Compact archive January 19, 2007

New government asks for a confidence II

Eight months after the elections the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek asks today for a vote of confidence for his second choice of the government that was appointed by the President Vaclav Klaus on 9th January 2007. This new government is presented by the coalition of Civil Democrats, The Christian Democrats and The Green Party.

It is very likable that the new government gets the confidence because two members of the Chamber of Deputies want to leave the hall before voting and enable the government get the majority.

The result of the vote is very crucial for Mirek Topolanek who promised she would resign from the post of the chairman of Civil Democrats if his second government did not get the confidence.


Exhibition of Czech Centres: Explain Europe!

Twenty portraits of Czech celebrities and less prominent citizens of the Czech Republic can be seen at the exhibition Explain Europe! organized by Czech Centres, organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representing the Czech Republic abroad.

Portraits are made by Michael Adams who cooperated with significant periodicals. Co-author of this project is Wolfgang Jung who is an associate editor of Prager Zeitung.

The theme of this exhibition is Europe and its position in the world. People in the photographs express their thoughts about traditions, history, ideas, etc., concerning Europe and the Czech Republic as a country in its heart.

The exhbition takes place at Czech Centre Prague (Rytirska 31 street) until 26th January. The exhibition contains comments Czech and German language.


'Music at Prague Castle' starts tomorrow

The third year of the music series The music at Prague Castle starts tomorrow with the concert ‘Hudba habsburskeho soukromi v Praze a Vidni (1650-1750) [freely translated as Private concerts of Habsburg dynasty in Prague and Vienna (1650-1750)] held in the area of Prague Castle. The concert starts tomorrow at 17:00 in the New Gallery (Nova Galerie).

The concert will introduce music that was played in the houses of Habsburg in Prague and Vienna in the period of late Baroque and early Classicism. The programme will present the compositions of Johann Jakob Froberger, Alessandro Poglietti, Gottlieb Muffat and Josef Antonin Stepan. These compositions will be played by talented Edita Keglerova.

Tickets can be bought in the Chapel of the Holy Cross on the II Courtyard, at the Information Centre of Prague Castle, or via Ticketstream. The tickets for the concert are also valid for any current exhibition organized by Prague Castle Administration (except permanent exhibitions) on the day of the concert and the day after it.


Prague is preparing for the philatelic exhibition PRAGA 2008

Prague is now very intensively preparing for the philatelic event of the year. This September, Prague will host the philatelic exhibition PRAGA 2008 taking place in the Industrial Palace in Prague’s exhibition ground from 12th to 14th September.

One of the most well-known stamps, shown at the exhibition, will be Blue Penny with the portrait of queen Victory. It is the first officially published stamp in the British Empire. There are only 12 pieces of Blue Penny left, mostly stored in safes of private collectors.

Another exposed stamp will be Black Penny, which is the first published stamp in the world. The organizers of the exhibition expect there will be about 400 to 500 stamps from 60 countries of the world. The value of the exhibited stamps is estimated to two billion CZK.


Deadly gale churned through the country

A fierce gale churned through Europe yesterday killing more than 30 people. The gale called Kyrill uprooted trees, shattered windows, left millions of people without power. The speed of the gust was at the Czech mountains, Krusne hory, 184 km/h (114 mph).

In Slunecna near Ceska Lipa, a fallen tree killed a firefighter, another uprooted tree fell on a car and killed two people in it. On the 8th kilometer of the D8 highway, the howling gale blew off a trailer. Firefighters were called every minute to torn off roofs and uprooted trees.

Many accidents happened in Prague. A shattered window injured a man in Zitna street. A woman was struck by a metal board into her head while waiting for a public transport in Andel. The strong wind blew off some roof tiles in Charles Square and overturned a crane in Otradovicka street. The worst situation was, according to the meteorologists, around 10 p.m.

Meteorologists warm against strong wings that might appear in the Czech Republic again from Friday 3 p.m. to Sunday 10 p.m.