Compact archive December 28, 2006

Safer pedestrian crossings in Prague

An original system how to protect pedestrians from irresponsible drivers was installed in Prague 13. When some car will approach a pedestrian crossing near the school or near a bus stop too fast, the traffic sign will start to twinkle intensely to warn the driver.

Safer pedestrian crossings are already in Prague quarter 6: there are special large coloured surfaces on the roads in front of the crossings, where most accidents happened in the past. The coloured surface is rough and it enables the drivers to stop the car more easily. It is 20 metres large and it can be seen for example in Sarecka street or Ankarska street.

There are also special lights reacting to movement of pedestrians on several crossings. These lights start to twinkle when a person is crossing the road.

Nevertheless, the best solution for safer pedestrians in Prague would be more traffic lights in the city. It is planned to install 200 new traffic lights in 10 coming years.


Last chance to see a multimedia exposition

An interesting art happening takes place in the River Town Prague area: an international workshop of contemporary interdisciplinary art. There is a variable multimedia exposition with participation of artists from various countries.

You can see theater performances there, interactive works, hear music and much more. There are videos, extraordinary pictures and paintings on the walls, all conceived as a living artistic organism.

The symposium takes place in the hall No.40, River Town Prague (Holesovicka trznice), Bubenske nabrezi (quay). It is open to visitors from Monday to Thursday between 11 am and 8 pm and from Friday to Saturday between 6 pm and 1 am. It is open till the 1st January 2007.


Prague music clubs on New Year´s Eve

Do you already have a plan, where to go on New Year´s Eve? What about a celebration in some of the best Prague music clubs? Here is a selection of program on New Year´s Eve for your inspiration…

Roxy (Dlouha street 33) – “Return of the King”: probably the best music club in Prague offers dance music with some of the most popular Czech DJs.

Palac Akropolis (Kubelikova street 27) – “Festa Da Madrugada”: the cult club in Zizkov quarter will celebrate in latin, funk, reggae rhythms.

Mecca (U Pruhonu street 3) – British DJ Lee Dagger will play house music in this club

If you are into dance music, you can also visit Radost FX club(Belehradska 234), or Karlovy Lazne club (Smetanovo nabrezi 198). Rock music will be played in Vagon (Narodni 25). You can expect reggae music in Matrix (Konevova 13).

Transport changes in Prague on New Year´s Eve

Several important roads in Prague will be closed for transport on New Year´s Eve and also during the fireworks on New Year´s Day, 1st January 2007.

The closure of Prague roads on 31st December will be the same as last year. There will be no transport permitted in the streets Parizska (from the Siroka street to the Old Town Square), Jachymova, Mostecka, Josefska, Ve Smeckach, Vodickova, Stepanska, the slip-road from the trunk road to the Wenceslas Square, and a part of the Jindrisska street in direction to the Wenceslas Square.

During the fireworks on the New Year´s Day, the Letna Gardens will be closed from 10 am to the next morning. The quay road between the Stefanikuv most (bridge) and Klarov will be closed just for half an hour, from 5:50 to 6:20 pm, as well as the Dvorak Quay between the bridge and Jan Palach Square. There will be no tram service between Narodni divadlo and Cechuv most and between Staromestska and the crossing by the Stefanikuv most between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.


Cheaper shopping in Prague

Big sales of winter goods started in Prague just after Christmas. Winter clothes, shoes, sporting goods and electronics are up to 50% cheaper now and it will be up to 70% later. These sales will continue at least till the end of January.

For example stores such as Tesco or Electro World offer big sales at the moment. There will be more and more discounted goods later and the reduction in price will be higher. Furniture will be on sale around the end of the year.

There were problems with the lack of the announced discounted goods last year. That´s why the stores are now obliged to announce the beginning and the end of the sales and also to specify the quantity of the discounted goods, if there is not enough of it in stock.