Compact archive March 2, 2007

The National Library entrusted to a world famous architect

Source: National Library in Prague National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague announced today the winner of International Architecture Competition for the new building of the National Library which now seats mainly in Prague’s Clementinum.

The winner of the competition is world famous architect Jan Kaplicky, who comes from the Czech Republic but lives in England. His design, according to the jury, best meets the reguirements for one of the most modern library in the world. The winning design together with other projects will be displayed in Klementinum Gallery in Prague from 29th March to 31st May 2007.

The winner was chosen from 748 architects and architectural teams from all over the world. The jury consisted of many world-renown architects, such as Zaha Hadid who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004.

The new building of the National Library will be finished in 2010 in Prague-Letna and open to the first readers in 2012. Read more about the winning project.

Festival Creative Africa starts this Sunday

The festival Creative Africa alias We All Are Africans will introduce for the sixth time great African artists to Prague audience. The festival will start this year with performance of Belgian-Congo rapper Pitcho Womba Konga in Archa theater this Sunday.

Konga was very successful in Prague last year with his dramatic performance of Sizwe Banzi is dead directed by Peter Brook. This time he will show his talent through music. Among other guests of the festival will be Caya Makhele, French dramatist, journalist, and editor of Congo origin, or Sony Labou Tansi. one of the most important person of Congo’s theatre.

The festival is the only one of the kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It focuses mainly on African theatre and its relations to Europe. This year’s festival will be held from 4th to 10th March.


Prague will have a new congress centre

The congress tourism in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, is growing rapidly. Prague hosted 110,000 people who attended a congress in the Czech capital last year. A new congress centre will be open in Prague-Vysocany in one year.

The four star congress area will offer 23 conference rooms for 2500 guests and 560 hotel rooms. The congress area, situated in Namesti OSN, will bear the name Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

The company CPI Hotel will also open two other luxurious hotels in Prague. Four star Clarison Hotel Prague City in Tylovo namesti and five star Buddha Bar Hotel in Jakubska street. The number of luxurious hotels in Prague in rising fast. At the end of 2006 there were 26 five star hotels.

Cryotherapy also in Prague now

Medical research proved that spending some time in extremely low temperatures have good effects on psychic, it reduces pain and increase immune system of the body. Extremely low temperature is used in cryotherapy. Prague citizens and visitors can try to feel the very low temperatures ‘under their skin’ by visiting a newly open cryotherapy centre run by Kryomed Ltd.

The cryotherapy works in two phases. The first phase means spending two or three minutes in a small room where the temperature drops to -120˚C (-184˚F). During the second phase that takes about 15 minutes, the participants warm up their body by several exercises.

Everyone who wants to try the positive effects of cryotherapy must be first examined by a doctor who is in the centre. Positive results will be visible after four or five visits of the centre. The cryotherapy centre in Prague is located in the building of Business Centre in Kostelecka street 879 in Prague-Cakovice. Click here to get to the official web sites of the centre.

Prague International Marathon through the historical centre of Prague

Prague International Marathon becomes more and more prestigious and popular and was ranked in the Top Ten Marathons in the book ‘Great Marathon Races Throughout History’. Among marathoners world-wide it is known for the track offering one of the most beautiful views – it leads through the historical centre of Prague.

Organizers want to break a world record this year in the Hervis Prague Half Marathon on 24th March 2007. The present world record is 0:58:53. At least six runners from all over the world invited for the marathon could break the record.

The competition starts on Charles Bridge at noon and finishes in front of the Rudolfinum. The competition will be broadcast online on Czech TV. More information as well as registration forms can be found here.