Compact archive February 12, 2007

Being ill in Prague is not economic

Due to flu epidemic that started more than three weeks ago many people have had to stay in bed. Czech Social Security Administration file how many Czech people and how long they stay in bed due to illness every year.

According to their statistics, Prague people stayed in bed in average 31 days last year, while the average for the whole country is 36,5 days. Prague people are not less ill as it may seem. They have usually higher salaries and they better take a holiday (with the full salary) than staying at home with the sickness benefit.

The sickness benefit in the Czech Republic amounts about one quarter of the salary in the first three days and other days 69% of the salary. The richer the region is the less people stay at homes with a sick note, as it is not convenient for them. What is the situation in your country?

Czech Architectural Cubism in Prague

Unique Czech artistic phenomenon is the main theme of the exhibition called Czech Architectural Cubism (1911 – 1914) in Fragner Gallery in the centre of Prague. For the exhibition there is a publication printed in Czech as well as English language.

This exhibitions focuses on the development of modern architecture, especially in the Cubist style in the years 1911 – 1914 when Prague became, after Paris, the second centre of modern Cubist arts. Many Cubist building in Prague can be seen on black-and-white pictures taken by renowned photographer Ester Havlova.

Thanks to the big interest, the exhibition is prolonged until 25th February. It is open in Fragner Gallery (Betlemske nam. 5a) from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.


St Valentine's Day in Prague

St Valentine’s Day does not have a long tradition in the Czech Republic. It came here after 1989 and now is celebrated mainly by young people. The most popular presents are flowers and a box of chololates. St Valentine’s cards are mostly sent to beloved partners.

As we already informed, the National Gallery in Prague organizes extra action on St Valentine’s Day. Women accompanied by a man can even see the exhbition for free. The National Gallery is not the only place where to go in Prague.

Already today between 14:00 and 17:00 couples can get a small present in front of the shopping centre Novy Smichov at Andel. On Wednesday most of shops will offer something extra. Couples in love can also visit the shopping park Hostivar to write each other’s name on a big board.

In the shopping centre Eden people can contribute to charity. By buying a small ceramic bell with a heart for 30 CZK, they will support talented children from children’s homes.

Richter Villa will be open to the public for the first time

Richter Villa in Prague is situated near Prague Castle and palace gardens in Lesser Town. Thousands of people pass it every day but the villa was always closed to the public. It will change soon.

The villa is now being reconstructed and will be open to the public this autumn. Visitors can look forward to one of the most beautiful Classicist villas in Prague together with large gardens around it. These garden used to serve as a vineyard. The Prague Castle Administration plans to plant the vineyard again, open a wine house and launch there an exhibition of the history of wine.

Richter Villa was used by the embassy of Cuba, then it was one of the seats of the secret police in Czechoslovakia. High walls that surround the villa used to be guarded by armed patrols at that time.


Prague's gala premiere of Hannibal Rising

A few days ago American cinemas showed the premiere of a new film about cannibal Hannibal Lecter. The film mapping the youth of Hannibal was mainly filmed in the Czech Republic and many Czech actors and extras play in it.

The gala premiere will take place in Prague’s cinema Village on 20th February 2007. People can expect the director of the film, Peter Webber, who directed also Girl with a Pearl Earring. Then the main character who is interpreted by Gaspard Ulliel known from Very Long Engagement or Brotherhood of the Wolf.

The first film where the character of Hannibal Lecter appeared was Silence of the Lambs, followed by Hannibal and Red Dragon. The films were inspired by Thomas Harris books. This film called Hannibal Rising focuses on the motives why Hannibal Lecter became such a monster.