Compact archive April 16, 2007

Sunshine will introduce their latest album in Prague

Czech band Sunshine Czech music band Sunshine will introduce their newest album ‘Dreamer’, recorded partly in Prague, London and Los Angeles, during their spring tour ‘Who Will Raise The Rabbits?’. Their Prague’s concert is scheduled for this Thursday.

Sunshine is a group of four players – Kay (guitar, singing), Jiri (guitar), Amak (bass guitar) and Dan (drums). They have performed many concerts in Europe as well as in the USA. For cooperation on their latest album they invited producer Bernd Burgdorf (Pink, Green Day) or James Cook from Nemo.

Prague’s concert takes place in Roxy club (Dlouha 33) and starts at 19:30. Tickets for 250 CZK are available via Ticketpro. For more information about the band visit their websites at


Future face of Prague-Letna

New building of the National Library in Prague Prague’s area Letna, situated on the left bank of the Vltava River near Cechuv Bridge, will probably change radically. First of all there will be the new and rather controversial building of the National Library designed by Jan Kaplicky, probably open for visitors in 2011. Sparta stadium will be replaced by National stadium designated for football matches and music concerts with the capacity of 40,000 seats. It will be open probably in 2010.

Another attraction in Prague, placed in Letna, will be a large ocenarium with more than 800 sea species including sharks and rays. It will be finished 2009 – 2010. Letna will also have a tunnel Blanka improving the transport in the city. The tunnel will be finished in 2011.

Letna’s history and development so far can be seen in the new exhibition in the Architectures’ Hall in the Old Town City Hall in Old Town Square. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 17:00 and on Monday 11:00 – 17:00. There is no entrance fee.

Prague's Lord Mayer is facing troubles in Asia

Prague’s Lord Mayer Pavel Bem and other members of his expedition are now in Asia to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Before he left he had had many problems with his two months’ absence to be accepted.

Pavel Bem is now facing one of the obstruction to his dream goal. Chinese custom officers didn’t allow the Czech-Slovak expedition to climb the mountain from the Tibet side, even though Bem’s expedition had all the necessary visas and permits.

Bem’s expedition had to come back to the camp. They have already obtained all the required permits for climbing the mountain from the Nepal’s side. Pavel Bem wants to place the flag of Prague on the peak of the mountain.

Czech scientists contribute significantly to criminology

Czech scientists are now cooperating on a revolutionary method that could significantly help criminologist in their work. They are trying to identify the criminals from a small sample of blood, hair or saliva, thanks to DNA.

In about five years they will be able to tell what colour are the criminal’s eyes or hair, approximate height or hereditary diseases. Now criminologists use the DNA to tell whether the sample from the crime scene is identical with the DNA of the suspect.

Geneticists will discuss the developments in genetics on the I. special workshop organized by Czechoslovak Society For Forensic Genetics with presence of Eppendorf company in Prague’s Parkhotel (Veletrzni 20) that starts today.

Another method that is connected with Czech names is the analysis of criminals’ walk.

Prague: Drivers, use the button!

Even though Prague wants to invest 90 % of the money from European Union into new lines of Prague’s metro, the rest will be spent mainly on changing ‘classical’ traffic lights into ‘smart’ ones.

What does that mean? There are already 300 crossroads controlled by traffic lights responding on the density of traffic. About 70 % of traffic lights in Prague are on 24 hours a day.

A really curious situation is in Prague-Modrany on the crossroads of Generala Sisky and Komoranska streets. Drivers who approaches the crossroad from a dead-end street have to first get out of the car, walk to the pavement and press a button to get the green light.


Miss of the Czech Republic 2007 is 18 years old Katerina Sokolova

Miss of the Czech Republic 2007 Katerina Sokolova Katerina Sokolova (18) from Pruhonice near Prague became the Miss of the Czech Republic 2007. On the ceremonial evening last Saturday she also got the title Miss Silhouette. She is 177 centimeters tall, her measures are 91-67-94. She is studying at the third year of grammar school.

The crown of the most beautiful girl was handed over by Miss of the Czech Republic 2006 Tatana Kucharova who can be also proud of the title Miss World 2006. Tatana Kucharova will represent the Czech Republic abroad as an ambassadress of the Miss of the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, original crowns for the finalists had been stolen just few days before the final. Finalists had to be awarded by crowns from the last year.

Katerina Sokolova has to share the title of the most beautiful girl of the Czech Republic with Lucie Hadasova who won in the competitive event.