Compact archive January 11, 2007

Prague's concerts of international stars at the beginning of 2007

The beginning of the year 2007 offers a lot of concerts of international stars. Let us summarize the most famous musicians performing at this period in Prague.

The son of the legendary Beatle, Sean Lennon, is coming to Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar on 5th February. Roxy club offers the performance of Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys on 13th February.

Prague’s Sazka Arena will host Colombian singer Shakira, who will present her albums Fijacion Oral Vol. 1and Oral Fixation Vol.2 on 3rd March, and American soul singer Lionel Richie on 9th March. 8th March is reserved to the legend of American country Kris Kristofferson in Prague Congress centre.

Joan Baez, a folk musician, will perform in Prague’s Palac Lucerna on 2nd April. You can look forward to German teenager band Tokio Hotel who will perform in Sazka Arena on 3rd April and in CEZ Arena in Ostrava on 7th April. The former member of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, will sing in Sazka Arena on 13th April.

Photographs of Shomei Tomatsu in Prague

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in association with the Japan Society, New York, organized an exhibition of Shomei Tomatsu’s photographs that are connected with post-war Japan. This exhibition is now presented in Prague’s Rudolfinum.

This exhibition is called Skin of the Nation and shows approximately 240, mostly black-and-white, photographs representing changes and their effects in the post-war Japan. Shomie Tomutsu is often called the father of modern Japanese photography, who influenced several generations of Japanese photographers.

The exhibition is situated in the Rudolfinum Gallery (Alsovo nabrezi 12). It is open daily (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00 until 15th April.


Reconstruction of the new building for Radio Free Europe started

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty promotes democratic values by providing objective news, analysis and discussions to undemocratic countries in the world.

Its current position in the centre of Prague next to the National Museum will change next year. The new building that will have very strict security measures is now being built in Hagibor between Izraelska and Vinohradska street, close to the hotel Don Giovanni.

Strict security measures are already visible during the reconstruction. The new building should provide safe and pleasant working environment. Architects plan to build a new park with a pond near it.

Moving the radio from its current position in the centre of Prague will lead to more fluent transport in that area. Also the concrete blocks and military obstructions will disappear from the centre of Prague. They were put there after the terrorist attacks in the USA in September 2001.

The last water damaged book was dried up

Catastrophic floods in the Czech Republic in 2002 caused big damages and loss of several lives. One of the most afflicted buildings in Prague was the Municipal Library with its collection of about 20 thousand precious historical books. Conservators managed to dry the last damaged book.

The muddy water damaged many precious books as well as restoration workrooms and deposit libraries. Wet books had been frozen before the conservators could work on them.

The National Museum in Wenceslas Square presents an exhibition that shows the work of specialists recovering books after floods from the National Museum’s fonds. These books come from chateau libraries on the banks of the Vltava river. This exhibition is open until the end of January.


Experts warm : wind storms

This January is the warmest January in the past 232 years. Average temperature in the Czech Republic in January is minus 2,5 ˚C (27,5 ˚F), the average temperature of this months is plus 4 ˚C (39,2 ˚F) . Yesterday the afternoon temperature in Prague was 14,2 ˚C (56,56 ˚F). These temperatures are normal for April or October.

Extremely warm weather confuses the nature. Many spring flowers can be found on the lawns these days, birds lay eggs and there are warnings against ticks and allergies to pollen. Meteorologist say that this weather will last at least until February.

From today afternoon until Friday night people in Czech Republic can expect winter storms that can break branches and uproot trees. The speed of the wind can reach 90 km/h (55,9 m/h), at the mountains 110 km/h (68,3 m/h).