Compact archive March 1, 2007

New tourist information centre in Prague

Tourists in Prague can visit a new tourist information centre that was open today in Rytirska street 31. The centre is open from 9:00 to 19:00 (from November to March only to 18:00). It is situated close to the frequent route from Wenceslas Square to Old Town Square and very closed to the Estate Theatre.

The workers at tourist information centres give information about Prague’s cultural events, monuments or transportation. They provide also other services, such as arranging accommodation, tourists guides, interpreters, sight-seeing tours and trips around Prague. Prague’s visitors can buy there Prague Card enabling free admission to 50 monuments and museums throughout Prague.

Other tourist information centres are in Old Town City Hall, Lesser Town Bridge Tower and main railway station. The Prague municipal authorities plan to create another tourist information centre at Prague Airport Ruzyne.


Czechs will send an official statement on the radar base soon

The Czech Republic will send an official answer to the U.S. request about placing the anti-missile radar base in the Czech Republic by the end of March. The draft has been prepared, now it’s time to settle some details. The Czech public will be acquainted with the letter after it has been sent.

The government will decide about the final version of contract between the Czech Republic and the USA in several months. Until then, experts will produce analyses about the impact of the radar base on the environment and health of people.

The radar base will be probably in Brdy situated southwest from Prague. The request has aroused some indignation, especially in Russia. There have been several demonstrations in the Czech Republic against the base.

Some parts of Prague still lack anti flood barriers

Most people in the Czech Republic connect August 2002 with the catastrophic floods that struck the country. Prague was one of the struck towns and the flood effects were noticeable long after the flood was gone.

Many parts of the city are now protected against high level of the Vltava river. Especially the parts around the centre have a good water protection. The state has already invested 2 billion CZK, another half a billion will be invested this year. Although the anti flood barrier should have been completed before October 2007, there are some parts that still lack the barriers.

The construction will continue this year in three parts of Prague – Zbraslav, Radotin, and Chuchle. Prague-Troja, where popular Prague Zoo, Botanical Garden and Troja chateau with splendid gardens are situated, will be finished next year. According to the meteorologists, there’s no need to worry about floods this year. There hasn’t been much snow and the soil can soak up rain water much easier.

Total lunar eclipse this Saturday

People in eastern Americas, Europe, Africa, and western Asia will be able to watch the total lunar eclipse that will occur on 3rd March 2007. It will be the only eclipse this year (the next one will be on 21st February 2008) but visible during the whole process.

For the Czech Republic, the lunar eclipse will start at 22:30 on Saturday night. The Moon will be totally in the shadow of the Earth from 23:44 to 00:58. The Moon will get out of the shadow at 2:11 on Sunday.

If we are lucky with weather, the night sky will also decorated with planets Venus and Saturn. Saturn with its system of rings will be visible during the whole night in March.

President Klaus announced his second candidacy for the post

President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus announced his candidacy for the post of president for the next turn of office. The media had speculated his intentions for a longer time, yesterday Vaclav Klaus made his candidacy official.

Vaclav Klaus was elected President on 28th February 2003 and appointed on 7th March 2003. Politicians have less than a year to nominate other candidates. Vaclav Klaus is now the only serious candidate for the post.

Social democrats, the opposition party, wants to have their own candidate. Also the Green Party wants to nominate another candidate, most probably a woman. If Civil Democrats and Christian democrats agree on Vaclav Klaus, Klaus can rely on the majority of the Parliament. According to statistics, 73 % of Czech people trust President Vaclav Klaus.