Compact archive January 25, 2007

High revenues from Prague's hotel rooms

Prague has been ranked the 13th position in revenue per available room for 2006. From all central and east European countries is Prague the only city in the top 15. Prague achieved a revenue per available room of EUR 85.10 (2383 CZK).

These data are presented by KPMG (providing audit, tax, and advisory services), and the Bench (proving global benchmarking data). They evaluated the average room rate with room occupancy.

The best ranked is London with the revenue of EUR 166.63 (average room rate is EUR 205.3 with occupancy of 81.7%). Other positions belong to Moscow with the revenue of EUR 161.78 and Dubai with the result of EUR 156.03.


Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Karel Malich

Karel Malich is world’s well-known painter and sculptor. Two galleries in the Czech Republic, one in Lidice and one in Prague, show drawings, collages, pastels, graphics and wire sculptures of this renowned author.

The Lidice Gallery offers next to the works of art also Karel Malich’s diary, in which he wrote his thoughts, feelings and drafts. Prague’s exhibition contains author’s works on paper, especially early graphics from the 60’s and drawings from the first half of the 80’s.

The exhibition of selected works of Karel Malich in Lidice Gallery is open until 11th February from 9:00 to 16:00. Prague’s exhibition of graphics and drawings is open in the House At Golden Ring (Tynska 6 street in Ungelt) until 18th February from 10:00 to 18:00 (except Monday). The full entrance fee is 150 CZK.


More cycle-ways in Prague this year

Prague is still not very cyclist-friendly. To cycle in the streets of Prague may be quite dangerous. Even though there are about 300 kilometers of trails (80 kilometers of which are only designed for bikes), Prague’s services for cyclists has been evaluated as the worst in the country .

The municipal authorities decided to spend 39 million CZK on trails for cyclist, which is 5 million CZK more than last year. They want to buid 25 kilometers of ways for cyclist and from 12 to 17 kilometers of pathways. 7 million CZK will be spend on repairs, cleaning and marking the trails.

New cobbles will replace the old ones on the embankment between Railway Bridge and Stefanikuv Bridge. The current ones are to big for comfortable cycling. Also a 50-cm-wide line will be build there for street bikes. Click here for an interactive map of Prague’s cycle-ways.

Snow situation in Prague

Heavy snowfalls have caused many accidents, injuries and troubles in the Czech Republic. There were long traffic jams on Czech highways, especially between Prague and Brno. Tens of truck drivers fell asleep while waiting for the road to be cleared off snow. Their vehicles finally made a 20-kilometer-long file.

Workers of road administration have already spread more then 3 000 tons of salt on the roads in Prague. Still, there were many accidents, mostly due to the fact that drivers did not use the winter tyres. Fortunately, one one was badly injured. More often, people were injured on slippery pavements. Physicians had to treat twisted ankles, broken legs, arms, injured backs and heads.

Also people using public transport had to wait up to 1 hour for the delayed vehicles. Now the situation is getting better, since there is no new snow falling any more. Most of Prague’s roads are passable. The meteorologists expect cold weather until the end of this week with occasional snowfalls, from Tuesday the temperatures can reach up to 5˚C (41˚F).

Prague's airport Ruzyne is open again

Just several minutes ago, at 9:00, the Prague’s International Airport Ruzyne started to operate regularly. For almost 30 hours it was closed because of heavy snowfalls that made taking off and landing of all planes impossible.

Prague Airport had to cancel 345 flights yesterday and 43 flights this morning. 447 flights are scheduled for today. Travellers are still recommended to contact their air carrier about information concerting their flight. They should also avoid a last-minute arrival at the airport.