Compact archive December 5, 2006

New highways in the Czech Republic

Travelling from Prague to other cities in the Czech Republic or Germany will be faster again. New sections of two highways will be open from Usti nad Labem to the German border and from Podebrady to Hradec Kralove on 21st December.

The present highways D8 from Prague to Usti nad Labem and D11 from Prague to Podebrady will be therefore prolonged to the big cities and the journey will be faster and more comfortable. At the same day the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, will open a new highway, A17, to Dresden.

There are about six hundred kilometers of highways in the Czech Republic. New highways will have been built in Moravia by 2009. They will connect the west of the country (from the German border ) to the east (to the Polish border).


Archaeologists discovered an old burial ground in Prague

Prague archaeologist found a unique burial ground, more than 3200 years old. It happened during the construction works of a family house in Dolni Chabry in the north of Prague.

The graves are in many layers on each other so it means it used to be a Bronze Age burial mound. The archaeologists found also remnants of bones, ceramics, decorative items and a bead. Some of the items will be displayed in the City of Prague Museum soon.

It is not the first time this year that archaeologists found historical artefacts. They excavated remnants of an old village in Ruzyne, a toilet from the 12th century in namesti Republiky and this summer the basements of twenty houses with a big hole for mining earth in Dolni Chabry.

Winter sports in Prague

Lovers of winter sports do not have to go to the mountains to enjoy their favourite sport. There are several possibilities just in or near the centre of Prague.

One of the possibilities is to skate for free in Ovocny trh square in the centre of Prague until 1st January. Another skating ring is in Vitezne namesti in Prague 6. This attraction is open from 14th to 20th December. O2 Zlute lazne offers a skating ring for skating and playing ice hockey. Ice hockey can be also played in the multi-functional sport ground in Na Frantisku street (Old Town) on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00.

When it starts to freeze you can visit the area of O2 Zlute lazne to ski on the cross-country track just next to Vltava river. Children can use a small ski slope with a ski lift or try to ride a snow scooter. You can get to O2 Zlute lazne by trams 3, 16, 17, 21, 52 from Palackeho namesti (stop Dvorce).

Exotic fruits and carnival costumes in Prague Botanical Garden

Do you want to see the biggest fruit in the world or the most stinking one? Visit these days the Botanical Garden in Prague’s Troja. The exhibition of the exotic fruits of various shapes and colours can be seen in the entrance hall of Fata Morgana greenhouse until 21st December. It is open every day (except Monday) from 9:00 to 16:00.

The exhibition will introduce more then 50 kinds of tropical and subtropical fruits. You can see fruits 1 meter long and half a meter wide. This fruit that can weight 25 kilograms comes from a breadfruit tree.

Besides the fruits you can also see an exhibition of pictures made during the expeditions of Botanical Garden. In the areal of Botanical Garden you can also visit the exhibition of carnival costumes and old Czech traditions, that were followed at the beginning of December, called Od Barbory k masopustu.


More Czech monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

The Czech Republic has already 12 monuments on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, which is for such a small country real success. Now it seems that more Czech monuments will be added to the list. The Ministry of Culture suggests 12 more culture monuments or protected territories.

One of the monuments is Villa Muller in Prague-Stresovice built in the functionalist style. This villa made by Austrian architect Adolf Loos is maybe a bit severe from the outside, but the interiors are very interesting and unique. The building was reconstructed to the way it looked in 1930, including the furniture. Now it serves as a museum of architecture.

Another candidate is Church of the Sacred Heart (kostel Nejsvetejsiho srdce Pane) in Jiriho z Podebrad Square in Prague made by Slovenian architect Josip Plecnik. According to the experts this church is one of the most important world religious building from the 20th century.

Other candidates for the UNESCO list are, for instance, the most popular Czech castle Karlstejn or mountain hotel and TV transmitter Jested near Liberec.