Compact archive March 29, 2007

Indie rock and ska at the Sazavafest in Prague

Jarni Sazavafest Are you interested in Prague music scene? Would you like to see some good local bands? You have a chance this Saturday. There will be a festival, called “Jarni O2 Sazavafest” in Abaton club in Prague.

There will be two stages in Abaton. The “down stage” will belong to guitar bands, especially the up-and-coming indie rock bands, such as the Prostitutes, Living Room, Sunflower Caravan or Roe-Deer. You can also hear the Austrian band Fortunas Favourites there.

The second “up stage” will feature ska and reggae music. There will be Polemic, Sto zvirat and Prague Ska Conspiracy among the performing bands.

The festival will be accompanied by video projections and various other attractions. It will start at 3 pm and continue to the next day, the last band will play till 3:20 am.

A ticket to Jarni O2 Sazavafest costs 280,- CZK + fee (about 310,-CZK altogether) in the advance-sale (Ticketpro, Ticketstream), or 350,- CZK at the place. Abaton club is situated in the Holesovice district, in the Na Kosince Street 8.


Czech answer to the US radar base: Yes, but...

Czech Government officially agreed with negotiations about the possible US radar base in the Czech Republic. The Government nevertheless set an important condition: the radar base should be integrated in the future anti-rocket defense system of NATO.

The negotiations will last approximately to the end of the year. However, it is not sure, if the radar base will be approved by the Czech Parliament. The Civic Democratic Party and the Christian and Democratic Union are in favour of the base, but the Green Party emphasizes the necessity to integrate it to the NATO system. The Communists and most of the Social Democrats are against it, so in the end the vote can be quite close.

The public opinion on this issue is not unified in the Czech Republic. There were already several protests against the radar base.

The Americans can already start some exploratory and advance work in Brdy – the possible location of the base.

Poland, where the USA wants to place the rockets, expressed its approval without any conditions.


How could the National Library also look

The winning project for the new National Library, designed by Jan Kaplicky, is regarded as controversial. Now you can see all the projects, that took part in the international competition. There is an exhibition in the Clementinum in Prague, which shows models of the projects, some of them looking really crazy.

The winning Octopus by Kaplicky was not the only extraordinary project in the competition. There is for example a model called “an Ear”, looking like a funnel and probably even impossible to build. Some other projects, on the other hand, were conventional.

Kaplicky´s model will be exhibited in the scale of 1:500 to show, how it will change the Letna area.

The exhibition is called “Oko nad Prahou” (the Eye above Prague) and it will be open from today till 31st May, daily except Mondays, between 10 am and 7 pm. You can get to the Clementinum by underground (station Staromestska, line A) and then on foot.


Small "flood" in Prague district Vysocany

People who went to work yesterday morning along Sokolovska Street in Prague could´t believe their eyes. The street and the near park were flooded with water to the height of several tens of centimetres. It was caused by a crack of a water pipeline.

The pipeline cracked at 7 am. The area had to be closed for traffic, the trams were diverted for three hours. The supply of drinking water wasn´t affected, because it was an industrial water pipeline, providing service water from the river Vltava. Around 3 000 solid meters of water flew out.

The cracked pipeline was closed and the traffic is fully restored now.


Prices of flats in Prague rapidly grow

Flats in the Czech Republic, and especially in Prague, became at least 10% more expensive during the last year. The growth is even higher in some locations. For example, a three-room flat in Prague, which cost about 2 million CZK last year, is half a million more expensive now.

There is a high demand for flats at the present time. The mortgages are more accessible to people with lower salary and the interest is not high. Many flats were bought by people from abroad, who speculate with Czech flats, because of the growth of prices.

There are big differences between prices of flats in various locations. While in Prague you will pay for the mentioned flat the 2.5 million CZK, in a smaller Czech town, such as Pardubice, it is about 1.5 million.

However, the flats in Prague are still much cheaper than those in cities of the Western Europe.