Compact archive February 8, 2007

Prague Castle in more languages this year

Prague Castle, the most popular and visited monument in Prague, attracts thousands of tourists every day. Last year more than 2 million visitors paid to see many of the attractions of Prague Castle. The number of tourists just wandering in the Prague Castle complex is probably double.

As Prague Castle is visited by people coming from various countries of the world, Prague Castle Administration will place tags with interesting facts on significant objects of Prague Castle in 10 languages including Chinese and Japanese.

Prague Castle has also launched new websites on with a virtual tour of Prague Castle complex. As the sites are visited by more than 1500 a day, the Prague Caste Administration has decided to create an English version soon.


Recruitment campaign for Prague police officers

At the end of this year there should be about 1000 city police officers in Prague. To get this number of employees, the administration of city police decided to launch a big recruitment campaign to attract more people. Short films in the style of action movies will show up soon on TV or in the cinemas.

The director David Ondricek wants to show in the films the image of police work in Prague. Two police officers jump from one roof to another, ride a motorcycle or exercise in the gym. The film is supposed to be a kind of hyperbole. Apart from the film, there will be posters and advertisements as well.

A city police officer is Prague is responsible for a certain Prague district that he/she knows the best. New city police officers will mainly patrol in public transport and the city centre.


Entrance to Muller Villa is 50% cheaper

The Museum of the City of Prague announced that visitors of Muller Villa in Prague, one of the monuments applying to be in the precious UNESCO list, pay 50 % less on the entrance fee from 1st February to 11th March 2007.

Muller Villa in Prague is a good example of Functionalist style designed by Adolf Loos and Karel Lhota in 1928 – 1930. The rooms inside are not designed traditionally but according to their functions. Entrance is possible by prior arrangement only.

The villa will be closed for technical reasons from 12th March to 23rd March.


Online check-in with EasyJet

EasyJet launched a new service for its customers at the beginning of February. EasyJet is the only low-cost carrier that enables travellers to check-in online. This services is available for those customers who will only travel with hand luggage.

Travellers can book and buy an electrical ticket on internet. At that moment the reservation is in the system of the company. The travellers can check-in online and print their boarding ticket at home. At the airport they go straight to the security checking and do not have to wait in a queue in front of the check-in desk. Passengers are still required to come at least 25 minutes before departure.

Passengers of EasyJet can choose their seats on the plane and therefore they do not have to search for the number of their seats. The means the who comes first can also choose the best place to sit.

Online check-in is possible also with Air France, British Airways, KLM, SN Brussels and SWISS.


Flu epidemic came to the Czech Republic

About 800 000 children and adults in the Czech Republic are down with the flu. The number will probably rise to 1 million. Flu epidemic that started in Moravia three weeks ago has already spread to the whole country.

There is an average of 2322 ill people per 100 000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Epidemic starts when there is more than 2000 ill people per 100 000 inhabitants.

The worst situation is in the regions of Karlovy Vary, Liberec and Pardubice. In Prague there is 1759 ill people per 100 000 inhabitants. The situation might get worse because of the high concentration of people in the public transport.