Compact archive February 22, 2007

Marilyn Manson will perform in Prague

Marylin Manson and his band are finishing the works on their new album “Eat Me, Drink Me” that is to be issued this spring, 4 years after the last one. At the same time, Marylin Mason will set out on the world’s tour. On 13th June, Manson with his band will perform in Prague.

Marylin Mason borrowed his name from Marylin Monroe and mass murderer Charles Mason. Marylin Mason is known mostly for his decadent and androgynous appearance. He offers a mix of guitars and electronic music, as well as distinct melodies.

The concert of Marylin Mason will take place in Trade Fair Palace (Dukelskych hrdinu 47). Tickets for his Prague’s concert will be available from tomorrow via and

CHANGE OF VENUE: The concert will take place in T-Mobile Arena in Prague Exhibition Ground.


Euro in CR most probably in 2012

The Ministry of Finance finds the year 2012 realistic for adopting euros, the common currency of European Union. The national plan for adopting of euros was approved yesterday by the National Coordination Group for Euro Adoption.

The national plan acts as a basis for practical preparation for adoption of euros. The plan will be submitted to the Czech government by the end of March. The Czech Republic wants to adopt euro in the same year as Poland.

The Czech coins and banknotes will be, according to this plan, still valid up to two weeks after the adoption. People could change their Czech crowns for euros even up to six months after the start of euros. Also shopkeepers will be obliged to show prices both in Czech crowns and euros 5 months before and 1 year after adopting euro, so that there would no unreasonable increase in prices.

Prague suffers from too much light

According to the experts who examine the intensity of light in Prague, the Czech capital is one of the most lit city in Europe. Probably only Brussels is more lit because of its illuminated highways. Every 20th Prague citizen cannot sleep because of the light coming through the windows from outside.

The “light smog”, as the expert call it, is caused not only by street lamps, but also by billboards, signboards, and beams of light illuminating historical buildings, especially in the centre of Prague. The light causes problems not only to sleepers, but also to drivers, who are disturbed by too much light stimuli, and to stargazers.

Many cities in Western Europe are lit only with dim light. Prague councilmen are now thinking of dimming the light as well. Some of the billboards and monuments may not be so illuminated in the future. Will it change the image of night Prague?


New face of namesti Republiky

Namesti Republiky is a square which is known especially for Powder Tower, Art Nouveau building of Municipal House, newly reconstructed theatre house Hybernia, department store Kotva, banks, and other historical buildings. Right now the square looks like a busy crossing. This should change soon.

The building that is situated at the corner of the streets Na Porici, Truhlarska and namesti Republiky used to serve as a barracks. Now it is being transformed into a modern multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre Palladium. It is supposed to be open this autumn.

Hotel Imperial in the street Na Porici will be reconstructed and a new hotel will be built in Truhlarska street. Together with the works on the hotel, pavements and roads will be improved. Also the department store Kotva will be, according to the owner, modernized soon.


Oscar ceremony live in Prague's cinema

Millions of people all around the world will watch the prestigious Oscar Awards ceremony that will start this Monday at 1 a.m. local time. HBO company decided to broadcast the event on a large screen of the multiplex cinema Palace Cinemas Slovansky dum (Na Prikope 22) in Prague.

All who do not want to miss watching the Oscar awards ceremony live, can go to the cinema for free. Each visitor will also get a popcorn and a drink for free. However, thanks to the high demand, people have to register at HBO websites in advance. The organizers consider opening more halls for the viewers, as more than 1300 people has already singed in.

The evening at the cinema starts at 22:00 by showing some HBO serials. The Oscar ceremony will be interpreted into Czech language by film critics Frantisek Fuka and Tomas Baldynsky.