Compact archive December 4, 2006

The best restaurants in Prague according to Grand restaurant

One of the guides you can follow when deciding where to go for lunch or dinner in Prague is Maurer’s Grand restaurant (in Czech) with addresses and evaluations of many restaurants in the Czech Republic. The volume for 2007 is issued today.

More than 400 independent people evaluated the best restaurants in the Czech Republic for Grand restaurant. They evaluated the restaurants in three categories: the taste and quality of meals, services and the interior.

The best restaurants in the Czech Republic are mainly in Prague. The first position belongs to Allegro restaurant in Four Seasons hotel (Veleslavinova 2A, Prague). The average bill for dinner shows 1760 CZK. The second position belongs to Alcron restaurant in Radisson SAS hotel (Stepanska 40, Prague) and the third one to La Rotonde also in Radisson SAS hotel in Prague.

The best chef in the Czech Republic is Vito Mollica from Italy cooking in Allegro restaurant. The best meal can be found in Alcron restaurant in Radisson SAS, the best services in Allegro in Four Season and the best interior in Svata Klara (U Trojskeho zamku 35/9, Prague).

Historical models of cannons in Prague Castle

From tomorrow visitors of Prague Castle and the fans of military history can visit a new exhibition in Powder Gate Mihulka in Prague Castle. This exhibition, called “Historicke modely del”, is devoted to historical models of cannons from the 15th to the 19th century.

Visitors can see tens of historical models of cannons (such as cannons from the Napoleon’s wars) and projectiles. The exhibition includes graphics and drawings on the related theme.

The exhibition is open every day from 9:00 to 16:00 in Vikarska street in Prague Castle. The entrance fee is 50 CZK (reduced 30 CZK).


Namibian products in Prague's stalls

Products from Namibia, the state in the south of Africa, can be bought in the stalls in the centre of Prague until the Christmas Eve. Customers can chose from a wide collection of dolls, animals, pillows, bags or charm bracelets made of ostrich shells or beads.

By buying these products you will contribute to the project of Clovek v tisni organization which opened Wake Centre workshop in Keetmanshoop in the south of Namibia. There are more then 50 employees in this workshop. Profits from the sale will go back to the people who created the products.

This project is a part of a larger project whose aim is to help people reduce the effects of pandemic HIV/AIDS in the south of Namibia.

St. Nicholas celebrations

St. Nicholas celebrations (Mikulas in Czech) start tomorrow. If you want to spend a nice evening full of games, competitions and singing and be surrounded by Czech Mikulas, devils and angels, go to Old Town Square tomorrow.

The meeting of Mikulases, devils and angels is at 17:00. Then, at 30-minute intervals, there will be competitions for the most beautiful angel, the best devil and the nicest Mikulas. Children and adults can look forward to the rich programme accompanied by fairy tale creatures.

Children can also expect some surprises in Strossmayerovo square in Prague tomorrow. Mikulas will give small presents to nice children from 16:00 to 17:30.


Thousands of people wanted to see the Christmas tree

The Lord Mayer of Prague, Pavel Bem, lit up the Christmas tree in the middle of Old Town Square on Saturday and officially started the Christmas markets on this well-known square.

The play of lights took two minutes before the Christmas tree was lit completely. However, the Christmas atmosphere was spoiled a bit when thousands of people in Old Town Square were stacked with crowds of people in side streets who still wanted to see the Christmas tree. It took several minutes before the people could move from their places.

Another Christmas tree was also lit in Prague Castle by Livia Klausova, the wife of the President of the Czech Republic. She also started the charity collection for children in children’s houses. Today at 17:00 a Christmas tree will be lit in Kampa near the Charles Bridge.