Compact archive February 2, 2007

New tram in Prague for disabled and mothers with children

Travelling by trams in Prague with a pram or in a wheelchair is not so easy. It will partly change soon. A new tram, modernized from an older version, suitable for mothers with small children and disabled people will appear in Prague from the next week.

The modified tram will have a bit lower floor than other trams, it will be one meter longer and will be less noisy. Travellers can recognize it by the symbols for disabled people and prams clearly placed next to the door. The modernization of the tram cost 8 million Czech crowns.

Although there is only one tram of this kind in Prague right now, there should be another tram ready at the end of February and 8 new ones at the end of the year. Besides this new tram, there are 18 low-floor trams in Prague. All together there are about 900 trams transporting passengers in Prague.


Concert of Faithless soon in Prague

British band Faithless known especially for their dance songs will come to Prague during The Tour 2007. The concert will take place in Prague’s Trade Fair Palace (Dukelskych hrdinu 47) on 10th April 2007.

Their music is characterized between hip-hop and dance music. The band consist of Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo, although for every album they employ another ‘guest’ musician. Their latest album is called To All New Arrivals and was issued in November last year.

Tickets are already on sale for 770 CZK. Also E-tickets are available. The concert starts at 20:00.

Update: The concert will be held in T-Mobile Arena (Za Elektrarnou 419, in the area of Prague Exhibition Ground).


Dadaism at Prague Writer's Festival

17th Prague Writer’s Festival 2007 will be devoted to Dadaism. The motto of the festival is the sentence by Paul Celan “I dig, you dig, and the worm digs too.” The festival will be held in Prague from 3rd to 6th June 2007.

Among invited guests are be Gary Snyder, an American poet, essayist and environmental activist. He is the author of Mountains and Rivers Without End (1996), A Place in Space (1995) or The Practise of the Wild (1990).

Among other authors will be Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg known for his books Blue Mondays (1994) and Phantom Pain (2000), Swedish expert in Dadaism Tom Sandqvist, fiction writer Aleksandar Hemon, British journalist and writer James Meek and others.

For more details about the festival, visit here the official websites.


Some Czech phone boxes accept euros now

Tourists coming to Prague do not have to change euro coins to Czech crowns any more to make a phone call from a phone box. There are about 6 000 chosen phone boxes in the Czech Republic which except euro coins as well.

These phone boxes owned by Telefonica O2 are mainly in places attractive for tourists. They accept coins with the denomination from 10 euro cents to 2 euros. After inserting the coins, the display will show the credit in Czech currency.


Valuable inscription lay under the Charles Bridge

About 4 million people visit Charles Bridge in Prague every year. The statues on Charles Bridge, many of which are still original, are often damaged by vandals. The last case happened last week when an unknown vandal destroyed the inscription on the statue The Crucifix and Calvary.

Yesterday from 9 a.m. groups of scuba divers were searching for the remains of the inscription. They were lucky to find 3 parts of it. They will continue today to find the rest. Since the inscription lay on the bottom of the Vltava river, it is likely, that the inscription was not damaged because of religious reasons.

There is not a single statue on Charles Bridge that has not been damaged yet. Many times tourists take a part of the statue as a souvenir or for gold it contains. Mostly stolen or damaged objects are toes of the statues and heads of angels. There will be probably more patrols and better camera system to fight the vandalism soon.