Compact archive April 6, 2007

Will you be spending Easter in Prague?

Decorated Easter eggs Easter holidays will brings many people into the capital of the Czech republic. The road police, therefore, expect traffic jams on Czech highways, especially on D1 between Prague and Brno, and at the borders with Poland and Germany.

Meteorologists expect warm weather with pleasant temperatures, on Monday even about 20˚C (68 ˚F). Prague prepared besides Easter markets many interesting events as well as religious masses and concerts. Read more about Czech Easter.

For those who would like to celebrate Easter in a bit unusual way, we can recommend tomorrow’s Day of Curiosities in Old Town Square or special Easter green beer in Monastic Brewery Strahov in the area of Strahov Monastery.


Day full of curiosities in Prague's Old Town Square

Easter markets in Prague Visitors of Prague should not miss Old Town Square tomorrow, which doesn’t offer ‘only’ Easter markets with traditional goods, but also many interesting curiosities visitors can watch or even participate.

Old Town Square will get special decoration tomorrow – made by the biggest painted egg, an egg made from safety matches, a huge egg made of quail eggs or large Easter ‘pomlazka’.

Czech agency Dobry den from Pelhrimov administrating the Czech Book of Records will be present at many competitions in the square, such as weaving pussy willow twigs, eating Easter cakes, throwing eggs and decorating large eggs.

A company concerned in bird protection, Merlin, will offer shows of owls and other birds of prey. Visitors can not even pet them but also send them to other visitors in a small circle.


Day of Mobile Etiquette in Prague set a new Czech record

The Day of Mobile Etiquette organized by T-Mobile company was celebrated quite originally – by setting a record in the category Drawing of a comic book by as many people as possible. The event took place in Prague’s namesti Republiky three days ago.

The theme of the comic book was ‘a good behavior with a mobile phone’ and authors of the project was Stepan Mares and other 1,487 people. The final comic was made out of 20 windows of the size 1×1 meter. The event is written in the Czech Book of Record administered by Dobry den agency.

T-Mobile wanted to point out to the etiquette that people should follow when using mobile phones. Choosing the date for the Day of Mobile Etiquette was inspired by the first call from a transportable cellphone in New York in 1973.

Festival of contemporary dance in Prague

TANEC PRAHA (Dance Prague) is an International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre that is held annually in Prague. The 19th edition of the festival will be held from 1st to 28th June 2007.

The main star of the festival will be Canadian controversial group Compagnie Marie Chouinard, whose director and choreographer Marie Chouinard belongs to the legends of modern dance.

They will perform choreography Chorale and 24 Preludes by Chopin in Karlin Theatre on 6th June and The Rite of Spring accompanied by Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra in Sazka Arena on 14th June.

For the detailed programme, tickets, more information and news about the festival, visit the main page by clicking here.


Vinton Cerf talked about the future of Internet in Prague

Co-founder of Internet and vice president of Google, Vinton Cerf, visited Prague. On his press conference in one of the lecture rooms of the Czech Technical University in Prague he talked about the future of Internet, Internet on Mars and about democratization of the Net.

Vinton Cerf said that the number of IP addresses for Internet users might be not enough in 2012 with the current development of Internet. The number of Internet users grew from 50 million 10 years ago to current 1,1 billion.

According to Cerf, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) should establish a new standard for creating user addresses from current 32-bit address, that presents 4,3 billion IP addresses, to 128-bit address.

New security cameras watch Charles Bridge from today

Charles Bridge in Prague 10 new security cameras are now on both towers at the ends of Charles Bridge – on Old Town Bridge Tower and Lesser Town Bridge Tower. They have been installed to protect famous Charles Bridge.

There were two cameras before, but they were not efficient. Charles Bridge and especially its valuable statues were attacked by vandals many times. After the damage of an old inscription on one of the statues, that was found at the bottom of the Vltava river, new security measures had to be taken.

The cameras will monitor Charles bridge 24 hours a day. The screen will be checked by both state and city police. There are also officers regularly patrolling the bridge.