Compact archive January 5, 2007

Three kings in Mexican style

All those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Mexico should not miss the traditional celebration of Three kings called Adoracion de los Reyes Magos held in Archa Theatre (Na Porici 26) tomorrow.

You can look forward to music performances of Pablo’s Magic Carpet from Mexico City and their mixture of funk, soul, blues and jazz, Los Amigos presenting traditional Mexican folklore melodies or Latin Jazz performance of DJ Mucha.

During the night you can try Mexican cuisine or Mexican drinks from Tropical Bar, see an exhibition of photographs and a presentation of short animated films made by students of the university in Guadalajara. You can also try your luck in a Mexican tombola.

The programme starts tomorrow at 20:00. Tickets can be bought via Ticketpro for 185 CZK or via Ticketportal for 165 CZK.

CSA keeps long-distance flights

CSA air carrier is not going to stop with their long-distance flights. At least not yet. The management was supposed to decide about the faith of these flights these days but the decision is postponed to November.

The long-distance flights by CSA head mainly from Prague to the USA and Caribbean islands. On Friday there will be the last flight from Prague to Dubai, this line was for CSA permanently non-profit. Besides CSA, other long-distance flights to Prague are possible only by Korean Air and by April Delta Air Lines starting in Atlanta.

Last autumn CSA airline bought a new system that tells them how occupied their planes and also planes of their competitors are. If the management decide to keep their long-distance flights, they will probably buy new planes.


Polish trains cannot enter the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic refuses to let Polish trains in the country. No Polish trains have the necessary permits to travel on Czech tracks and people travelling from Poland have to find another connection to Czech cities behind the Czech borders.

According to the railway department of the Czech Republic, the Polish trains do not meet the safety and technical regulations required by Czech railways.

Polish newspaper Dziennik Zachodni stated that Polish railways asked for the permits and got a list of requirements from the Czech railways. The list is, however, still being translated from Czech to Polish.


Hunters of Mammoth until 1st of July

Hunters of Mammoths is one of the most popular exhibition in Prague nowadays. It has been already visited by 150 thousand people so far. The National museum in Prague therefore decided to prolong the exhibition until 1st July.

The exhibition shows the way of living of animals and people in prehistory. People can admire many exhibits, such as a big mammoth or the ceramic statuette of The Venus of Dolni Vestonice.

While going to the National Museum in Wenceslas Square, you can also buy a 3-day ticket that is valid in 12 buildings of the National Museum in Prague. The tickets cost 160 CZK (reduced ticket 80 CZK and family ticket 200 CZK). For the list of the buildings click here. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.


Shortage of road tax stickers

People who want to travel on Czech highways have to possess a vignette for the year 2007 from the 1st January 2007. This road tax stickers can be bought for various values according to the type of the vehicle.

Not having this sticker on the front window of your car may lead to unpleasant fines. These stickers can be bought in several places, such as petrol stations and auto clubs. Unfortunately, drivers have problems to get them because of the big shortage of them on the markets.

According to the distributor of vignettes, ABA assistance service, there are enough vignettes but the sellers underestimated the situation and ordered too few stickers for their shops. People travelling from Germany can buy the stickers in the branch of ABA in Dresden.

There have been also reports that some of the stickers cannot be stripped off the base or that they get damaged. These defective stickers can be changed in any post office in the Czech Republic.