Compact archive December 8, 2006

International Weekend of Women in Prague

Female music stars will perform together on the stage of Prague’s theater Archa tomorrow. III. International Weekend of Women with the subtitle World & Another Music will bring an evening full of music and energy.

The music festival is not devoted to a specific genre but it is open to any music style performed entirely by women. You can look forward to the performances of Yvone Sanchez, Jana Vebrova, Yellow Sisters, Rada Synergica, Zuzana Lapcikova, Tara Fuki, Erzsi Kiss, Autopilote & Yumiko, New Orchestra of Dreams & Tonya Graves and Sestry Steinovy.

The festival takes place in Archa theatre (Na Porici 26) tomorrow at 18:00 (the end is estimated after midnight). Tickets can be bought in Archa theatre for 280 CZK or through Ticketpro for 315 CZK. For the programme of the festival click here.


Old unique photographs from distant journeys in Prague Rudolfinum

Prague Rudolfinum offers these days an unique exhibition of large photographs from the 19th century. The exhibition call Marine Diary of Erwin Dubsky (Namorni denik Erwina Dubskeho) shows unique black-and-white pictures from distant countries.

Erwin Dubsky was a noble man in 19th century who became a commander of Austro-Hungarian navy. During his journeys to Japan he visited many photo studios and bought the best works of that time. The photographs are in a very good state and show, among others, the way of living of local people and their habits.

First part of the exhibition of more then 150 pictures can be seen in Rudolfinum until 5th February 2007. It will be followed by the second part of the exhibition from 7th February to 15th April 2007.


Low-budget airlines to Russia

The increasing number of Russian tourists coming to the Czech Republic keeps the lines between Moscow and Prague engaged. Low-budget air carrier Smartwings plans to open new lines to the Russian capital.

Smartwings would fly four times a week to the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow. The air transport is regulated by the agreement from 1966 that says that there would be only one air carrier from each state between the Czech Republic and Russia. The only Czech company that flies to Russia now is CSA. Smartwings wants to ask the Russian Ministry of Transport for a concession for its flights.

Bigger competition and low-budget airlines would lead to much cheaper tickets. Travelling between the Czech Republic and Russia is very expensive now. Cheap tickets can be bought in Germany because Germany and Russia have an agreement about “open sky”.


Christmas for children from children's houses with UNICEF

World organization UNICEF that helps children all over the world stars a campaign to support the observance of children’s rights. The postcard that is going to be signed comes from the former Czechoslovakia. It was drawn by eight-year-old Jitka Samkova in 1947.

The postcard enlarged to the format 2×1,8 m will be displayed in Prague’s UNICEF shop in namesti Kinskych (trams 6, 9, 12, 20; stop Svandovo divadlo). Everyone who wants to support this campaign can add their signature on this card until 22nd December.

Inhabitants and visitors of Prague can also help children from children’s houses make their dreams come true at Christmas. In Vinohradsky pavilon in Prague 2 (Vinohradska 50) they can pick up cards from the children with their names and the present they would like to get. Bought presents can be handed over to the volunteers of UNICEF near the Christmas tree until 18th December.

Prague's lampman is back

An old tradition comes back to the centre of Prague. At least before Christmas. If you walk at dusk in the streets of Old Town you may see a man with a dark coat, a grey hat and a long stick. This man is lighting up gas lamps on the streets.

This “lampman” walks every day about 4 o’clock along Celetna street to Old Town Square. From Monday you can see him also in Male namesti. Every day he has to light up 120 lamps. The lampman will walk in the centre of Prague until 23th December.

Gas lamps appeared in Prague in 1847. In the middle of the 20th century they were replaced by electric lamps. Gas lamps came back to Prague four years ago in some parts of the centre of Prague. Normally they are lit up automatically at the same time. Only on special occasion you can see a lampman doing this old job.

If you ask him, he will show you how to light up the lamps and you can try it yourself. This memory might be a nice souvenir to take home, don’t you think?