Compact archive April 25, 2007

Czech people like Tony Blair and the Slovaks

According to the survey of STEM agency, Czech people have the most positive attitute to the Slovak Republic, France and the Netherlands. ‘Good marks’ were given to the Slovak Republic by 83% of the respondents, to France and the Netherlands by 82% of the respondents.

These states are followed by Sweden and Denmark (80%) and Italy (76%). The least good marks were given to Serbia (36%), Russia (29%), Ukraine (27%) and China (24%). From the long-term view, the positive attitude of Czech people to other countries have a rising tendency.

Speeking about politicians, Czech people like British Prime Minister Tony Blair (67% of respondents with positive attitude), French President Jacques Chirac (65%) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (62%). The least popular politicians are Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi (34%), Russian President Vladimir Putin (31%) and American President George W. Bush (29%).


'Open door day' at the palaces of the Czech Parliament and at the state rooms at Prague Castle

On the occasion of the ‘Liberation Day’, the Czech Republic national holiday commemorating the end of the European part of the World War II, several institutions will be open to the public.

On 8th May people can visit the seats of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, namely Thun, Sternberg, Smiricky and Auesperg palaces. The palaces will be open to the public between 9:00 and 16:00. They are located in the Lesser Town. Wallenstein Palace, the seat of Czech Senate situated in Waldstejske namesti, will be open that day between 9:00 and 17:00.

The state rooms at Prague Castle, the most beautiful rooms where the top diplomats are welcome by the Czech President, will be open on Saturday 12th May between 9:00 and 17:00.

Concert of Nine Inch Nails in Prague this August

American band Nine Inch Nail is right now on the European Tour 2007 via more than 40 cities of West and North Europe. Their web pages inform about their planned concert in Prague (Slavia stadium) on 13th August 2007.

During this year’s summer tour they will introduce their latest album ‘Year Zero’. Their debut album ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ was issued in 1989. The only permanent member of the group is Trent Reznor. Visitors of the Prague’s concert can look forward also to Jeordie Osborne White, Allesandro Cortini, Aaron North and Josh Freese.

Nine Inch Nail visited Prague 13 years ago, when he performed in Lucerna Palace. Tickets for the 2007’s concert will be on sale from 3rd May 2007.


Charitable Buy-a-Brick Action in Prague

Buy-a-Brick Action is a traditional project to help people with mental handicap be more independent and integrate fully in the society outside large care-taking institutions.

Everybody who wants to support such a project can buy a special brick for 100 CZK in four outlets in Prague (street Na Prikope, Knight of the Cross Square, Franciscan Garden and Andel). Donors will get together with the brick a donation certificate.

Donors may sign the brick or write a message on it and help create a brick tower which will serve as a original advertisement for the action. The project in Prague will take place from 2nd May to 13th July 2007.

Prague-Brevnov celebrates the 100th anniversary

Brevnov celebration of 100 anniversary near famous Brevnov Monastery One of the Prague’s districts Brevnov in Prague 6 is going to celebrate 100 years from the promotion to the town status. Locals are going to celebrate it this weekend and everybody is welcome.

A rich cultural programme is prepared for this weekend in front of the Brevnov Monastery. Visitors can look forward to imperial markets with the period goods and also to a traditional fair with a historical shooting range.

Old photographs and period artifacts illustrating the life of the local people during the century can be seen in a tent in front the ‘Kastan centre’. The tent will be there until 5th May.


Through Prague in the footsteps of Antonin Dvorak

Admires of the compositions of Antonin Dvorak (among the most famous are as ‘Rusalka’ or ‘From the New World’) can learn a lot about the life of this famous Czech composer in the Museum of Antonin Dvorak (Ke Karlovu street 20). The museum now opens a new exhibition called Through Prague in the Footsteps of Antonin Dvorak (Prahou po stopach Antonina Dvoraka).

Many photographs show the favourite places of Dvorak, where he used to go to in Prague. We can get to know his favourite cafes, pubs, parks and other places where he spent much of his time. The exhibition also shows Dvorak’s personal belongings and one of his manuscripts devoted to Prague. Antonin Dvorak lived in Prague for 47 years, most of the important moments in his life took place there.

The museum can be found in the building called ‘Amerika’ where Antonin Dvorak lived with his family after his arrival from the USA. The exposition is open until 13th April 2008.