Compact archive March 15, 2007

Czech most popular names are Tereza and Jan

Czech calendar with names Czech people mostly chose names for their children from a Czech calender. The calender contains more or less one name on each day of the year. Czech people usually celebrate birthday and name day. Read more about name days in the Czech Republic.

According to the statistic, the most popular female names in the Czech Republic are now Tereza, Karolina, Natalie, Anna, and Eliska. The most popular male names are Jan, Jakub, Tomas, Adam, and Ondrej.

4,674 boys and 4351 girls were born in the first month of this year. 267 girls were called Tereza and 323 boys were called Jan (spoken variant of the name Jan is Honza). The most common surnames in the Czech Republic are Novak, Svoboda, Novotny, Dvorak, Cerny, Prochazka, and Kucera.


More information about Prague Easter markets

Prague Easter markets start already in 9 days. They will be mainly in Old Town Square and, according to Pavel Kocych from architectonic studio eAtelier that is responsible for the design of the markets, there should be enough space for 10 thousand visitors.

The stands will be similar to Christmas markets but instead of a big Christmas tree there will be a birch tree in blossom in the middle of the square. From 4th to 9th April stands near a wooden construction with an outlook of the markets will offer traditional Czech Easter food.

Children can visit a creative workshop and make their own Easter decorations, paint eggs, or weave pussy willow twigs to make traditional ‘pomlazka’. They can also visit a small zoo and pat small sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens.

The Easter markets start on Saturday 24th March and finish on Sunday 15th April. The stands will be open from 9:00 to 19:00 during weekdays and from 9:00 to 20:00 at weekends.


HairMax 2007 show in Prague's Sazka Arena

The newest trends in hair cosmetics, stylist techniques, products and inventions will be presented in trade show Hair Max 2007 that will take place in Sazka Arena on 28th April 2007.

Visitors can look forward to hair shows of well-known brands, such as L’Oreal, Matrix, Wella, Vitalitys, Indola, or Redken, to Czech and foreign professional hairdressers, top models and performances of popular Czech musicians.

Sazka Arena is situated near metro station Ceskomoravska (yellow line B). Tickets are available in advance for 390 CZK via SazkaTicket.

Czech beer breaks records

Czech people are known for their high consumption of (especially Czech) beer. The statistics for the last year prove it completely – several records were broken last year regarding beer production, distribution and consumption.

Czech breweries produced 19.79 million hectoliters of beer last year, which exceeds the ‘top’ consumption of beer in the year 1992 by 330 thousand hectoliters. Czech people drank 16.25 million hl last year. Average Czech person drank 158 liters of beer per year.

Also the export of beer abroad broke records. More than 3.5 million hl of beer were sold to foreign countries, especially to Germany, Slovakia, England, and the USA.


Main building of the National Museum temporarily closed

National Museum in Prague The main building of National Museum on the top of Wenceslas Square in Prague is temporarily closed due to regular upkeep of its collections. The collection of the museum will be sprayed with insecticide.

The museum is closed from today’s morning. It will open its gate again on Saturday 17th March at 13:00. On Saturday 21st March the museum is open only until 14:00 and on Friday 30th March until 15:00.

On Sunday 18th March visitors have the last chance to visit two exhibitions of the National Museum. The first one shows a piano connected with the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The second exhibition focuses on Charta 77 and its 30th anniversary. The exhibition The Hunters of Mammoths is open till 2nd September 2007.