Compact archive December 21, 2006

Irish evening in Prague

All the fans of Irish dance music are invited to celebrate 10 years of Irish music in the Czech Republic. The celebration takes place in Prague’s T-mobile arena on 25th April 2007 from 19:00. Visitors can look forward to performances of Czech groups Shannon, Rinceoiri and Coisceim. The star of the evening will be Irish group Altan.

Altan belongs now to the most prestigious group of traditional Irish dance music. Their latest 10th album commemorates the 20 years from the foundation of this popular group. Their characteristic style has many admirers around the world.

During the evening you can taste traditional Irish drink and learn some steps of Iris dances. Tickets for the Irish evening in T-mobile arena (Za elekrarnou 419 street) can be bought through Ticketpro for 490 CZK. If you buy the ticket before 31st December, you can save 100 CZK.


Changes at Tesco store?

Everybody who wants to buy presents for Christmas has to wait in long queues before the cash desks now. The department store Tesco which has many shops in Prague (e.g. in Narodni street), is developing now a new system of the cash desk – without the cashiers.

Instead of the cashier the customer will be welcomed by automates that will charge the goods thanks to the barcodes. Customers will be able to pay cash or by credit card.

The system should discourage people from not paying for the goods. Each cash desk will contain information about the exact weight of every product. The system will check whether the weight of the goods in the basket correspond to the weight of the goods already paid by the customer.


Modernization of Prague's trams

The Prague Public Transit Company (Dopravni podnik mesta Prahy) announced that there will be 20 more low-floor trams in 2007. By 2009 there will be 60 more of these trams.

The average age of Prague’s trams is 16 years, which is too much. That is why the Prague Public Transit Company want to buy 10 new trams and to modernize 50 trams next year. The total costs will be 1,3 billion CZK. Every year they want to modernized 60 trams in Prague.

In 2006 there are 972 trams in Prague running in 26 day lines and 9 night lines. The Prague Public Transit Company employs 1360 drivers and have transported 49,5 million people. The average speed of trams is 19 km/h. There was 1513 tram accidents in the year 2005, 440 of which were caused by the Prague Public Transit Company.


Bethlehem light in Prague

The light of friendship that is lit in the place of Jesus Christ’s birth, travels every year from Israel to Linz from where it is distributed to 25 countries of the world as well as to some institutions, such as the European Parliament or the UN.

The Bethlehem light is taken by the Scouts to several towns in the Czech Republic. Tomorrow at 13:00 it will be given to Cardinal Miloslav Vlk in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. At 17:00 it will be given to the hands of Prague’s Lord Mayer Pavel Bem in Old Town Square. He will spread the flame among people in Prague.

On Christmas Eve at noon the Lord Mayer of Prague together with the town councillors will serve traditional Christmas fish soup on Old Town Square.


New Year's celebrations

On New Year’s Eve the street of Prague are crowded by people of all nationalities celebrating the coming of the New Year. Prague’s rescuers are going to take their rescue truck, often used for mass accidents, to Wenceslas Square. It will stand near Stepanska street.

Ambulances will be visible in many parts of the city, especially in the centre. Normally rescuers go to 250 cases during 24 hours, on New Year’s Eve they have to treat the same number of people during 5 hours around midnight.

Fireworks on the New Year’s Eve in Prague will be above Wenceslas Square, on 1st January 2007 at 18:00 above Letenske sady. You can get there e.g. by trams 12 and 17 (stop Cechuv most).