Compact archive January 24, 2007

Yann Tiersen & Band in Prague

Do you know what Amelie from Montmartre, The Dreamlife of Angels or Good-buy, Lenin! have in common? It is the name Yann Tiersen who composed the music for these films. Fans of his music can meet him live on 19th March in Prague.

Yann Tiersen is a French New Age/Avante-Garde musician and composer. He composed music for short films and theatre plays. In 1995 the released his first debut album La Valse des Monstres. He is known for minimalist compositions including piano, accordion and violin.

Yann Tiersen will perform with his band in Prague’s Theatre Archa (Na Porici 26) on 19th March 2007 from 20:00. Regular cost of the tickets is 495 CZK.


  • Yann Tiersen & Band in Prague [January 24 2007, 14:30 PM]

Prague's international airport Ruzyne is closed due to snow

Heavy snowfalls in Prague have surprised many drivers and caused already many accidents on the roads. People had problems to get to work or school. Snowdrifts have also closed the Prague’s international airport.

The airport announced that it will be closed at least until 6 p.m. Meteorologists now monitor the situation and expect even more intensive snowfalls.

Travellers can stay at the airport while waiting for later flights or they can return their tickets. Lufthansa opened their launches for their passengers. The situation at the airport is quite calm.

Some of the planes aiming to Prague were redirected to airports in Brno, Bratislava or Frankfurt. Many flights from Prague has been cancelled. Passengers are recommended to contact their air carriers. Up-to-date information about flights can be reached on the (free of charge) number 800 310 310 or from abroad +420 239 007 007.


Prague will offer 'experience tourism'

Have you already seen all the popular attractions in Prague and you think that there is nothing more? The city of Prague promises a special kind of attractions under the name Technical Prague.

Local and foreign tourist can explore the underground architecture and walk kilometers under the Prague’s city centre in historical basement. Groups of about 20 people will be guided by educated workers. Helmets and warm clothes will be available for anybody who will ask for it because the steady temperature in the basement is about 16 ˚C (60.8 ˚F). Other attractions might be the machine-room of the funicular in Petrin or the waterhouse in Podoli.

These attractions promising unusual experiences will become part of the offers of travel agencies and information bureaus where people can book them in the middle of this year. First people will probably enjoy these attractions this autumn.

The number of crimes in Prague is dropping

According to crime statistics, the crime in Prague is dropping every year. There were 95 731 crimes in 2005 and 89 617 in 2006, which is about 6000 crimes less. Still, it is not something to be proud of.

The criminality in the capital is dropping mainly because of the fact, that people take more care of their belongings and have better safety systems in their cars and homes. There is also a new law that requires the bazaars to write down every bought items together with the identity card number of the seller. The city of Prague wants to combat the crime with even more police officers in the streets.

However, there are more and more pickpockets in the streets. Prague police officers have problems to catch the criminals in the act and prove them guilty. Many pickpockets work in organized groups whose members inform each other about the presence of uniformed men. Many offenders also rob people on the street during daytime. They steal mainly mobile phones that are easy to sell.

Weekend in the National Gallery in Prague for free

The National Gallery in Prague will celebrate 211th anniversary of its foundation. On that occasion, the gallery prepared a lot of activities for the first weekend in February, and what is more, a free entrance to all permanent exhibitions of the National Gallery.

First Wednesdays of the month are for free anyway, but at the weekend 3rd and 4th February, children and adults can try their skills in art workshops in the gallery.

Besides six permanent exhibitions, people can visit for free also some of the current exhibitions, such as Silesia – Pearl in the Crown of Bohemia in Wallenstein Riding School, Robert Schad – Steel and Time and Zdenek Beran – Retrospective in Trade Fair Palace (Veletrzni palac) and Terra/Cotta in St George’s Convent.