Compact archive February 7, 2007

Landscape photographs in Old Town Hall

For all those who like photographs of beautiful countryside, the Old Town Hall holds an exhibition of large-format photographs by Vaclav Spillar called Africa, America, Australia.

The photographs show natural landscapes from three continents. Vaclav Spillar travellers with his family all over the world and tries to find unknown but interesting places and immortalize them by his camera. Many Spillar’s photographs can be also see in many of his books.

The exhibition in Old Town Hall in Old Town Square is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00 until 28th February. The full entrance fee is 70 CZK (for students and seniors 40 CZK). For an example of what you can see there, click here.


Langweil model of Prague will be digitized

Langweil model of Prague is a unique work documenting the historical appearance of the Prague city centre before it was radically changed. The author, Antonin Langweil, an university librarian, worked on the model from 1826 to his death in 1837. There are about 2000 objects, half of which does not exist in real any more. The model is made from cardboard and wood.

Digitizing started at the end of the last year. More then half a million of pictures will be taken, which is the capacity of about 3000 DVD discs. Digitizing will cost about 12,5 million CZK. The model should be on internet within 2 years.

The real model is now the most famous exhibit of the Museum of the City of Prague. When the photographing of the model is over (mid March) it will move to a new showcase with better lighting and a camera which will show the central part of the model.

The Museum of the City of Prague (Na Porici 52) is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00. Full entrance fee is 80 CZK. Every first Thursday of the month it is open until 20:00 and the entrance fee is only 1 CZK.


The president's car heads to the museum

The National Technical Museum in Prague got a special accession – a luxurious car Skoda Superb that used to belong to the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. He got from Skoda Auto company a new car. These cars are specially adjusted for the head of the state.

The National Technical museum owns a collection of cars owned by the Presidents of the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia). All of them are a bit different according to the needs of the president. T.G. Masaryk, the first President of the Czechoslovakia, used to ride in a car that had special lights inside so that Masaryk was able to work in his car at night.

All presidents’ cars were displayed in the Riding School of Prague Castle a few years ago. The National Technical Museum contains also a valuable collection of other cars made in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) and also abroad. The museum is due to reconstruction closed until 2008.

Precious inscription on Charles Bridge has been removed

Yesterday restorers removed the damaged inscription on the statue of The Crucifix and Calvary on Charles Bridge. A few pieces of the inscription were found at the bottom of the Vltava river last week.

As it has not been the first time that the inscription was damaged, the original will be kept in the Gallery of the City of Prague. The statue on Charles Bridge will get a replica of the bronze inscription. Meanwhile a small note next to the statue will inform about the history of the statue together with a drawing of the historical appearance of the statue.

Not only the statue will be renovated but also the whole Charles Bridge. The start of the Charles Bridge reconstruction is planned for this spring. The bridge will not be closed totally, only part by part, so that tourist can admire one of the most famous monument in Prague.


Last respect to Czech composer Karel Svoboda

Thousands of people came yesterday to Strasnice crematorium in Prague to pay the last respect to Karel Svoboda, one of the most famous song writer in the Czech Republic. Svoboda is known all around the world thanks to his song for children serial Vcelka Maja (Maya the Bee, in German Die Biene Maja) sung in many language versions by Karel Gott.

Svoboda made many hits. His song Lady Carneval was very successful in Rio de Janeiro carnival and was adopted by interprets from Brazil, France, Hungary, Germany and Sweden. He was an author of many popular songs. He wrote or cooperated on a large number of songs for local or foreign serials. His last work was the music play Golem.

Karel Svoboda shot himself dead in the garden of his house on 28th January 2007 at the age of 68. There are many speculations about his reasons for committing a suicide. Many celebrities came to his funeral to say their last good bye.