Compact archive January 29, 2007

Dinosaurs in Prague's shopping mall

Prague’s shopping mall Chodov will host a unique itinerant exposition of 11 fossilized skeletons of prehistorical dinosaurs. This exhibition was lent by The Museum of Paleontology “Egidio Feruglio” in Patagonia (Argentina). Prague will be the third country (after Spain and Argentina) to hold such an exclusive exhibition.

Two trucks were needed to transport the skeletons of huge dinosaurs. One of the exhibits measures 13,5 m. These skeletons were mostly found in Patagonia and they are about 70 million years old.

Visitors can see them from 1st February. Boards with notes together with educated guides (students of Faculty of Sciences of Charles University) will give you more details about these prehistoric vertebrate animals and their way of living. You can visit the exhibition until 15th March.


Bus station Florenc will be reconstructed

The reconstruction of the main railway station in Prague has already started. It is supposed to change the place radically. Also the main bus station, Florenc, the end station of many international coaches, will be under big reconstruction soon.

The reconstruction will start at the second quarter of the year. Travellers can look forward to a new ground-floor hall, new booking offices, a new information bureau, a refreshment kiosk, a left-luggage office, sanitary facilities, and waiting rooms. Also all 40 platforms will be roofed.

Florenc is the largest bus station in Prague, operating daily about 300 buses. Unfortunately, it is notorious for dirt and physical attacks. The positive thing about Florenc is its good connection to the city centre by metro, city buses and trams.


New protests against the U.S. military base

Another protest is planned for today against the U.S. radar base on the Czech territory. The part of U.S. anti-missile defence system will be probably built in the military area Brdy near Pribram. The protests against the base will start in Wenceslas Square today evening.

The activists want to first meet in Wenceslas Square, then to continue to the Embassy of the United States of America and then to the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. The protest will happen despite the fact that the municipal authorities have not approved it.

According to the authorities the protest march would walk along many significant roads with heavy traffic. The activist from association NE zakladnam defend themselves that they informed about the protest properly and far enough in advance.


Natalie Portman is in Prague

Natalie Portman, a Hollywood star, can be met these days on the streets on Prague. Natalie (25), known from films V for Vendetta, Star Wars or Free Zone, will be present at the premiere of her new film Goya’s Ghosts in Prague.

The premiere of the film is scheduled on 1st February. This film, directed by Milos Forman, focuses on the dark side of Spanish history. It tells the story of Francisco Goya at the last years of Spanish Inquisition when many Jews were tortured and executed.

Natalie is now staying in Four Seasons Hotel and can be seen in many luxurious shops. Spanish star Javier Bardem, who also acts in the movie, will come to Prague as well.


Historically significant inscription on Charles Bridge destroyed

The Crucifix and Calvary Unknown offender has damaged one of the statues on famous Charles Bridge in Prague. It was the statue of The Crucifix and Calvary. The offender destroyed a part of the Hebrew bronze inscription saying “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts”.

The inscription is controversial because it is against Jewish belief. It was made by Prague Jewish Elias Backoffen as a punishment for alleged debasing of the Holy Cross. At the request of North American rabbis the Prague’s Lord Mayer had to place an additional board with explanatory text near the inscription in 2000.

Although making a copy of the inscriptions will not cost much, the historical loss is incalculable. The deed is now being investigated by the police.