Compact archive April 20, 2007

New information system at Karlstejn Castle

Information board at Karlstejn Castle Karlstejn Castle is a very popular place to visit near Prague. It was built during the reign of Charles IV and it used to hold the Crown Jewels. Visitors are now better informed about the guided tours thanks to a new information board near the booking office.

The first column at the information board shows the times of the guided tours. Second and third columns show the languages in which the lecture will be held. The languages are represented by national flags.

The fourth column represents the I. route. In the fifth column you can see how many people can still attend the group. Last column is designated for the names of booked groups. All the information is updated every 10 seconds.


Last respect to Ladislav Adamec, the Prime Minister during the Velvet Revolution

Yesterday the surviving relatives said their last good-bye to Ladislav Adamec, the Communist Prime Minister during the time of Velvet Revolution in 1989. The funeral was only for a family and friends in the crematory in Prague-Motol. He died on Saturday 14th April 2007 at the age of 80.

Ladislav Adamec was a Communist party functionary and the Prime Minister between 1988 and 1989. He is known for his dealing with the members of the opposition (such as Vaclav Havel) after 17th November 1989. He wanted to solve the situation by compromises and in a non-violent way.

He resigned from his post of the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia on 7th December 1989. He tried to make a political comeback in 1996, but he was not successful.

George W. Bush will discuss the radar base in Prague

As we informed yesterday, George W. Bush will visit Prague to discuss the placing of U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. His short visit is expected on 5th June. Czech diplomacy now expects that the date will be confirmed today by Condoleezza Rise at her meeting with Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg.

MF DNES found out that G. W. Bush will probably meet, during his short visit in Prague, the former Izrael Minister of Interior Natan Sharansky. Sharansky together with Ex-President Vaclav Havel will organize a conference ‘Democracy and Security’ in Prague at that time.

The Czech Republic and the United State of America are now discussing the possible radar base in Brdy near Prague. At yesterday’s meeting of NATO, the member state expressed no big objections against the extension of U.S. anti-missile defences in the Czech Republic and Poland.


Prague and homeless people

According to the latest census made by social workers and Prague police, there are 1,811 homeless people living in Prague. Half of them live on the streets, many others in special houses for homeless people. Many non-profit organisations (there are more than 250 organisations in Prague helping homeless people) claim that the number is much higher.

Prague city and the European Union give about 52 million CZK a year to help homeless people in Prague. There is a newly reconstructed ship for homeless people in Prague that can be found near Stefanikuv bridge. The ship offers 250 beds.

According to Prague councilman Jiri Janecek, Prague will contribute to the companies which will employ homeless people 20 % of the salary. Homeless people will probably get a special card which will enable them to use some services, such as food, medical care, etc. Humanitarian organisations, however, protest against such a labeling.

Open Door Day at Prague Radio tomorrow

The Czech Radio gives a special opportunity to everybody who wants to visit the historical building of the radio and take part in the live broadcasting. The ‘Open Door Day’ is held tomorrow between 8:00 and 18:00.

Visitors can see the historical building of the Czech Radio before its large reconstruction. They can also see the preparation of many internet broadcasts and they can try to move the camera in Prague’s Zoo that is broadcasting the famous gorillas on internet. They can also see a live broadcasting of several radio programmes. The shop of the Czech Radio in the building will sell books, CDs, DVDs with an extraordinary discount.

The entrance to the radio station is from Rimska street 13. Groups of people will go inside in the interval of 10 minutes. The route will take about one hour (it requires a certain condition because of 90 steps inside the building). Time tickets will be handed out for free in Rimska street from Saturday 7:50. Tickets can be also booked on telephone number +420 22 155 1313.

Taxi from Prague's Old Town Square for 28 CZK now

Some taxi drivers charge three times more than they are allowed If you take a taxi on the Old Town Square in Prague, the taxi drivers will charge you 28 CZK per kilometer, even though a few weeks ago you would pay 99 CZK. Many Prague’s taxi drivers decided to cease their protest against the pricing policy of the Prague’s municipal authorities.

The Prague’s municipal authorities issued an edict valid from the beginning of January that Prague’s taxi drivers cannot charge more than 28 CZK per kilometer. Many taxi drivers were demonstrating against such an edict. They find it discriminating. The lawsuit between them and the municipal authorities has lasted for more than one year now.

Pavel Jelinek, the chairman of the trade union Taxi Praha claims that Prague municipal authorities does not act legally when they take away taxi licences. He gives an example that Prague’s municipal authorities took away licences from nine taxi drivers but the Ministry of Transport gave them back.