Compact archive April 11, 2007

More paid parking places in Prague from September

Prague municipal authorities decided yesterday that from this September there will be more paid parking places in Prague. Paid parking in the streets of Prague is now in the inner centre of Prague, which means Old Town, Josefov and a part of New Town.

From September you can expect paid parking places also in Prague’s areas Lesser Town, Hradcany, Brevnov, Vinohrady, Zizkov or Holesovice. Drivers who won’t have coins can newly use their credit card.

Drivers will have to pay up to 40 CZK for an hour of parking. What’s more, there will be only 6,271 parking places for Prague’s visitors, 35,518 other parking places will be reserved for people with permanent residence in that area.

The aim of this new edict is to improve the parking conditions for Prague’s residence, improve delivery of goods (with reserved parking places for delivery trucks) and to reduce the road traffic in the city.


Romany people are protesting in front of the government building

About 150 Romany people are now demonstrating in front of the Straka Academy, the seat the government of the Czech Republic. They are asking for resignation of the The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Regional Development Jiri Cunek. They have slogan banners, one of the slogans is ‘Prime minister, wake up, Cunek has got mad’.

The demonstrating people criticize Jiri Cunek for what he said recently that they are just suntanned people who make mess, who set on campfires on squares and don’t work. Jiri Cunek is known for moving Romany people from shabby house in the centre of Vsetin into ‘container’ houses outside the city, when he was the Mayer of Vsetin. He is also charged with taking bribe in 2002.

The Green Party, which is now in the government coalitions, stated that they will leave the coalition unless Cunek resigns from his post.

Concert of Juliette and The Licks in Prague

Juliette Lewis is a Hollywood actor known from the film Natural Born Killers. She is also a good musician and together with her band Juliette and The Licks she will perform in Prague tomorrow.

The band was founded in 2003 and the permanent members of the group are besides Juliette guitarist Todd Morse and Kemble Walters. The band has released 2 albums so far. Many songs from the albums can be heard at tomorrow’s concert in Prague.

The concert will be held in Retro Music Hall (Francouzska street 4) from 20:00, tickets are available via Ticketpro for 475 CZK or tomorrow before the concert for 500 CZK.


Works of art from Rudolf II's collection back at Prague Castle

II courtyard of Prague Castle Prague Castle Picture Gallery holds a vast collection of valuable works of art. Yesterday the colection was enriched by four newly discovered works of art created for Rudolf II. They are borrowed from a private collector from abroad for one year.

“These unknown works of art are displayed for the first and maybe the last time. The works of art return to the place they were created for 400 years later,” says curator Magda Machkova.

Visitors can admire now two paintings by Flemish painter Bartholomeus Spranger, one painting by German paintor Hans von Aachen a bronze statue by Dutch sculptor Adrian de Vries. The entrance to Prague Castle Picture Gallery can be found on the II courtyard of Prague Castle.


Extraordinary traffic lights in Prague

Pedestrians at about 50 crossroads in Prague were surprised by really unusual traffic lights yesterday. Instead of red and green figures representing ‘stop’ or ‘walk’ there were figures of a hang man, a man with a dog or a peeing boy.

The ‘author’ is unknown. He managed to replace the coloured glass in different parts of the city. Eltodo company that is in charge of the lights, suffered damages of several thousand CZK.

Prague’s pedestrians should be also aware of a new police action focused on bad behaviour of some pedestrians until this Friday. Police officers will guard frequented roads in Prague, such as streets Zitna, Stepanska, Vinohradka or Evropska, as well as zebra crossing near schools. They will give fines to anybody who will cross the street when the light is red or outside the crossing area.