and tourists with Schengen visas to access the area.

To connect new EU member states with the police database will happen probably in the middle of 2007. The obligation to show the passport at the border will be probably abolish in December 2007, the latest in January 2008.

The plan has to be approved by all EU Ministers of the Interior. The Schengen Information System can still absorb the police data from the Czech Republic and other new EU countries, so it is probable that these countries will be put into the system before a new software is introduced.

Less markets in Prague

While walking in Prague, you can find many markets (we do not talk about Christmas markets now) selling all kinds of goods. From 20th December there will be less market places in Prague, especially in the centre.

A new edict reduces the number of market place from present 568 to 529. It was decided that 23 market places in Prague 1, which is the centre of Prague, will be abolished.

The markets will disappear from many popular tourist destinations, such as Mikulasska street, Old Town Sguare behind the town hall, Wenceslas Square, Ovocny trh Square, Zelezna street, Celetna street, Betlemske namesti and Petrin.

Also the opening time of several restaurant gardens will be reduced.

Exhibition of the most luxurious cars in Prague

The big success of the last year brought the exhibition of the most luxurious cars back to the Trade Fair Palace (Veletrzni palac) in Prague. The most expensive cars at the exhibition this year are Rolls-Royce Phantom or Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

This most luxurious motor show in the Czech Republic, Mmotion 2006, displays not only cars from of the most prestigious brands but also motorcycles and luxurious goods. Among the presented brands will be Alfa Romeo, BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Sony, Swarowski, Bohemia Piano and many more.

The exhibition is open to the public tomorrow from 10:00 to 17:00. Tickets are available only in the box office in front of the Trade Fair Palace, NG building (Dukelskych hrdinu 47, Prague-Holesovice). The tickets cost 270 CZK.


Prague's Lord Mayer is (again) Pavel Bem

Prague people know their new Lord Mayer. Yesterday 49 representatives out of 69 voted for Pavel Bem, who became Prague’s Lord Mayer for the second time. 20 votes were not valid.

Civic Democrat Pavel Bem was the only candidate for the post because Frantisek Hoffman from the Communist party stood down his candidature the last moment.

Since 1784 Prague has had 40 Lord Mayers. Pavel Bem, a phychiatrist, is the fourth man in such a long history who defended his post for the second time. He promises especially big changes in traffic.