Compact archive January 22, 2007

Fertility of Prague's men is smaller

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic made a survey which is really unique in the whole Europe. Scientists tried to find the connection with the environment, especially with the quality of air, and men’s fertility. The research, testing 60 students from Prague, 90 students from Brno and 70 police officers from Prague, took two years.

The results show that men is Prague are less fertile than men in Brno. Their sperms are slower and less vital and more often they have damaged heads. The damaged head of a sperm, which carries the genetic information, can lead to spontaneous abortion.

It is caused by the bad quality of Prague’s air that is polluted by heavy traffic in the capital. The scientist also point out that second reason that reduces the fertility is smoking and bad lifestyle. Good news is that the bad air does not damage the sperms forever.

World's premiere of Czech composer in Prague's Estates Theatre

The Estate Theatre invites for the world’s premiere of the opera Lacrimae Alexandri Magni (Tears of Alexandr the Great). This chamber opera was composed by current Czech composer Tomas Hanzlik on the Latin texts from the 18th century.

Tomas Hanzlik specializes in the Baroque music. This composition is already his third opera. This opera narrates about 12-year old Alexander the Great who longs for a military triumph that would overshadow his father’s triumphs.

The premiere of this opera is on 25th January in the Estates Theatre (Ovocny trh 1) in Prague. Tickets are on sale from 700 CZK to 1000 CZK.


More flights to Basel with Swiss International Air Lines

There are more and more travellers between Czech city Prague and Swiss city Basel. That is why the Prague’s International Airport Ruzyne broadens the offer of direct flights between these two cities. After Zurich and Geneva, people can use Swiss International Air Lines to fly from Prague to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.

This line will operate four times a week, the plane will reach the destination Prague-Basel in 90 minutes. Basel is at the border of three states, Switzerland, France and Germany. Travellers can use German version of the websites of Airport Ruzyne for easier communication.

Swiss International Air Lines flies into 42 countries in the world. From Prague they fly three times a day to Zurich and twice to Geneva. Swiss International Air Lines have been evaluated as the third Most Environmentally-Friendly air carrier flying to or from Prague.


U.S. radar base probably in the Czech Republic

The United States has officially asked the new Czech government for permission to build a radar base in the country. The Czech Republic and Poland were two candidates in Europe to be involved in the U.S. anti-missile defence system.

The new government will try to persuade people that the American long-range radars will not threaten the Czech Republic, on the contrary, it will boost the safety of the country.

The United States have found two locations for the radar base – near Pribram and Olomouc. There would be about 200 American soldiers in the country, everything would be financed by the U.S.

A Czech team of experts will discuss with the U.S. about political, economic and strategic issues concerning American soldiers in the Czech Republic. If the radar base is approved here, it can start working in 2011.


The new government won approval

After 230 days from the elections and after nine hours of discussing last Friday, the new government finally got the vote of confidence when 100 members of the Chamber of Deputies (out of 200) voted for and 97 against the new government.

2 members of the opposition party (Social Democrats) deliberately left the room before the voting. Their defection helped the government to get the vote of confidence. Another member of this party did not used correct words when voting and his vote could not be counted.

The government headed by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek (Civil Democrats) is represented by the coalition of three political parties: Civil Democrats, Christian Democrats and Green Party.

Mirek Topolanek said that if the government is not able to promote reforms, he would resign. The first “test” of the new government will be state budget proposal for the next year.