Compact archive January 30, 2007

How to behave in the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs issued a booklet called ‘Information Booklet For Foreign Nationals: Czech Republic’ that gives tourists or foreigners living in the Czech Republic information and advice for easier orientation in the Czech environment.

The booklet contains information about Czech political system, school system and healthcare, employment, social security, transportation, Czech customs and traditions, where to look for help, contacts to many institutions, and much more information about living in the Czech Republic.

This booklet was isued in Czech, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese languages. Printed versions are handed out at the Alien Police, Employment Bureau and non-profitable organizations.

Prague's gallery holds Salvador Dalí exhibition

Gallery At the White Unicorn (Galerie U Bileho jednorozce) in Old Town Square held for the last few months a very successful exhibition ‘The Best of Jan Saudek’. This exhibition was shifted to Jan Saudek Gallery at the end of the year.

After Saudek the gallery will host an exhibition of works of another world’s famous artist – Salvador Dalí together with photographs by Vaclav Chochola. This unique exhibition will show the Dali’s graphics, sculptures and ceramics kept mainly by private collectors.

The exhibition starts tomorrow, 31st January. The exhibition at the Gallery At the White Unicorn (Old Town Square 15) is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.


Czech people fear international organized crime

The The Public Opinion Research Centre made a survey to find out what Czech people think about safety risks for the Czech Republic. 1119 people above 15 years old took part in the survey made last December.

From the answers of the respondents is clear that Czech people fear the international organized crime the most. More than two thirds of the people consider it as a big danger. The second thread that Czech people fear the most are terrorists and terrorist organizations. 6 people out of 10 consider it as very dangerous.

Another question investigated the opinion of people on the biggest actual thread for the Czech Republic. People could chose from a war conflict, an epidemic or a natural disaster. According to the statistic, Czech people evaluated natural disaster as the most probable.

People were also asked which country may be the biggest potential thread for the safety and piece in the Czech Republic. 21% of people do not see any other state as a potential thread. 24 % did not know. If people mentioned a state, it was mostly Iraq (24%), Iran (17%) and Afghanistan (10%).


Reconstruction of Vysehrad continues

More than 50 000 people a year come to Vysehrad to see many of its attractions. A greater number of people just walk in the area of Vysehrad and enjoy their free time in newly reconstructed park. The reconstruction of Vysehrad has improved the area a lot, other reconstructions are planned for the year 2007.

Restorers will focus on a part of the Baroque ramparts and buttress. The main entrance to the fortress – The Tabor Gate – will get a new roof and new plaster. The toilets near the Church of St. Peter and Paul will be repaired.

Last year the Gothic Vault was open to the public with a new exposition about the history of Vysehrad. A large multi-purpose hall for concerts and exhibitions has been built in the Vysehrad Burgrave’s House. Children can play in the playground on the theme of old Czech legends.


Will vandalism change Charles Bridge?

The statue of The Crucifix and Calvary on Charles Bridge in Prague whose inscription was partly destroyed last week will not be restored soon. The experts first need to do restoring research before a new replica of the inscription can be made. Also scuba divers will be sent to explore the bottom of the river to search for the inscription.

Prague inhabitants are shocked by the act of vandalism. The city council now thinks how to prevent other damages. One of the ways is to reinforce guard on the Charles Bridge and improve security camera system. Another way may be replacement of all the original sculptures for their copies.

There are 30 sculptures on the Charles Bridge, many of them were damaged during the centuries. Only nine original statues have been replaced by replicas so far. Few years ago an unknown vandal tore off the arm of the statue of St. John the Baptist. Also an eagle is mission from a coat-of-arms. However, the damage of the cultural monument has never been so severe like this time.