Compact archive December 14, 2006

Christmas organ music

The lovers of Christmas music can look forward to Christmas Organ Concerts that take place in St. James’s Basilica (Mala Stuparska 6 street) in Old Town in Prague. The programme offers three organ concerts of Christmas music performed together with vocal and instrumental chamber groups.

The first concert is held on 26th December performed by Ensemble Inegal, second on 30th December by Corni di Praga and the third by Pavla Vykopalova and Irena Chribkova. Each concert starts at 16:00. The tickets are available through Ticketportal for 290 CZK, or one hour before the concert in front of the Basilica.

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve you can also enjoy the concerts of organ music performed by Irena Chribkova. The concerts starts at 10:00 in St. James’s Basilica, entrance is free.


Reconstruction of the National Museum

National Museum in Prague is going to be under reconstruction. At the same time it will get a new building just next to the museum – the seat of present Radio Free Europe.

The reconstruction of the National Museum into a modern complex suitable for exhibitions, lecture-rooms or restaurants will start soon. Also the exterior of the National theatre in Prague will be restored.

Special care will be given to one of the symbols of the National theatre – two statues of horses driven by the goddess of victory on the roof of the theatre. The experts say that the statues need to be fixed on the roof, because the transport down the roof would be too complicated.

The statues are 6 meters long and had to be supported by textile bands. On of the horses stands on his left leg, the right leg is breaking. Also the golden crown on the roof is in bad condition. The new facade is estimated to cost 160 million CZK.


New exhibits in the sea world in Prague

The biggest Czech exhibition of the sea world is expanding. Today it commemorates 4 years since the ceremonial opening and at the same time presents two new tanks.

The first tank is 3 meters high and the perspex is 15 centimeters wide. It contains a model of historical ship Bounty. At the edge of the tank you can see a map showing the route of this famous ship. The other container contains a model of one of the most world famous lighthouses from the cap Hatteras in North Carolina. You can also see aggressive barracudas, the fear of scuba divers, or poisonous rays or moray eels.

The exhibition also contains floor animations of fish and tortoises, and a 25-meter-long coral cave. The permanent exhibition can be found in Prague Exhibition Ground (Vystaviste) in Prague-Holesovice. It is open every day (including holidays).


Czech Christmas And School exhibition

Pedagogical museum J. A. Comenius (Pedagogicke muzeum J. A. Komenskeho) in Prague displays an unique exhibition of Czech traditions before and during Christmas.

The exhibition offers a unique view on Christmas traditions in school children’s eyes. You can see photograph and paintings of children preparing for Christmas and observing traditional Christmas customs and playing winter games.

The museum seats in the building opposite Wallenstein Palace in Valdstejnska 20 street. It is open every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 13:00 to 17:00 until 7th January 2007. You can get there by trams 22, 23 (stop Malostranska) or by metro green line A (Malostranska station).


Prague airport served 11 million travellers

The biggest airport in the new EU member states, Prague International Airport Ruzyne, celebrated another success. Yesterday it welcomed 11 millionth customer.

The traveller is Petr Zykmund who picked up his boarding ticket at 11:04. Last year the airport served 10,8 million travellers, this year it will be around 11,5 million.

Prague airport opened a new terminal Sever 2 last January and now it can serve 20 million travellers a year. The airport management think that the airport will reach this number in 2020. First it has to buy extra land for an additional runway.