Compact archive April 24, 2007

Many theatre and music performances in Prague's metro

Travelling by metro in Prague can become a pleasant experience. How is that possible? Prague students want to bring entertainment into the entrance halls of Prague’s metro during the festival Majales Underground, which is a part of big student festival Majales.

Tomorrow and on Saturday 28th April travellers can see many theatre and music performances, listen to many literary valuable works or exercise in a small ‘fitness centre’ just on the area of Prague metro.

Prague’s metro station ‘Namesti Republiky’ will be occupied by many actors, ‘Muzeum’ and ‘Smichovske nadrazi’ will be reserved for music, ‘Florenc C’ will become a literary cafe and the entrance hall of the station ‘Mustek B’ will offer many sport equipment for everybody who wants to try it.


Palace gardens under Prague Castle are more and more popular

Palace Gardens below Prague Castle Palace gardens under Prague Castle attract more and more visitors every year. They offer not only a nice atmosphere with a splendid view of Old Prague and Lesser Town, but also many concerts of popular and classical music.

Last year the gardens were visited by more than 86.000 people. This year the complex of five historical gardens will offer especially Baroque music and chamber compositions of famous music composers that are related to Prague.

The gardens were founded approximately at the end of the 17th century. From the 70’s of the 20th century no one took care of them and they devastated. The renovation and reopening was possible also thanks to the fund founded by British Prince Charles. He was charmed by the gardens during his visit of Prague in 1992.


World of Entertainment 2007 in Prague Exhibition Ground

Amusement machines and video games, jukeboxes, laser games, electronic roulette and casino equipment, billiards, darts, football tables, inflatables, money handling machines, publications and many more items are visible these days at Prague Exhibition Ground in Prague Holesovice.

The 15th World of Entertainment takes place in the right wing and the centre hall of the Industrial Palace. Last year there were about 110 exhibitors especially from the Czech Republic. Visitors can take part in an electronic darts competition and a snooker exhibition.

The trade fair is open today until 18:00, tomorrow from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00. The entrance fee is 150 CZK. Young people under 18 years old are not allowed to enter.


American diplomats negotiate in Prague

More information is known now about the June’s visit of the President of the USA George W. Bush in Prague. He will come with his wife. During his stay he will meet the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and the leader of the biggest opposition party (Social Democrats) Jiri Paroubek. They will discuss placing the U.S. anti-missile radar base in Brdy not so far from Prague.

The American president wants to attend the conference of the Prague Security Studies Institute. Other participants will be also the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar or former Israel Minister of Interior Natan Sharanski, and allegedly former Czech president Vaclav Havel.

Yesterday the Director of the Missile Defense Agency Henry Obering visited Prague to discuss with the the top representatives of the Czech Republic. He assured that the radar would be on only in the case that the satellites would track enemy intercontinental missiles. The USA would like to have the official answer from the Czech side by the end of this year.


Prague will get more modern trams Porsche

Travellers on tram lines no. 3 and 9 in Prague can enjoy the ride in one of twelve modern and especially low-floor trams Porsche that have been riding in Prague since the end of 2005. Prague will have now another 15 of them till the end of this year.

The trams can be recognized by an elegant design. Even though some passengers complain that there is less space in the new trams, many others, especially people on the wheelchair or mothers with prams, appreciate the low floor of the trams. The Prague’s municipal authorities plan to have 60 low-floor trams Porsche by 2009.

It is not clear yet what routes the new trams will take. Eva Dydova from Prague Public Transport company says that it will depend also on the suggestions from the organisations gathering wheelchair users and handicapped people.


Football fans marched through Prague

The record-breaking number of fans of two football teams Sparta and Slavia filled the Sparta stadium in Prague-Letna yesterday. More than 20.000 people were watching the match that ended with the result 1:0 for Sparta.

About 600 fans of Slavia met in the Old Town Square in the afternoon, after that they continued via Parizska street into Letna. More than 650 policemen were in position to make sure that fans of the two clubs won’t mix together. The crowds of football fans were guarded also by policemen on horses, armoured policemen and an armoured transporter.

The Prague transport near Letna had to be restricted before and after the match. There are no reports that somebody was injured, even though about 100 fans of Sparta and Slavia had conflicts in nam. Jiriho z Podebrad at half past four. The groups were divided by the police. Nine people were detained.

Wilbur Smith will come to Prague, John Irving will not

The Industrial Palace where the fair takes place If you planned to visit the 13th Prague International Book Fair this year to see the famous and one of the most popular author John Irving (‘World According to Garp’), we have bad news for you. John Irving will not come to Prague due to his recent operation.

However, already confirmed authors at the fair are Wilbur Smith, the author of ‘River God’ and many other bestsellers, then Robert Fulghum, Petru Cimpoesu from Rumania, Bodo Kirchhoff or Karen Duve.

The fair will take place in Prague’s Exhibition Ground from 3rd to 6th May 2007. Here you can learn more details about the fair.