Compact archive March 7, 2007

What makes Prague so unique?

Have you ever wondered what makes Prague special in many ways? Next to the most popular sights, such as the complex of Prague Castle (which is the largest castle complex in the world), Charles Bridges with 30 statues or Old Town Squre with the Astronomical Clock, there are things that Prague can be proud of.

The centre of Prague is the largest historical city reserve in the world, written on the UNESCO list. The statue of Jan Zizka on Vitkov Hill is the biggest equestrian statue in the world. Charles square (Karlovo namesti) is one of the largest squares in Europe.

Strahov stadium in Prague 6 is the largest stadium in the world (63,000 square meters). Sport hall Sazka Arena is one of the most modern building of its kind, it can be easily transform for sport to cultural events. Underneath the hall are pipes that provide 4 restaurants, 7 bars and 20 snack-bar with beer. The system is able to tap 10,000 liters of beer in 15 minutes.

The tram system is considered to be the densest in Europe. It transports about 340 million people a year. Gas lamps are coming back to the historical part of the city, soon they will appear on Charles Bridge. The design of the Dancing House is world unique.

Czech scientists have a powerful medicine against viruses

Czech scientists in the team of Antonin Holy and Marcela Krecmerova in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague produced a substance that is extremely powerful against many known viruses. Some of them can even kill people with weakened immune system.

The new medicine called MK 612 is several times stronger than the most known medicines that are sold nowadays. What’s more, it’s less toxic, which means that it has only slight side effects.

The team of Antonin Holy is world renowned, earning 100 million CZK a year for patent fees and their cooperation on projects with other teams.

The future of their newest medicine is uncertain. The pharmaceutical company, that cooperates with the team, will probably buy the patent but it’s not clear whether the company will start to produce the medicine. “It’s probably because of other competitive products, which are less powerful on the one hand, but already established at the market on the other hand,” says Antonin Holy.

New branch of Cartier in Parizska street in Prague

Parizska ulice, the second most expensive street in Prague, belongs to one of the most exclusive boulevard in Europe. You can find there accessories by Louis Vuitton, scarfs and jackets by Burberry and from the end of March also watches and jewellery by Cartier.

The luxurious goods of the brand Cartier can be bought in Prague now only at the international airport Ruzyne. The new shop in Parizska street, in a historical building on the area of 170 square meters, will offer goods of the renown quality of the famous French jeweller and watchmaker.

According to Czech Business Weekly, among other luxurious shops open in Parizska street might be soon the branch of British Burberry, the official tailor of British Queen Elizabeth II.

Prague is the most expensive city in Central Europe

According to the survey Worldwide Cost of Living made by Economic Intelligence Unit organization, Prague stays the most expensive city in Central Europe. It was ranked 55th out of 132 assessed cities in the world.

Prague is more expensive than Lisbon in Portugal or Boston and Detroit in the USA. Prague is also the second most expensive city (after Moscow) from all post-Communist countries. The Czech capital is followed by Polish capital, Warsaw.

The most expensive cities are Oslo, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Tokio. The Economic Intelligence Unit advises to travellers on a budget to avoid Europe. In the top ten there are only two Asian cities, the rest are European ones. To learn more about the cost of living in cities around the world, click here


Strahov Picture Gallery in Prague offers more valuable works of art

Newly open Strahov Picture Gallery at the Strahov Monastery displays after reconstruction most valuable collection of about 1,500 paintings, statues and other works of art from Gothic to Romanticism. You can find there the works of great artists of the past, such as Skreta, Brandl or Spranger.

The Strahov Picture Gallery was first open to the public in 1993. The gallery contained works that had been recovered in restitution from the National Gallery. More and more works are being restored and become the part of the collection.

The Strahov Picture Gallery can be visited every day (except Monday) from 9:00 to 17:00. The full entrance fee is 60 CZK, reduced 30 CZK.