Compact archive May 16, 2007

Harley Davidson Rally in Prague

Owners and lovers of Harley Davidson motorcycles and the lifestyle should not miss the 14th Czech National Rally Hog Prague which is planned for 1st -3rd June 2007 in Prague 6 – Vokovice.

Participants can look forward to a music concert on Saturday night (music band Peha, Kamil Strihavka etc.), motor shows, fireworks, a stunt show, or Miss Wet T-Shirt or striptease. Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00 is reserved for a parade through Prague.

The meeting is in camp Dzban on Friday 1st June 2006. Accommodation (by prior reservation) and food is provided in the camp. The registration starts at 14:00 on Friday 1st June, the rally fee for HOG members is EUR 35. Tickets for the Saturday concert are available via Ticketpro. Click here to visit the official pages.

Tens of Ferrari cars in Prague right now

About 50 owners of luxurious cars Ferrari are right now in Prague to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous brand. Today they can be seen in the city centre of Prague, in the evening they have a dinner in the complex of Prague Castle.

If you want to see these luxurious sport cars in Prague, stay close to Lesser Town Square (Malostranske namesti) and Hradcany Square (Hradcanske namesti) in front of Prague Castle.

Prague’s action is a part of a symbolic relay which started in United Arab Emirates in January and will finish in Italy on 23rd June. Italian delegates will auction presents they got from countries they visited during the relay. The Czech Republic gave a glass vase with the symbol of Ferrari on it.

Bijou Phillips claims she has never slandered Czech people

Last Friday we brought you information about American actress Bijou Phillips and her attitude to the Czech Republic and its people. Although the magazine for men Stuff claims that Bijou called Czech people f**king a**holes, Bijou now denies that.

Phillips claims that she has never said anything like that. Phillips and Eli Roth, the director of Hostel 2, sent together a letter to Falcon company that distributes films in the Czech Republic that they were shocked by the article in Stuff magazine and that Bijou would never say such a thing. According to them, it is only a rumour.

Bijou Phillips says that she has had many problems with media before, facing false or crazy news about her. MS DNES asked the Dennis Publishing, which is in charge of Stuff magazine, for any evidence of the interview, but there is none. So it’s statement against statement now. What do you think?

President Vaclav Klaus is criticized for his views

The cover picture from Klaus's new book Today the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus presents his new book called ‘Blue, Not Green Planet. What’s in danger: climate or freedom?’ in Prague’s cafe Slavia. In this book he impugns some theories about global warming.

After criticism of the European Union, Vaclav Klaus is also famous for denying climate changes caused by people. His book is not based on his research but on quotes of other people. These days Czech readers can buy American Vice President Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth in contrast to Klaus’s opinion.

Recently in reaction to the new building of the National Library, Klaus said that he will prevent building of the new building by his own body. Klaus’s disapproving approach was criticized by the author of the winning design himself. Kaplicky, during his yesterday’s lecture in the Wallenstein Palace in Prague, mentioned president’s name several times.

Russian male ballet in Prague today

Today for the first time Prague audience is going to see the performance of the State Male Ballet From Sankt Petersburg of Valeriy Mikhailovski. Their performances have been seen on the most renowned stages all over the world.

One of the best ballet dancers Maja Plisecka said about their performance: “I thought, that I dance Dying Swan the best, but I have to admit that Michailovsky is definitely better…”

The performance starts in the Congress Centre at 20:00 today. Tickets can be still bought via Ticketpro, Ticketportal or Ticketstream between 490 CZK and 1,190 CZK.


Tickets for The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007 on sale

Othello at The Summer Shakespeare Festival in Prague Tickets for The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007, an annual festival presenting the famous plays of William Shakespeare, are already on sale. The prices haven’t changed since last year, tickets cost 280 CZK, 440 CZK and 650 CZK. They can be bought via Ticketpro or on the day before the performance.

The festival starts on 21st June and finishes on 14th September 2007. Visitors can look forward to 114 performance of five plays – The Tempest, As You Like It, Othello, The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night.

The plays are performed at the Supreme Burgrave’s House at Prague Castle and newly also in the Lichtenstein Palace in Lesser Town. The festival will be accompanied with the exhibition Maximum Photography on display in the gardens of Prague Castle. Here you can find more information about the festival.