Compact archive January 10, 2007

Winter Rock For People in Prague

All fans of rock or regular attenders of the festival Rock for People in Cesky Brod in July should not miss the 5th festival winter Rock For People in Prague’s club Abaton next month.

Eleven Czech and foreign music groups will perform in Abaton on 3rd February. Among them will be No Relax from Spain and The Hogs from Ireland. Czech bands will be represented by Znouzecnost, Vypsana fixa, Prohrala v kartach, Aplle Juice, Five O’Clock Tea, etc.

Tickets can be bought via Ticketstream for 240 CZK or before the concerts in Abaton for 280 CZK. Club Abaton is in Na Kosince 8. You can get there by metro yellow line B to Palmovka and continue by trams 10, 24 or 25 to stop Stejskalova.


Double taxes on flights leaving Great Britain

Great Britain doubles the departure tax on all flights leaving Britain from 1st February. The air passenger duty will be ₤10 for economy class and ₤20 for business and first class. Long-haul flights will be even more expensive. Passengers travelling via Great Britain will be charged ₤40 in economy class and ₤80 in business class.

That means that also flights from Great Britain to the Czech Republic will cost more, which is not welcomed especially by low-budget air carriers. Some companies have sent emails to their comstumers, who had already reserved the tickets with the departure date after 1st February, asking them to pay extra. For instance, passengers of easyJet, who refuse to pay the tax, will be not accepted on board.

CSA have already charged the tax in tickets for February issued after 15th December. Tickets issued before 15th December will be for passengers without the extra charge. British Airways are also ready to pay the tax on tickets issued before the announcement about increasing the tax.


More accidents on Prague's roads

Prague’s drivers caused in 2006 more accidents than in 2005, even though the trend in other Czech cities is just the opposite. Fortunately, most car accidents are without injuries or loss of life.

Prague is getting better with the number of people who were killed in car accidents. Last year it was 55 people, in 2005 61 people. The most accidents happen on the Prague inner-city ring road (especially at the entries or exits from the road).

500 more police officers and new radars will help decrease the number of accidents in Prague. There are 9 radars in Prague so far, soon it will be 10. Also police officers will have hand radars to measure the speed of passing cars.


Cheaper entrance fee to the National Gallery after 4 p.m.

National Gallery in Prague announced that visitors pay less to see the permanent exhibitions if they come after 16:00. The entrance fees to permanent exhibitions after 16:00 are the following (in brackets there are the entrance fees before 16:00):

  • Sternberg Palace – full 100 CZK (160 CZK), reduced 50 CZK (80 CZK), family 100 CZK (200 CZK)
  • Kinsky Palace – full 50 CZK (100 CZK), reduced 30 CZK (50 CZK), family 50 CZK (150 CZK)
  • St Georges Convent – full 80 CZK (130 CZK), reduced 40 CZK (60 CZK), family 80 CZK (180 CZK)
  • Zbraslav Chateau – full 40 CZK (80 CZK), reduced 20 CZK (40 CZK), family 40 CZK (120 CZK)

Every first Wednesday of the month the entrance is free from 15:00 to 20:00 to all permanent and current exhibitions of the National Gallery in Prague. More information about the permanent and current exhibitions can be found here.

67 Czech marriages out of 100 get divorced

According to the report of Eurostat, the Czech Republic belongs to the countries in the European Union where people get divorced the most. 67 married couples out of 100 get divorced in the Czech Republic. The only states in the European Union which have a higher divorce rate are Belgium and Estonia.

The average divorce rate in the EU is 40 marriages out of 100. The smallest divorce rate is in Ireland and Cyprus where it is quite difficult to get divorce. People get divorced the most after 3 or 5 years after the wedding. The average length of divorced marriages is 12 years.

Statistics and sociologists have a simple explanation for these numbers. Higher percentage of divorces nowadays is caused by the change of lifestyle. However, they also point out the divorce rate reached its peak and not it is going down. There are also more and more people who live together without being married.